How do we untie the value of Bitcoin from the rest of the market?

How do we untie the value of Bitcoin from the rest of the market?

I'm tired of my alts taking a dump just because Bitcoin takes a dump. BTC is slow, expensive, and other coins are far more useful, even Ether is more useful. I don't even own any BTC but my portfolio still takes a shit every time BTC dips. It's fucking dumb.

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Stop crying newcoiner and learn to play the market

we wait until it goes to 0, then useful alts will bounce back

We don't untie Bitcoin from the rest of the market. Bitcoin is the root of the tree, everything else depends on it. We need to keep on growing Bitcoin, putting more Fiat in to it, and always keeping a stack of it to slowly invest in to alts, which can be traded -- against bitcoin, not against USD. Nobody should touch that shit. We need to buy our food, housing, everything with crypto, from crypto people. We need our own economy with no mandatory taxes to murderous psychopaths. This is a revolution, not some shitty new stock market.

But I don't trade BTC for alts, I use ETH because its faster. I don't like waiting 12 hours for a transaction to finish to catch a dip.

Look up "wealth effect" you dingus. Most of the real crypto wealth is still tied up in Bitcoin, not shitty alts where the founder gave himself 60% of the total supply.

>useful alts
so basically none

Maybe you shouldn't use a coin whose network regularly gets congested because of popular icos and scam Ponzi games if you dont want to wait 12 hours for a transaction then...

Define "real" wealth.

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Uh, that's what I do. That's why I use ETH. Takes about 10 minutes for a transfer... compared to 10 hours for BTC

Not the coins you own, sorry.


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Add fiat pairs for every alt and trade primarily against fiat.
It doesn't matter though, the jews always win, they will manipulate the market one way or the other.
With most of the volume against btc pairs it's just easier.

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Btc takes 10 minutes
Eth takes 10 hours whenever a heavily shilled ico opens the crowdsale or a new Ponzi scam game is released

Do you actually use crypto?

Won't happen till fiat, alt pairings exist and are as useable as coinbase

But the marked is untied from Bitcoin, my user friend, by the fact that Bitcoin dominance is increasing. Your shitcoins are getting destroyed while Bitcoin remains king.


Yes, I have never had a ETH transaction take longer than 30 minutes. I have however, had several BTC transactions take upwards of 12 hours.

BTC is the only thing of value. Altcoins are entirely speculatory and trying to ride off the success of Bitcoin. Right now altcoins are still probably 10-100x overvalued, and will likely drop further as Bitcoin bull runs.

Use and promote exchanges that allow for direct fiat/crypto transactions. You may find local domestic exchanges that do this, I can even buy DGB (and many more shitcoins + notable larger cap alts) right now directly from my bank account within minutes. That will unpeg BTC from alts but only to a degree like others have said BTC is the og crypto it will likely always be at the top spot in the industry.

LMAO my ETH takes at most 1 minute with a minimum fee. Slow ass shit BTC rapes you with high fees.
Plus id rather have the market depend on a crypto with actual decentralized development. Not one being held hostage for muh lightning

late adopters are so fucking embarrassing.

Req will free the alts from bitcoin in due time.

Send btc Now it takes under 15 minutes and costs cents

>He thinks eth development is centralized compared to bitcoin
Bitcoin is the only truly decentralized crypto my friend
Eth devs wish to wipe the ledger clean and redistribute coins fairly
Who the fuck cares about off chain "solutions", they don't impact the integrity of the actual blockchain

We don't want to buy your bags, you can keep it.

LN will make transactions cost almost nothing + be instantaneous

>hurr bitcoin is slow that's why it should be worthless
The sheer ignorance is painful

I hope CoinMetro can do this

>Eth devs wish to wipe the ledger clean and redistribute coins fairly
They actually did it. Ellaism is new fair eth.

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Until some decides that Ellaism is unfair and decides to start an even fairer coin.

>muh store of value

what fucking planet are you from?

And they premine it or run ico to make it more fair.

Bitcoin Cash is the true chain to rule them all.
Luke Jr is a faggot compared to real Satoshi Dr.Wright.
>> Herr Derr he's not SN.
Oh really, so a guy with Phds in both Economics and Computer Science with another 8 Masters degrees is implausible to be SN.

Blaming BTC for the market correction. ffs the state of Veeky Forums. how much did you buy at ATH?

>This is a revolution

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You can't. If Bitcoin fails all alts will fail, if Bitcoin succeeds all alts will fail. Bitcoin is crypto, everything else is just

Bitcoin will untie itself from the market. Its devs have their heads too far up their asses to take action on Bitcoin's problems.

What someone should do is a premined fork (all coins at the date X are all the coins that this fork will have) of bitcoin.

FUCK this bullshit coin creation

regulation, mass adoption, established usecase with demand and fiat pairings.

till then its all gonna be based on the king which is the only thing that actually works.

Yeah cuz no body is fucking using it. You're intentionally being a dumbass.

I don't really care about that gay shit, I'm only in crypto for the money.

BTC is the petrodollar of crypto faggot

It's easy. Exchanges must stop using BTC as trading pair for everything.

You don't want to untie bitcoin from the rest of the market, the rest of the market is close to worthless, if they had worth on their own they wouldn't die whenever bitcoin goes down