What country has the best prostitutes?

What country has the best prostitutes?

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Japan. Not only for Japanese girls but also White girls.


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Pretty much anywhere in Eastern Europe

Cheap and beautiful

Germany, come over user.
You can fuck the whole Soviet Union in RL

Russia, no doubt whatsoever

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Used to be Germany. You can go to FKK clubs and find girls just like the one in your pic.

Cheaper than anywhere else in the west, legal, regulated and the girls get tested.

The reason I say use to be is because they passed some law banning blowjobs without a condom, which is pretty shit. There's still a percentage who will do it behind closed doors, but I haven't found any so far.

Holland is the same but without ridiculous blowjob laws, probably the best now.

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They banned blowjobs without a condom, cucked by my own government once again.

>What country has the best prostitutes?
where is you mom from?

>but also White girls.

Ukraine and Russia

Hands down

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the city where your mother used to fuck truck drivers

>the bugez used as sniffposting on Veeky Forums
What a time to be alive.


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>What a time to be alive.
I say this phrase on a daily basis. I am also a big fan of the Bugez. Are you me?

czech republic or hungary or some place like that. women are fucking gorgeous.

Bugez is the man.



kek the bugez is very unknown and yet 3 of us in a thread of 23 posts is aware of him. Goes to show the elite taste of Veeky Forums when it comes to fitness.

He thinks anime land is filled with blond hair/blue eyed lolis

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what board did the sniff meme come from?

Do you dudes want to shill link on Veeky Forums with me?

Is that Maria V?

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Medellin, Colombia

Everyone else is a retard

Nah, left that place a while ago. Is grizzly still the king?

England ?

>what board

It's from r/cryptocurrency you pleb

The best looking prostitute I ever fucked was from Romania. Nobody knows about Romania, but there women are pretty nice.

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Zoomed in and noticed a spot/fleck/stain on those panties. She must be low-priced.

Veeky Forums is garbage man I haven't been consistently since 2013. I check periodically and the cancer gets worse every time.

i wonder what kind of toppings she got on her pizza

Yeah fit is shit. I used to browse religiously.

Dubai is number one, but pricey as fuck since you re literally bangin celebs.

Not bout to be beat up by Russian mobs

Pretty sure it's just a crease in her panties and not a stain

>t. scat patrician

nice business thread

nothing wrong with being patrician

Also dangerous as fuck. Eastern yuropoors are actually psychotic

yeah we're well rounded, all inclusive

fuck off

Tits or gtfo roastie!

fuck off

Good ones are few and far between, my russian ex was legitimately psycho

The biggest exporting country of hookers

Spot the jealous roastie


I agree with this. Only talked to some on chaturbate. Romania got some nice looking women.

you are wrong
cheap Russian prostitutes is shit and dangerous because of HIV rate
expensive lux prostitutes in Russia is god tier, hands down

but if you want CHEAP and good you need to go here

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all womans are legitimately psycho
think about it
real talk

Everybody has their own mental issues, it’s an absurd generalization to say every woman specifically has psychosis.


anyway Romania
or [spoiler]thailand[/spoiler]

I dunno, but how great would it be to get fucked by a massive black bull? The bull in heat, pounding away in your ass in its delirium.

Damn I can't wait to be pounded by my ebony master.

What about Mexico? Specifically Tijuana? I hear the women there are beautiful, have great bodies and are cheap as fuck.

womans are psycho not by medical standarts
its complicated for people like you who make a point on things like > absurd generalization

Mexico has easily the ugliest women in the Spanish-speaking world.

Try Medellin instead.

t. manlets

If seeing things in black and white simplistic terms helps you in life then by all means. Once you read more about the topic you’ll understand it’s more complicated than psycho and not psycho or autist and normie

I am an ExPat in TJ, and enjoy sex tourism. The hooker experience here is great for a once and a while thing, but long term it gets stale real quick.

The main problems:

1. The girls that work in the major clubs Hong Kong and Adalitas are clock watchers, if you do not speak spanish the hotel will be knokcing on your door after 15 minutes. Always get a room for the night and get the same girls multiple times to deal with this so they are not constantly rushing you to cum.

2. This is not particular to TJ but the Cell phone addiction is real here and the girls will literally use their phones when you are fucking them. All of these complaints really only apply to the first time you bang them out, after that they know you are not a creeper and will be more comfortable.

3. Bring your own condoms, the rubbers they give you at the hotels or the hookers have are the worst in the world. Go online and order some Sagamis they are worth it.

4. These girls are really not that cheap, you will spend anywhere from 30-40 bucks on drinks and then 80 to fuck with 15 for the room 30 minutes or 35 for the whole night(not available on the weekends)

5. Due to how close you are to the border these girls know about USD and how much Americans have, they are more gold digging than even jungle gook hookers. If they know you live here they get real clingy and try to milk an outside relationship,

Other than that great time, if you put money over women and do not care about breaking some Latina hearts.

