Only one solution to be honest family

only one solution to be honest family

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fake and gay

Whats the story behind this?

Time for Plan B.

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Some paki on r9k offed himself because he had a squabble with his mother.

thought it was cuz they called him 56%

Wall street literally kills people lol. What's more funny is that when the market pumps again, the people who sold the bottom will kys as well.

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what shotgun is this?

He was gay and in a devout Muslim family


Pretty sure he as a linkie

I wonder if his parents ever regret moving to the west?

Probably not - they probably regret giving him a computer at such a young age; if they knew how much influence he was ingesting from it.


>devout muslim family
>anime posters littering his bedroom walls

Okay buddy. If you were raised in a """"devout"""" Muslim household, you wouldn't be a little fagboy with chinese cartoon posters blowing your top off.

Why wouldn’t he just kill the parents first then?

True. I'm a Muslim and I know my parent's would literally 'what the fuck' if they even caught me watching that bullshit. I was put in sports and introduced to hobbies at a young age.

>All those anime wall hangers
Follow in his footsteps weebs

Also I googled some shit

>here is some backstory
>refuses to give any backstory