REQ will probably launch in this awful bear market

>REQ will probably launch in this awful bear market
Why can’t this coin catch a break?

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It is a test user. Those who believed in it and bought the ICO and the drop below ICO, got rewarded.

Now, life is giving us a second chance.

This will be the first project normies will use. 50€ eoy.

What day is REQ launching?

> Payment system for cryptocurrency
> Turns out nobody wants to pay anything with crypto, instead they just put it in cold storage and hope a greater fools buys it for more one day.



Thou in faith will keep us safe whilst REQ find the path

Sometime before April
Most likely this week will start a bug bounty with the official main net release coming after that

I'm glad as fuck that it's crashing. I'm going to put 50% of my paycheck in REQ for ~1-2 years until the next bullrust starts. I'll probably have 1 million REQ by then. If you don't seize this opportunity to accumulate more you're just being plain retarded.

Please realize that this bubble pop is YOUR OPPORTUNITY GIVEN BY GOD. Like the crash in 2014 gave people 2 years to accumulate and those that did are rich. We will probably get 2-3 years to accumulate and if you do you end up rich.

Don't squander this opportunity. By the time the next bullrun hits Request Network will be mature and adopted by lots of businesses and have a couple hundreds dapps running on it.

lol exactly. why would anyone use a currency that can drop 30% in one day? Banks work perfectly fine. Only reason crypto exists is because you can make money selling to a greater fool while using technobabble and claiming it's a usable way to pay for anything.

>banks work perfectly fine
good goy

We have a bear market based on fundamentals, that being most project are fundamentally unviable or fraudulent.

It’s the perfect time to release. Valuation ultimately follows fundamentals and after this crash that will be the only thing leading the project. I can’t see this coin dumping after news.

if youre still holding this you are retarded and ill be laughing at all you reqtards when this hits .05

You are a big brainlet. REQ removes the expensive middleman for online shopping by using crypto, the seller can CHOOSE to receive fiat so there's no risk. Even though someone sends them XYZ shitcoin, they still get Fiat. Fucking brainlet

>da joos meme
Yes I've seen all the infographics. Maybe it's true for media and gov but I've never had a problem with having my money in the bank and neither have you.

How about just not sending a shitcoin at all. Maybe use fiat to fiat, because it works and it doesn't go down by 15% every day.

because it's weird
weird and creepy

I'm genuinely hoping it hits $0.05 again so that I can stock up on it.

I could have had the fattest, hook nosed jew steal half my money straight out of my checking account and STILL be better off than holding REQ or some other shitcoin.

REQ would still be the absolute cheapest way to send Fiat to Fiat today

nice dubs
my wife and her friends used the "weird and creepy" thing on annoying dudes they wanted to btfo, kills them harder than anything for some reason
is it working for req?

I am holding 44k. Is that enough? Not fucking selling till 2020

>fiat to fiat
Which is something that REQ will allow at 10% costs compared to anything currently on the market. Plus in a decentralized manner.

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REQ also has a fiat to fiat option and would be 100x cheaper than the current cheapest alternatives on the market right now.

Request Network actually has a profitable business model not reliant on crypto at all.

Sure WITH crypto it would be a lot more profitable but it doesn't rely on it. In the very long term crypto will still have a place in our society though just like internet. And Request Network is currency agnostic and build for the very long term. So that it could work with every crypto and every fiat type.

Really, the only concern is that your token might get burned, unless you lock them up in your Trezor.

If you’re going to meme at least do it right

>pls sir don't memefud my coin
You have to go back.

OP here
Just sold everything cause I just found out REQ doesn’t even exist
Sell now

Lol I meme fud all the time. Just trying to help you newfriend

Guise pls
I am holding 44k. Is that enough? Not fucking selling till 2020


It's a ERC20 token you retarded fuck.

What do u mean Mayne

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>decemberfag calling others newfriend

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Got me. Right through the heart

Why does it not exist?

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fomo will catch up immediately once bear market is over. comfy as it gets

look at the last few coins who launched the past 2 months, the only one off the top of my head is icx

i bought 100k of these things at almost 30 cents how fucked am i???

Your gonna be rich if you hold long enough

Shhhh. Those who don’t know by now, don’t deserve the wealth this investment will bring. It’s all about vision, and Request has more vision than most other projects out there. They also know their crypto history and are going to solve the most fundamental problems in crypto. They will deliver.

>Maybe it's true for media and gov but I've never had a problem with having my money in the bank and neither have you

It's a double edge sword with respect to the JQ and fiat.
On one hand, Jews and a small collection of Anglos, own the central banking system and are able to cause economic crises at will. If you blame them, they'll use the media to accuse you of being a nazi sympathizer and possibly worse. This gives jews are dramatic and systematic influence on our politics.
So what would be the response? Some suggest the idea of using cryptocurrencies to replace fiat. Putting aside the issue of volatility, there are downsides to purely electronic currency.
It's been forgotten by most but there was an attempt in the last 5 years to get rid of cash. The first attempt was to decommission the 100 Euro bill. The argument was, of course, that cash is untrackable and can be used by extremists and drug dealers and you don't support them do you?
The incentive for global interests to get rid of cash is that all transactions are trackable which means centralized control becomes much easier. You could use a 'privacy' centered cryptocurrency (assuming they haven't been banned) but then you will have to explain to tax authorities how you are sustaining yourself. And the people you spend your currency with will have to explain their transactions.
The total input and output transactions will be conserved, so deducing authorized flows of currency (like say to a political group you support) will be deducible.

Unless you take back the economic system yourself, you're going to have problems one way or another.

Well shit

I think my coins got selected for the burning wtf I thought it was a meme. My life savings gone..

This. Big banks and gov WANT this crypto. Ride the wave to riches

Take notes from

You could’ve doubled that if you sold last Monday and bought back in today.

Is mainnet suppose to be up in April?

If you consider end of q1 April then yes

REQ $5 by April check these digits

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