Look up any successful businessman or CEO

>look up any successful businessman or CEO


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Pro-tip: when are are a member of (((the tribe))) you get access to contacts, positions, opportunities and capital that are off limits to the goyim.

Women, nigs and SJWs are then told that it is rich white men who have power and money monopolised which allows members of the tribe to dodge any criticism and deflect rage onto you.

Jewish people have on average a 15 point higher IQ than retard whites.
>omfg if theyre successful it must be because of some vast conspiracy!!111
This is just like when wypipo thought that Jewish people were responsible for the black plague because they didm't get sick even though it was actually because Jewish people were smart enough to wash their hands and have basic hygiene at the tike.

>Jewish people have on average a 15 point higher IQ than retard whites

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>unsourced, outdated, unspecific statistic
just what i would expect

>The average IQ score of Ashkenazi Jews has been calculated to be from a range of 110–115, higher than any other ethnic group in the world.

>Taking all five studies into account, it is proposed that the best reading of the IQ of Jews in Britain is 110.

>A Jewish average IQ of 115 is 8 points higher than the generally accepted IQ of their closest rivals—Northeast Asians—and approximately 40% higher than the global average IQ of 79.1 calculated by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen in IQ and Global Inequity.

>literally provided 8 sources

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>Jewish people have on average a 15 point higher IQ than retard whites.
So? Why does that matter when they are out numbered like 50:1. That means that even if your average Jew is smarter there are still more high IQ whites due to population size, not that hard to figure out Solomon, we know .


If they're so stupid why do you spend so much time whining about their dominance? Something doesn't add up

America is 2% jewish and 60% white. 2% is ~6 millon jews and 60% is 200 million whites. EVEN if EVERY jew had an IQ of 125 (which is 95th percentile), that would STILL mean that there has to be at least 10 million whites who would be at the 95th percentile.

How can jews, no matter how high IQ they have, have so much influence when they are only 2% minority? There are MORE smart white people than JEWS in America. That's because there are MORE white people in America, then why are there MORE JEWS who occupy high status and influential jobs?

you must have sub 80 IQ. sad!

This tbqh

That column on the right in his image shows the sources.

You realize that Israel is 20% Arab right? Also that it's only around 1/3rd Ashkenazi Jewish. Sephardic Jews on average have the same average IQ as Germans(99)

Nice false flag thread leftypol. Really making those poltards look like idiots

>There are MORE smart white people than JEWS in America.
holy shit, the absolute state of delusional wypipo

Also this

>So? Why does that matter when they are out numbered like 50:1.
THAT IS MY EXACT POINT! I have been thinking about this for very long and NO ONE has every mentioned it. Even if the average IQ of Jews would be 125, EVEN THEN they would be outnumbered by smart white people. You see how ridiculous this excuses seems once you dig deeper?

someone with an actual IQ of 130 would never think that the pic you posted is quality evidence

It had 8 sources you fucking retard

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Nice deflection. It's pretty obvious nepotism is how they get such high tier positions, not by intelligence.

>I have been thinking about this for very long and NO ONE has every mentioned it
I noticed that too, it's one of the biggest holes in the "it's not nepotism its high IQ" argument. If you just take population size into account and the fact that whites still have tons of high IQ members that would not only match the Jewish population person per person but it would also exceed it because again there are more of us. I've noticed more people using it though since once you put to and to together it only makes sense that nepotism would be the reasonable explanation.

I'm not saying there are not smart Jews but the amount of whites around them means there are just more smart whites by default. We know its nepotism Solomon, nobody it buying your bullshit.

I believe the truth is somewhere between high iq and EXTREME tribalism. White people are not very tribal. They are actually anti-tribal in a sense. The current state of Europe is proof. If you combine high IQ with extreme tribalism, you get the jews.

>If you combine high IQ with extreme tribalism, you get the Jews.
You forgot neurosis and the idea that they it's not their actions they are hated for, it's just random irrational jealous gentiles beating up on them for no reason kek

Jews are awesome though

Even Jews don't like Jews lmao, they refuse to move to Israel most times because then they would just start Jewing each other.

Like I said here:

It is because they are highly tribal in nature, and have close connections to their in group whilst revulsion towards the out group.

It literally says in the Torah that gentiles are cattle to be used.

This allows for nepotism and looking out for one another, which is amplified due to their small population size.

Europeans and whites are fragmented socially and do not have a strong in group preference. In fact they are actively taught that having an in group preference is MORALLY WRONG and that they are disgusting racists in they think in such a manner, despite the ones brainwashing them to think this doing the EXACT SAME THING.

