G20 Conference BULLISH

No Regulations announced at G20 World Conference

This is huge anons. This is the world coming together on Crypto.


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Who sold at 7k?


No regulations means no institutional money.


Deluded fags

Why did people believe that they would be regulations on day 1 or 2 or 3 of G20?
Fucking idiots, fall into this bull trap, yes.

How far can we go this time? 11k?

No more money entering in the market, we're going straight to 6k

The party isnt over yet.

This This This.

I'd rather they regulated now. This just means the FUD and market tanking will happen all over again at some point in future.

user, I...

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Too early for institutions imo

Who even cared about this "news" in the first place? As always it's only an instrument for media/reddit/twitter to ratonalize the price movement. Whales of course know this and will profit from the FUD/FOMO.
Reminds me of these silly US regulator meetings, where they all just talked bullshit and then everyone praised this guy Giancarlo for the price surge.

no regulations means no institutional money, you dumb fuck
they woudn't regulate crypto because they literally think it is toy money without actual use
>assets aren’t substitutes for currency and aren’t much used for financial transactions

FSB is an advisory, non-legally, non-regulatory body. Meetings ro be had tomorrow and on tuesday. I am still waiting. BTC can still go south from here

>no regulations user, everyone thinks this is a joke, so the mafia can continue to rape us with washtrading, p'n'ds and insiderbullshit
oh veey

Tether at 98c Bears BTFO'd!! Get got soyboys!!

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You guys are retarded, they were never going to announce regulations. If you actually read, you would have realized Japan was calling for a meeting at G20 to discuss what to do about crypto and money laundering.

This is what will happen:

Japan will say "we need to ban crypto because money laundering and terrorists." Then other members of G20 will say "we agree, we will go back to our respective governments and push for legislation banning crpyto."

The G20 never makes laws at these conferences, only decisions to pursue things later.

Are you retarded? They know crypto has no future so they're not even going to bother with it. It's not even worth their time.

Both Congressional hearings AND G20 summit were bullish.

Kraken crashing, proper reversal confirmed!

you spelled bullshit wrong
whales just use events like this to pump, just like they used negative events in 2017 to dump
don't mistake general market trend with media noise

>won't regulate so legit institutions and angsty normans can enter
i think you are stupid

7k seller detected

Japans just wants to ban privacy coins from exchanges cause of hacks. The nem hackers just deposited into exchanges that didn't check for hacked nem. There will be big dex see eosfinex and binance chain.

>we bull now
oh user ...

>Japan will say "we need to ban crypto
No they won't, not after making it legal tender in Japan. However they will try to regulate the exchanges, and enforce KYC/AML and reporting for all exchanges.

>muh institutions do everything in plain sight

>no institutional money.
so we smart money now?

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Take off if institutional money coming in the future. Crypto market no fits on this chart if not.

yes you are
according to my hedgefundteam, you will make it
burn the elites
poor soon
shoo shoo

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What's it like living in denial? I bet you believe your mom when she says you're handsome.

what do you actually think they need crypto for?
they will just add it to their diversified portfolios to sell to retired boomers
or create some deriviatives or reverse etf or whatever stuff they already good with
they woudn't touch high volatile high risk assets for that


most normies will live their live without knowing Veeky Forums ever existed.

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How legit is this news? Has someone from the FSB come out and say that they won't regulate?

This will be like the last time, we'll have a quick bull trap for 3-4 weeks before another meme bubble down to 3k/BTC. Bubbles within bubbles within bubbles.

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> unload the bags, they bought it