Dumps 160,000 eth

>dumps 160,000 eth
Don't mind me just prepping that exit

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Hey hey hey

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delete this

How many redflag did people need to see that this was a scam
Anyway it's good that less shit tokens are in the hand of the devs, but in the end it won't matter if they are worhtless.

You'll be hearing from my lawyer buddy boy

you need your meds lad

Don't get smart pal

417k eth moved and over 160k sold on bitfinex. The exit scam is just starting


>implying dan needs to exit scam anyone
>implying he's not already made hundreds of millions off steem and bitshares

sauce? where do you see this? they have 500k eth

boycot these jews, sell all eos, these pajeets don't deserve the top 10

This is going to be the real flippening I can’t beleive the retards here still haven’t figured it out yet

They have been dumping ETH since the first day, where have you been, idiot?

EOS plan has always been to take over ETH
They will crash it to the ground

>vaporware currently
>21 node centralized garbage if not vaporware
This will flip eth!

Today was 160k dumbass
Kek kys

You forgot they have a billion $ in eth and could literally crash that coin in the ground.

it's still in ICO till june 1st
>21 nodes
3-4 times more than ETH has


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GO look up how many ETH they have from their year long ICO

You only have 74 more days and they are ahead of schedule

They will crash and bring ethereum down with them. That will be the major news of 2018

stop shilling this
they will fomo in at $30