Guys she wants a $7200 purse now. Wtf do i do bros

guys she wants a $7200 purse now. Wtf do i do bros.

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spit in her face and curse her ancestors

Dump her.

Time to move on.

Stick your cock in her ass and then put it in her mouth and tell her if she asks again that is what she will get... if asks again for the bag buy it for her..

Saw this already a couple days ago KYS

buy it for here, what are you a cuck? always buy your women what they want or they might leave you and you don't want that

only if you she farts in your mouth

couple of days ago it was $4k IDIOT. im updating you

make another thread about it but make the price of th purse higher

Trips commands it

Have you seen that WEBM of a guy blowing his head away with a shotgun?

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Buy her some LINK finest bags known to humankind.

Buy the purse.

if you are that easily manipulated...

what in the fuck, sauce?

pretend you have no idea what a purse is

go to /r9k/ for sauce

why is he dressed like that
why does he wave to the camera like that
I'm very confused he's acting odd if he's really about to shoot himself.

tell her to get lost.

Do you know how many girls you could fuck all year for that kind of money in east asia or south america?

He's saying goodbye to the people watching the stream
He's acting like someone at peace with death

about 76-100 $75-100 each been there done that, dying to do it again.


Or give her a fake purse. Doesn't matter as long as it looks real. Nice doobs

Be a real man and buy here that purse. A bunch of soyboys ITT baka

Tell her you’re waiting for the dip.

Put it on your credit card and make the monthly + a little extra to beat the interest. Then explain to the bitch that as an investor, you have learned that money does not grow on trees and while you were willing to indulge her this time this will not be a regular thing.

it was nice of him to put that plastic tarp to make it easier for whoever has to clean up all that blood and brain matter afterwards.

>she wants a $7200 purse
That means she wants a labia reduction to get rid of the beef curtains that Tyrone gave her.

Buy her a purse from the dollar store then break up with her

Im gay

why do pajeets get so much better women that we do?

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>looks at OP's pic
>looks at your post
>>looks at OP's pic
muh dick

buy her, thats money for

you're my hero man
doing god's work

just say no
honestly don't buy women anything
it's not worth it in the long run

who is this semen demon

make her eat your shit for it, and when she does, buy her a chinese ripoff

> model/actress karina kapris
imagine all the lucky men she's had to suck and/or fuck to get to where she's at today

what a weird comment, you fuckign aspie

just a few key ones, much like picking shitcoins

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go away kike