There are people who sold at 7300 and FOMOed into the 8k pump and dump

> There are people who sold at 7300 and FOMOed into the 8k pump and dump

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>there are people who didnt tether at 11k
Still waiting and not falling for this pump.
Even if i fomo in at 8.5k i still made PROFIT

yup same here, I tethered around 8500.. Worst case scenario I'll break even on bitcoin. Strange how right at the "bottom" news about the G20 meeting comes out

>there are people who shorted at 7300 and went long at the 8k p&d

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>news about the G20 meeting
What news?

i bought at 7400, then a huge red candle appeared 2 minutes after completing the order. I remember all those times i bought and the classic bogmeme came true and instantly dumps, so i went full panic mode and sold. Is this the truman show? Am i in it?

Not looking to regulate heavily as crypto doesn't pose significant financial threat

>There are people who bought 20k and sold 5.9

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>we will never see Btc below 8k again in my life

It's a good time to be alive

It's not even news, it's a speculation about upcoming g20 meeting.Perfect to hunt normies who'll fomo.

>There are Antifa members who bought bitcoin with their mortgage and almost lost 50% it's value within 3 hours.

God does exist.

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He fell for more obvious Russian propaganda.

Top Kek.

>he fell for more vice soy propaganda
kys nigger

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just wait 24 hours and buy at 7k retard

or wait a week and buy at 6k

because right when the g20 news comes out as good thats when everything reverses so that defines the bottom.

idiot, remember the bottom was supposed to be 6k? i swear the average iq of biz gets lower every day

cucked bottom seller detected. just like you had to wait at 6k instead of buying at such a strong buy signal, right?

Let me guess: also not smart enough to realize this dipshits hair is fake.

Imagine being this oblivious.

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>I’ve literally never heard the term “VPN”: the post

classic libcuck
can't make any real points, talks about trump's hair instead

I'm conservative, in the real sense of the word. Nice try though.

conservatively sucking hillary clinton's micropenis clit more like

>From Dallas, TX
>Created account 2012
>Still posts
>real pics
>sells sneakers on his twitter

>Be religiously believes Vice while shoving a dildo up his ass and singing the gay mantra.

I’m new here and this forum is so entertaining with how dumb people are. BTC will go down to $4900 before making any possible real moves up. If you’re an idiot and don’t know how to trade...just stay out of the market until then.



>He bought?

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