>it's just random irrational jealous gentiles beating up on them for no reason kek
this is unironically true t. past few thousand years of history

also wypipo are EXTREMELY tribal do we not remember any of the horrifically racist acts wypipo committed throughout history or that theres only been 1 non-fully-white president in american history (and 0 jewish ones)
wypipo: more tribal, stupider
jewish people: less tribal (still a little bit out of necessity due to being a persecuted minority), smarter

White can be and have been very tribal too in the past. The results have been: Ancient Greece, Rome, British Empire, NAZI Germany etc. What I mean to say is that, because there are MORE smart white people than smart Jews, if you get whites to become tribal, you will get something the Jews collectively could never compete with.

Even if Jews are much more nepotistic than whites, given that there are many more whites than Jews, there must be more hyper-nepotistic whites than there are hyper-nepotistic Jews, in absolute numbers.

>this is unironically true t. past few thousand years of history
Yeah nobody is forgetting Wiemar or all the blood libel anytime soon Solomon, but stay neurotic, it suit you. Haha a Jew would step over 1000 dying gentiles to get to one uncomfortable Jew to comfort him, thank god you slimy fucks are going to be go extinct to at the rate your population is declining and that even if whites die your not subverting Asia because you can't blend in and they don't have souls either so no "muh holocaust" to play against them:)

A good example of kikery is the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Despite making up a tiny proportion of the population of the USSR, literally all of the (((Russian))) oligarchs which plundered state resources for their own gain are kikes with kike associates who were also beneficiaries.

>all ages less than 15
>only adults are italians, scoring over 100
Moving the goalposts like a nigger

Dragged down by Arabics living in Israel, you fucking retard

You just redpilled yourself.

>why do Jews actively promote multiculturalism and cultural Marxism

They will try to scuttle away to Israel from their New York penthouses and be confronted with a population made up of Arab looking low IQ mizrahim Jews and literal nigs on bicycles everywhere.

Seriously was in in Israel in 2015 and the amount of Ethiopian and Somali refugees in south Tel Aviv was fucking mindblowing,

80% jews, 20% arabs.

>You just redpilled yourself.
Hahaha, I just realized when you mentioned it.

>there must be more hyper-nepotistic whites than there are hyper-nepotistic Jews, in absolute numbers.
Nope, Nepotism is something Jewish culture emphasizes because of being "persecuted" and needing to stick together. Whites are hyper individualistic, if they had a high in-group preference then white countries like Sweden wouldn't let Muslims and blacks in where Israel is actively kicking out a bunch of blacks asap because of their in group preference.

>forgets that people like Disney and Ford hated the Jews

>Italy's children scored higher than the adults by 1 point
You were saying?

That corresponds to reality, though. In reality the US is controlled probably somewhere between 20-40% by Jews, the rest mostly by whites, just as one would expect given IQ.

Even Hitler was partly Jewish

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You don't understand what I'm saying. No matter how individualist whites are on average, one can still expect that there would be millions of very nepotistic whites.

>different tests
Gee, I don't know

>Seriously was in in Israel in 2015 and the amount of Ethiopian and Somali refugees in south Tel Aviv was fucking mindblowing,
And that's beautiful! Can't wait until the blacks really are the real Jews, they will be if interbreeding keeps up kek

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I'll explain it for a brainlet
>Italy's children scored higher than israels children

It's not a meme.

They do this on purpose by the way. They want every ""successful"" or genius person to be attributed to them for the history books. They are playing the LONG CON here folks. In a thousand years when people look back and see, "wow, another jew? these guys must have been geniuses!"

They did it to Bobby Fischer, the chess grandmaster. IQ probably 150.

He vocally hated Jews, more so than fucking goebells himself... but after he died they FUD'd his life and claimed his dad was another man and actually he was a Jew.

Poetic justice, karma is real

The Jews share their truth on how to make a dime

Most whites nigs pajeets and gooks only try to scam each other, and thus are inferior by money making nature because of selfishness

Kike spotted. Jews used Kabbalah black magic to get to every high position

>wypipo are EXTREMELY tribal
Stopped reading there, whites are the only race not practicing any sort of tribalism, white society is individualistic

Stop pretending to be black you’re a kike

Kabbalah black magic is what they used to get there buddy

>whites are the only race not practicing any sort of tribalism
Not entirely true but I know where you're coming from

Individualism is a trick used by the jews to morally subvert whites. I used to be libertarian, until I figured it is just a meme perpetrated by jews.

Moderate tribalism is ideal, not too much and not too little. Whites have no morals anymore. Everything is relative. Them and We doesn't exist anymore.


White tribalism
>take our land
>take our jobs
>take our money
>take our votes
>breed our women
>don’t be an antisemite
>don’t be a racist
>races don’t exist
>white doesn’t exist







I think you'll find that the majority of Whites are against all that, but the people don't have a say in the zog cuck policies

Probably, we’ve been ruled by the shadowkike so long we don’t know which way is up.

