Consider this

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>purposely ignoring previous bottoms to make his meme charts line up in the way he wants

6k and below by wednesday, lads

I thought TAniggers killed themselves

What am I considering here?? The falling wedge we have been talking here already the last few days?

consider this

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yeah. looks like it's timed with the g20 summit as well.

if g20 is good news (not so bad news) then we'd expect a bigass rebound.

But if bad news,

>paint falling wedge

I will just leave this here

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Wrong, because wave 4 cannot retrace into wave 1 territory. This whole downtrend is an abc correction. You cant have just 5 (very unproportional) waves down. Your wave 2 is actually a trunkated 5th wave, so you would start your abc down from there. And you need to count that waves go in a 5-3-5 pattern or a 3-3-5 pattern.

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Consider this.

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What site is this?

You’re fucking adorable.

Coins price are bullshit

>1-Some guys buy coins based at "price sites tell coin is"
>2-Some guys are holding their coins based at nothing else other than waiting until the "price sites tell coin is" is X. At this moment, they would be able to sell (see previous implying) their coins for alot of money
>3-The fact that the previous implying happens, make people have to put higher buy price to buy coins, making the price goes higher
>4-go back to 1
>this creates a self-referential calculation that make the entire thing worthless.

>literally describing the free market


>>literally describing the free market


If an site tell the price is Y, this doenst mean the price is really Y, just that according to the site math, THAT CAN BE WRONG, it says that the price is Y.
If many guys make decisions 90%+ based at the site math and the site math formula let those influenced by it influence itself, it has a problem that leads to the math calculation itself being wrong.


Congratulations, that was the most retarded thing i've read this week on Veeky Forums

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noob question but i just bought a bunch of ark and sent it to an ark paper wallet without knowing exactly how to withdraw my funds. so which big number do i use to send my ark back to binance from my ark paper wallet?

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show me your private key and i'll tell you how

what the fuck oops didn't mean to post that here. whatever someone answer me.

Post an image of it, you need to verify the version before you can regenerate an import.

biz is full of snakes i figured it out you jew

>Congratulations, that was the most retarded thing i've read this week on Veeky Forums
sorry for not giving a solution if that is what you wanted

bitcoin search is a co-incident indicator. It has no use.

Isn’t he?