Is this the reversal? serious answers please

Is this the reversal? serious answers please

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yes if true

the reverse of the consensus in this thread

that was the largest green dildo since 6k

I lied.

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It's going up instead of down so yes

i didnt

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Remember how hard it crashed?
It can also go up that fast


it's all on G20 news. May just be a blip on the way down to 6k. I'm keeping my orders from 7.3k-6k up and not FOMOing in...

yes fomo in

You didn't buy at sub $7500?

>fud turns out to be fud
>sudden bull

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who knows

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ye but my opinion is worth more than yours because I'm a namefag

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That's right.

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it can go up much much faster

It really seems to be a reversal for ETH. Look at the volume.

>pic related

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and the more you wait the more it will rise

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Like the g20 news is even a big deal. People are getting so desperate for some positive bitcoin news that it generated an over-bought pump.

See you guys at $3000

Yes and no.

t. serious guy



Doubt it but i would be happy if it was it. I think bottom could be in some days tho.

Buy the fucking Dip OP

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support at 7850 then to 8300 boys

This was more than just an empty pump

> this next 24 hours is CRITICAL for bitcoin

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Nah the FOMO will fizzle out and the downtrend will continue. People are spewing this G20 bullshit and idiots who understand nothing are eating it up. Stupid money is going to get rekt once again.