Bibox Wallet

>Bibox Wallet

>The combined sell books for BTC and ETH exceed 600K JNT on Bibox
>They have less than 80K JNT in their wallet and it is dwindling fast despite pulling in the last set of deposits
What did they mean by this?

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>what is cold storage

What happens if their wallet runs out of JNT?

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the price goes to zero and you lose all your money

If you can find a cold storage wallet then please. But I've yet to encounter one looking through the transactions. They will drain deposits into that wallet when they need them. However they already did that and they are nearing zero pretty fast. I don't think they are insolvent I think that the sell book is made up.

well the simplest and most likely explanation is that they have another wallet.

Benis :-DDDDDD

Hmm, why would the sell book be made up? Good work anyway, going to stop being lazy and withdraw my JNT to my ledger now.

There's no reason to think they don't have a cold wallet. Why should I look for it? The burden of proof is on you. Bibox being a shady exchange is not proof enough.

I mean someone has to know if they have another wallet but I've yet to see any incoming transactions from what would be another wallet of theirs. Hell even looking through the Top 100 JNT wallets I can't find one that would fit and they are clearing deposits on a daily basis.

Bot trading for fake volume and making the market seem deeper than it is.

maybe I will send mine over to kucoin....

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>unironically keeping your lambo ticket on a chink exchange

You could be right and they could have a cold wallet. I'm not some super sleuth. I just noticed a few inconsistencies and am bringing them up. It might be nothing but if it isn't I suggest anyone who has JNT on the exchange get it off of there.

Why do people say Bibox is shady? Seems well enough made, works for me.

I only have a 4k and the only way I make more is by swing trading that. I've also only unironically once kept my coins in a wallet and that's when I held monero but the fees for moving it pissed me off so I never did it again.

Goes without saying. Literally don't keep on bibox anything you can't afford to lose.
>obscenely fake displayed volume on JNT (not currently and haven't checked the other pairs)
>literal clone of binance
I commend them for keeping the withdrawal fees low and for the quick processing time. COSS bagholders would probably an hero realizing that some new shady chink binance clone provides infinitely better user experience than their shitty year old exchange with zero volume that doesn't work half the time at all.

I'm curious to see how this shakes out in the next few days. It was at 230K JNT yesterday and it at 67K today. I hope they are just retarded with the management of their hot wallet which leads to delayed deposits.

Someone should buy 68k and try to transfer it out

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I'm going to be transferring 10k out in about an hour... they'll run out by tomorrow

Honestly at the rate of depletion they will run out soon regardless if they are actually insolvent. There isn't enough volume elsewhere for them to buy it to cover themselves.

>mfw price singularity during a general market crash

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68k jnt is fuck all. let’s all buy it and deplete them kek

how's gate and kucoin?

The same but with less volume but maybe not. The volume could be shit across the board with fake volume.

Kucoin has 1.7m

shady shit has been going on with kucoin lately so I wouldn't keep it there either
I have like 1k in gate and the rest is in my wallet, personally I don't trust gate

The JNT is likely stuck in deposit wallets. Same happens on a lot of exchanges. They will transfer them to the hot wallet when they need to. But this is a really inefficient way of doing it as if multiple people wanna withdraw big amounts at the same time they will have to shut down withdrawals until their shit is fixed. Same happened with BitClave when it was listed on Kucoin; Bibox withdrawals were disabled because the hot wallet linked to their withdraw API was emptied.
You are trading tokens that don't exist

Just withdrew 9.2K from Bibox there now. Finished my accumulation, 11K. Going to block Veeky Forums tomorrow and delete Delta, I've had enough of this. Next week I go to work abroad for a few months and I'm leaving my ledger at home. Lets hope I don't get totally rekt

It is down to 18K JNT.


>18k JNT left
kek it's happening

Should I buy in or wait until tommorow see what's going on?

Tomorrow. The price is likely to stay the same and what said is likely to happen. I doubt it will be a big happening that shuts down Bibox or leads to them scrambling to buy from other exchanges.

Thanks user bro.

I made a 40k JNT withdraw. Gonna post results

thanks fren

Just now? Post the address it comes from.

few minute ago, in pending status.
All my previous withdraws came from the main wallet.
I also made 15k JNT deposit a few weeks ago, it's still in deposit wallet, so what said

Looks like they are asleep right now. Nobody to manually fix the withdrawals.

Uh oh, dad fucking bugged me to change the tires on the car, didn't get to withdraw my shit...

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You are probably fine. They are likely to dump 400K or so JNT into their hot wallet within a few hours.

I can just send them to MEW safely right?

>using bibox, the "ai enhanced" exchange

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Yes it's ETH token.

I saw several red flags on Gate so I got my funds out of it asap.

>their 2fa solution doesn't give you a backup code, they just assume you back up the actual private key or bug support or something
>withdrawing funds requires your funds key, 2FA code etc but THERE'S NO EMAIL CONFIRMATION AFTER YOU WITHDRAW, no notice or anything, it just happens

I get the feeling they don't pay enough care for user security. The 2FA thing is a massive red flag. They don't even instruct you to back up your 2FA solution. If they do that it means you can social engineer support to disable your 2FA!

Also this is the Gate hot wallet:

Whoever has that 7k buy order @545, mind moving that down to like 522?

it looks like they drain some deposit wallets to this wallet every 24 hours. the next batch should come through in less than 5 hours

oh shit 1.5mil jnt was just entered the wallet from a few different addresses. we safe boys

Nice, also, where do people get swing trading bots for these random exchanges?

That settles that I guess.

yup all is fine.Bibox is legit btw, their site has more functions than binance, pc app, phone app, professional team, on telelgram they fix any problem in minutes.No way these guys are exit scam material.Put too much effort in.