>>the country many don’t but even there support for Israel is near universal, despite their long history of attacking our country, bribing our officials, blackmailing our officials, drugging our people, sending niggers for our wives, etc, etc


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bubba they ran the federal reserve for 100 years to print money for jews and rob everyone else. all they do is buyout successful corps and install jews and claim jews are great. did a jew make disney heelll no, did they buy it and take over? yes. why googole fakebook and all the others got billions in funding while the white guys with better code got fucked? no money. its easy to install jews at the top of every corp in the stock market when you control the money and all the cops get paid in your monolopy money scam


Anyone who’s ever really thought about inflation knows, it’s literally theft.
>make 100$ after taxes, give 2 to the Jew

Holy shit user. Now it all makes sense. Suckerberg's code is shit but he got a ton of funding coz he is a jew and fb took off.


This thread is an outrage, please mods, close it down before people start getting hurt. This is not a good discussion to have. People just blame Jews for their problems. That's it, end of story.

6 million jews you say?

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do you really think that?

well you're just a low iq goy so.... you should go back to europe with the rest of you uncivilized monkeys.

>Disney is now owned by and exploited by Jews
how can a business withstand the assault of persistent kikery?

not only do jews have higher iqs but they are also natural born merchants, business is their thing. Even the bible highlights their trading abilities.

I'm still mad about that. Bobby deserved better.

Jews are natural born merchants just like blacks are only 14% of the population but 90% of proffesional athletes, they are natural born athletes. Jews are meant for business.

What puzzles me the most is that there have been many instances in history where jews hate and distrust their own kind. Look at Soros, he is practically banned from entering israel and he is hated by most jews. Chomsky is banned too. I have seen jew vs. jew conflict many times. Why is that? Is it yet another trick to fool whites into thinking that jews are NOT tribal?

Ford is still majority family owned

goyim too competitive to benefit from nepotism.

50% of Americans hate Trump, he was even banned from the UK. Does that means whites are tribalistic?

No, I already said that whites are anti-tribal.

Just to give you an idea how money hungry they are. In order to be considered Jewish your mother has to be one. Now lets look at Trump, his two older sons are married to Jewish women which means the children are now Jewish. Ivanka (even though not accepted by them) converted and her children are Jewish. Trumps youngest daughter is dating a Jewish lawyer and you can look her up on IG and see for yourself. By the time that orange clown is dead all his money will be Jewish money. Now apply that logic to anything that generates money and you'll know just how evil these people are.

Leftist jews vs right wing jews
Trump was never banned from the UK. They had a talk about it because of some petition but they decided against it because they didn't want to end up in the position of having the president of their ally banned from the uk

Yes they are literally the Borg and morph into their host culture by this matrial lineage scam.

Even if Israel is invaded and conquered by Arabs and the women raped, their rape offspring would still be Jews unless every single female was killed.

so why is your example of why Jews are tribalistic something that can be observed by ANY other group of people? How many white people do white people killed during the world wars?What does that got to do with being tribal?

>not converting to Judaism just for the profits

Never going to make it

Same. What a guy

They have a 15 point advantage in aggregate IQ, but their verbal abilities are off the charts at 125 or higher. This is what allows them to dominate all media. We are basically livestock in comparison

>Kabbalah black magic is what they used to get there buddy
this is probably as close to the truth as this thread is gonna get. you ppl would be surprised at what goes behind closed doors and when all the smart phones are turned off.

elaborate pls
do they use qliphoth?

yep. dont worry, our children will be forced to copulate with low iq niggers from africa so they will be blissfully ignorant, unlike us

inb4 this thread 404’s....

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Moloch needs his sacrifices

Seriously be quiet about that stuff. You’ll be targeted just for speaking of their plans.

maybe jews just have better parents that raise them to have values that lead to success. get out, pol faggots.

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>family life is the key to jewish dominance
>if whites become trannies and black fathers don't stick around and asians ruin their children, then jews automatically have the leg up

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Europeans have persecuted jews so many times. Why are you that surprised to know that the jews give priority to helping one another over other tribes?
It's called nepotism. White racists used to do the same thing in the past, while at the same time sabotaging other peoples (including the jewish people). Don't be mad at jews, just because they were able to ascend to the top even though there are so few of them in the world.
NEPOTISM: the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs. Also known as "favoritism".
You are just jealous of jews, because they live in brotherhood with one another. The jews have also greatly helped the other oppressed minorities, by fighting for their civil rights and the rights of women.
You are just mad because your evil has failed and the jews have saved humanity from your barbaric ways. I prefer jews in power than barbarians. I hope we see more of this jewish, native american and black partnership in the future. Jewish nepotism has unironically saved humanity from the euro-devil. U mad bro? Git gud.

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Bernie Sanders is considered a traitor to the tribe because he is against Palestinian genocide

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Jews flock to professions where they can be middle men that skim off profits from the goyim:

Bankers, lawyers, insurance salesmen etc.

Decentralization in the form of automation, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts is one way of reducing their power hegemony.