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i read ~12 books on this topic only, ~30 about ideologies and exactly 37 about politics , and i dont even know how many about sociology
also i have 2 high educations (surprise IT and Economy), and speak 3 languages , english is my 3rd
you want to debate me more, or may be you just go fuck youself and debate your brainless SJW room mates ?

Tijuana is awesome. The girls in Hong Kong are expensive but walk outside for a few minute and you can find gorgeous woman. $25-$40 range for sex.
The girls are pretty. Like Spanish soap opera pretty

Men populate the extremes, the most calm, logical and level headed individuals on the planet are men. The most insane, illogical, violent, imbalanced individuals on the planet are also men.

Women are generally less logical but don't dominate the extremes of the spectrum the way that men do.

Imagine you were a girl and beautiful by conventional stsndards. That means if you are 30 years old you have had 15 years of people generally not calling you out on your shit behavior, shit ideas, shit actions etc etc etc. Conversely a male is generally called out on the merits of everything he thinks, does or says. This will generally lead him to have more developed ideas/logic/skills/teamwork etc etc where as the woman on average will have these skills less developed generally.

Oh really. And how do all those books help you when you're getting RAMMED by a BBC? Inch by inch he slams in you. His guttural grunts mix with the schlicking of your sweat against his skins. You would not even be able to handle it.

wtf are you talking about I've been to japan a bunch of times the whores are super expensive and none of them are white.

OP the answer is germany if you have money. otherwise eastern europe but you might get robbed.

ive seen niggers only 10-20 times in my entire life
and more then half of this "meetings" was when i visited France, which is blacked hard.

Poland, Latvia,Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech. Fucked by communism so hard that cock for cash is natural

once they find out lord sergey mows down 20 big macs a day they will probably not want to invest. guess they will have to stay poor like the faggots they are

How is prostitution not a business?

Saw the bugez webbum and didn't even think twice about it because I thought I was on Veeky Forums. He's a legend and deserves a lot more attention

Most prostitutes, even black ones, won't take black clients. Mostly because they get robbed, beaten, they try to become their pimp, or they refuse to pay.

But hey, you tried. And, we get it, you bought into the liberal cuck meme, and are now obsessed with black cock.

The couple of times I went to the red light districts in Germany, most of the whores were American, UK, or asian.

The only time I fucked a german was in the US. And she was a dead fish.

Nobody knows about Romania? Dude, half the women on the cam whore sites are Romanian.

I visited paris for the first time last year and couldnt believe how many nig nogs there were. that kanye west song makes so much sense now. kinda sad they flushed a once great city down the drain with their liberal cuck policy but on the other hand they are french so fuck those faggots

Veeky Forums for sure

fresh burrata from water buffalo milk is insanely good

too bad romania is a shit hole. you can fuck romanian hookers in the german brothels without worrying about being stabbed by the pimp

is anyone else starting to develop a semi-fetish of girls ass holes/girls farting because of all this braap posting? When I see a girl with a nice ass, its often the first thing I imagine, and that used to disgust me.


I've heard rural Romania is pretty cool, but yeah, the cities are just shitholes, from what I've heard, and the wigger/hooker look thing is real there, too.

He just blessed us with a new video.

also why is she spreading her pussy over a pizza box? Are they gonna eat that after? Couldn't they have moved the box?

>live in DC
>Good hooker is $400/hr

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As someone living in the Netherlands 90% of the prostitutes on our Red Light districts are Romanian. They look like shit. They are extremely skinny with fake tits bimbo style.

I like THICC big natural milfs more.

why would u ever have sex with a prostitute?
>all those stds
ya fuck that

>and probably has aids

i guess you've never been to romania, have you? i can't talk about the hookers, but romania is very nice. of course, it's not as highly developed as germany or whatever.

Romania would be nice if all the gypsies got genocided.

how is prostitution in japan? i heard its banned but still possible. i will travel soon and i would like to bang some chick in there. is it very expensive?

well you win op... rip me

If you fuck street whores, sure. I would bet real money that escorts are cleaner than "real" women, though. The ones I've fucked told me, they get tested regularly, if they do get infected they don't work, and they use protection.

Now, ask around your friends, if you have any, how many have caught shit from bar pickups, Tinder fucks, and just "normal" girls they meet. I know TONS of guys and girls who have clymidia, herpes, even the clap - and they're still running around not fucking with condoms.

But I know who you are, you're one of those incel refugees, who think sex is "icky", and can only have sex if it's sanitized, bleached, and put through a dishwasher first, which is why you only fuck fleshlights.

I was shoving my dick in girls assholes before the brap posters invaded this board son

yes it is especially if youre white. the japs are pretty racist. they wont even let you into the good places if youre not japanese.

Soaplands and "compensated dating".

It's overpriced and not worth it. They are also racist so if you aren't Japanese or a caucasian that speaks japanese you're out of luck.

Also most of the asian prostitutes are Thai,Chinese,Eastern European,Korean and an actual native Japanese is really rare.

Your best bet of fucking an ethnically Japanese prostitute is to go to western escorts that specialize in such things I know they are big in Brazil and there is one in Amsterdam as well.