Ok Veeky Forums admit it - who else sold their ETH at the bottom?

Ok Veeky Forums admit it - who else sold their ETH at the bottom?

t. sold at 460, fucking kill me

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don't worry
it was not the bottom

bottom is $300

sold at 481 and bought back at 488, lost like 0.35 eth, but i could see there was a reversal short term

but it wouldn't surprise me to wake up tomorrow and see it below 450$

why even bother anymore

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I think this g20 news is actually very bullish. We'll see how this plays out for the next few days but it's safe to say that this bear run is over. I traded the past few days and increased my stack by 1.5 ETH but just lost it so I'm back to my original amount of ETH.

I only sold 1/3 of my stack at 466..

everyone selling literally the only coin that has any actual use right now lmao

Everyone thought 600 was the bottom. Kek

Problem is ICOs with tens of thousands of Eth selling now just in case. Buy some cheap at 300 in two weeks


Who was was the faggot who said double figures?

Good goy

proceed as usual

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I bought at the bottom thanks for the free Bitcoin 2.0

people that say that are retards or scammers trying to get you to sell

I bought at 700$.

Awkward feeling since I'm still in minus but I survived the bottom.

I have 12.7 Eth, bought at about 100. I'm annoyed that I didn't sell at ATH so I could be buying >50 when it hits rock bottom but hindsight, etc. I'm holding through this storm.

I bought at 460 thanks for selling me your eth.

I bought 5 at 580. Waiting for it to get even again and sell this shit or convert to NEO. Fuck this shitty currency.

lmao same, these retarded weak hand sellers are great.

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bottom is $50

Bought 8 at 465, feels goodman.

>selling when theres blood on the streets
why do people do this

I bought at 466$
Feeling comfy as fuck

Eos sold 160k eth today prepping for an exit scam

Bought at 550... I needed this pump, the despair was getting to me.

>He thinks this is the blood.
This is a minor cut compared to the decapitation that will happen at the G20.

bought in a small amount at $700 a few days ago. i feel like i made the right choice

Can't wait to get this at $300.