All you need is $100 and 4 coins that 10x at different times to make 1M

>all you need is $100 and 4 coins that 10x at different times to make 1M
>all you need is $100 and 14 coins that 2x at different times to make over 1.5M
Crypto is far from dead, bros. You just need to work harder and stop buying coins that have already mooned.
It's really that simple.

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wow its so simple, thanks user!!!

too bad no coins are going 2x right now, let alone 10x

2% a day compounding on $4000 is over a million after a year

kek don't tell them i'm enjoying the wojaks

>different times
do you see any shitcoin mooning now?

math is not for you

show me a mistake in my math

>not waiting for macd reversals and shorting btc and longing your alts when the trend reverses

literally works 100% of the time

>Going all in on a 4th shitcoin with $100k

Except nobody does this because you need brass balls and a brass brain to do something so risky with that much money. I bet most people wouldn't even do the 3rd $10k step due to risk.

it's true, but as we know: scared money don't make money.
if you get into crypto with $100 and a pipe dream, might as well take your chance while it's staring you in the face.

These brainlets are only going to buy crowd approved stuff (read: already mooned). They only buy based on fomo. They correctly assume they are too stupid or lazy to figure out which low mcaps are high potential.


scroll though the top 300 coins right now, everything is dying. your not turning 100 into a million, go get a goddamn job.

Also, slippage. Even 20k causes serious slippage on most 100mcap coins.

>top 300
the absolute state of Veeky Forums
I refer you to

Learn math?

what a semen demon

what is 100×10×4

>tfw have really great girlfriend who I live with for 2 years but wouldn't skip a beat to get balls deep into that thot

Is this immoral?

its 100x10^4 please tell me this was just a bait and you aren't actually this retarded

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March is historically the worst month for bitcoin. Only 1 out of 7 year has been march profitable

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please be joking


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lol get rekt. Math is definitely not for you

alright faget, so a coin u invest in is $1, you buy 100 of them for $100, u do this for 4 coins, if your coins 10x they will be worth $10 each, that means you have 400 coins now worth $10 each, 400×10 is $4000 faget not 1million keep dreamin

you buy the next one after each 10x you absolute brainlet, holy shit

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Day trading is key faggots

Anyone use a bot to get 2% gains daily? I downloaded Autonio but I'm hesitant to give it my API keys.

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fucking idiot, go kick a wall with your head for an hour...

Cash out the 100k, then start again with another $100 to mitigate risk. Do this 10 times and you have $1million

Gonna need some sauce.

That bulge tho...

>2% a day
you'll never make that much. get screwd

it's 100*10*10*10*10 dipshit

i hope this is bait

YOU gonna make it!


1K TO 10K ON 2ND
10K TO 100K ON 3RD

Because you'll never make a bad call ever, and everything you pick will 10x

lack of liquidity will fuck you up

why not just 10x on a 5th coin too?

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Because if it was as simple as just buying or selling when one line crosses over another on a chart then everyone would be a billionaire.

No there are 20mil cap coins where you can pump that amount of money in and the price goes up only 1%. You also can accumulate some hours and it's OK.

On chrome, right click image > Search google for image

yes. which is why you need to tell your gf that you would do this. if you give her the heads up on the hypothetical and she stays with you, then it's no immoral, because she is an informed party to the relationship.