/comfy/ portfolio survey

For those of Veeky Forums who aren't worried about being in the red, no matter how deep, what are your holdings?

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LUX coin. Development team has been working like crazy but no one talks about it. Will rocket up like crazy when the bulls come back.

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25k link bought at $0.15.
>muh long term hold

15k on coinmetro, not on red because its locked so I am not losing... Yet

I'm 100% in syscoin, holding 210.000 of them.

I don't give a shit about all of this. Syscoin will have a webbased marketplace in the coming weeks and it's going to be fucking amazing.



In a years time I unironically believe it will be top #5

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100,000 REQ
bought 20k at 5 cents, sold at 50 cents up to a dollar, back in with 100k at 25 cents
5x'd my stack and took some significant profit along the way. feels good man

PS also ARK

3 million doge

I got 11k XCM. Hoping for at least $5 EOY

My biggest holdings are 11BTC and 16k WAN. I'm betting on Wan.

25k JNT

bnty, eng, ven, icx, xrb

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69k reqies

Vet vet vet

gonna make it

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50k MAN
5.9k WAN

3.5 mega millions by EOY 2018

48,000 LINK

Went all in during bear market. So /comfy/

7000 QASH.
32000 XCM.
Wouldn’t say I’m comfy though, more depressed.

Small holds of LINK and QASH. I'm gambling on 10x so IDGAF if they're $0.50 or $0.1
Going in on Nano if I ever think there's a fiat pair coming.


i laughed


Omg, Link, Req, about 10k all combined

this + BTC and QASH, very small holding in icx I bought under $2


the ride never stops

BCH - because I'm sure that the billionaires behind it will pump it to fake adoption. Also fork incoming in May.
Universa - CEO is travelling every day, getting partnerships left and right, binance vote is soon and they're probably gonna get listed. Unironically 1B cap expected, meaning a nice x60
Bought some Fabric tokens during the ICO (not sure about their ticker), this is gonna be one of the few working products in 2019 and we're starting from $2m market cap.
And finally pic related...
In general Idgaf about trading, I'm wagecucked on a very solid salary (could retire soon), just looking for long term returns without having to spend hours on exchanges every day

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All in this bad boy, a little more 20k deep

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/comfy/ desu

5k in litecoin
25k in stocks

All tiny coins that basically ignore market movement
>PFR until mainnet
>Just bought some NANO dip
Oh and like 50 ICX I just left to rot on binance.

why litecoin?

extremely low transaction fees (pennies), the tech is better, came out right after bitcoin (its been around for a while), etc

£50k in crypto

£800 in liquid cash. I hope bull market starts soon or im fucked.

If you bought ltc and just hodl since summer last year you'd be happy. It's a long term investment, consider it a hedge fund. There's also some big news this year.


i hope you're memeing

Because 3000$+ by end of year why else?

Kys newfriend

LTC is now my second biggest hold after BTC

Sold most of my ETH for LTC

>extremely low transaction fees
that's because of low transaction volume, if it saw paypal number of transactions, the fees will grow proprtionally in order to be mined

>the tech is better,
than what? bitcoin? i guess but so is everyone else's

>(its been around for a while)
that's true

If i bought xmr, xrp... any coin i'd be happy

Why sell ETH for LTC? genuinely trying to understand. I don't hold ETH either

did i say something incorrect, faggot?

>what are your holdings?
Devery and Jibrel Network.

This crash doesn't worry me one bit.

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>that's because of low transaction volume, if it saw paypal number of transactions, the fees will grow proprtionally in order to be mined

>than what? bitcoin? i guess but so is everyone else's

>that's true
no shit

>he sold the dip

explain? litecoin supports 50 tps

also this

We are going to make it, pajeets shilling for refereals make it look like a scam and thats why its going to explode.

that didn't explain anything brainlet. everyone besides you already knows how litecoin works


if you held nano too I would really feel bad knowing we both hold XMR

I saw this crash months in advance. Sold all ETH at 900. Now im waiting till we get sub 300 and buying back in.

smart move user, but for your own sake: don't wait for 300


amb and icx
bought all the way down from january
good coins
and mod
i'm part of a hedgefund team btw
burn the elites

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Just fuckin kill me already


my nigga



The next NEO.

50% NAS as of today.

NANO - 40%
OMG - 35%
NEO - 25%

40/35/25% respectively

equal parts C20 ETH XMR OMG LINK

set and forget, DCA into more of the above with every paycheck.

XRP 50%
NEO 25%
GNT 25%

>I fucked up

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Feels good.
>Unironically 30k LINK

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AMB 20%
ICX 20 %
NEO 20%
XMR 20%
BTC 20%

80% in tether
20% in ETH

65% BTC
35% XMR


pretty much this for me as well

No one here in Zil? Zil is one of my comfiest holds.

Zil, Link, Req, Jnt, Nano, Ven

jnt and omg with a tiny amount of xcm
kinda torn between getting more xcm now or waiting to see if it dumps first

I went all in on ark at the dip. Should I kms?


ZEN, LINK, XZC, KNC, 0x, UTNP and BTO. In order of % holdings.

I also hold an absurd amount of Nano.
Went hard in the paint when it was under two bucks.
I recon bitcorns would have to drop to 2k before I'd regretti my spaghetti.

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2k Zil. Trying to have 10k zil eoy.

NYC Coin - 25,000,000,000

We will make it

16,000 amb. Im ashamed to admit I payed over 10k for this stack though


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Same. Not even worried a little bit even if the market completely and totally crashes.

Must suck to be invested in a gookcoin or chinkcoin or god forbid a pajeetcoin. Because you know they will exit scam if things really fall apart.

Meanwhile Nano is a finished product made by white men who understand deflation and decentralization.

The major components, in descending order.
From the beginning, I was only ever in this for the very long haul. The climb and the crash don't phase me, it's just the same as the last bubble cycle.