You did buy a stack of 0,27$ linkies, right user?

You did buy a stack of 0,27$ linkies, right user?

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What do you guys use for commas


0,27$ looks so fucking retarded.

And no, unfortunately I didn't buy because every fucking penny I could scrape together is already 100% in Link.

>Not selling everything you own for cheap linkies.
Wew lad

No... but i didnt sell either (pic related) ... it looks bad... if someone was actually DOWN that much they might be pissed or worried. Im not. Im up where im at after only a 900 dollar cash investment, which ive already cashed back out. Its all house money for me.

Huge things are coming for link.

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Also, yes, i convinced grandma to buy link. Shit. That little oversight alone (that i showed all of biz i got my grandma to buy link) should show some of you that are on the fence that im not on here shilling to pump prices. I believe in this project enough to convince granny to invest. Its a paltry sum because coinbase only lets new users invest 100 a week thru debit cards. She wants to put 1500 bucks in.

Unironically prepping my house to sell it.

Expect to have it on the market by next month.

Every fucking penny I make will go into Link.

W-what??? user... im all for LINK... i just posted right before you... but that sounds like an incredibly reckless move unless theres information you chose not to share regarding your housing situation and finances.

If link does everything we hope it will... you wont need an amount like that to make it. Make sure you are taken care of first and foremost.

That's a ballsy move fren. I hope it works out, I will be jelly then.
t. 10k linklet

29 cents...I couldn’t catch the bottom

Holy fuck user... I am 70K deep (started in May 2017 and was in LINK ICO, but even I gotta say that’s pretty crazy.... if I works out (it will) you will be a fucking gangster just be careful bro

oi mate av a look at the balls on this kid! T. Also all in with everything I got.

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this is either rank stupidity or a daring brilliant move
share details to let us know which one

user user please. I have a lot, I like it a lot. But consider you might be wrong, make sure you have something to eat. Maybe cents EOY and even some years down the line it's a good play. (Also speak sats you fags).

This is (((George Soros))) shorting the British Pound type of brilliance combined with brass balls. I hope you spread your alpha genes far and wide user.

you're a MANIAC!

You do realise that there isn't nearly enough liquidity in the market to buy a houses worth of LINK without mooning the price

No I bought req.

top lol

Imagine the singularity was caused by this one homeless user.

He should document everything about his situation just so he has a fall back of book sales.

Link moon confirmed

Lmao that one user is going to cause the singularity

trips confirm confirmation

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im buying more mother bitch

no i buy a stack for 0.05 next week.


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I sexually Identify as a stinky linky. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of delivering tamper-free smart contracts for individuals and institutions alike . People say to me that a person being a smart contract is Impossible and I’m fucking retarded but I don’t care, I’m beautiful. I’m having a plastic surgeon install 6 flat sides, a big mac and a permanent plaid shirt on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me “Linky” and respect my right to provide middleman free agreements and immediate resolution. If you can’t accept me you’re a linkophobe and need to check your blockchain privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.

get yourself an ebay account and start selling some of that junk you don't need, friend.

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Wait til it hits 5 cents

It’s not over yet.
We’ll hit 0.15 by the end of the week.

Then, it’s accumulation time my friends.

.29 linkfriend 2565 of them

So you are buying a stack then?

>We’ll hit 0.15 by the end of the week.
stop making me hard bitch

I've got 12.5K euro sitting by whenever it drops under .30.


How high does everyone think this bounce will go? Will the bleeding continue in a few days? Weeks?

I bought my house in august.
Last couple months i've seriously considered doing the same, but i fear the singularity might happen before any potential profit from the sale reaches my bank account, i dont know how else to scrape together any more money to get enough linkies.

i bought in at 0.31 usd cuz im still new af and missed the bottom. i need to factor in the 20min of transfering from coinbase to gdax to binance.

thats still good though it lowered my acb now to 0.44$

whenever it falls again im buying, if it gets higher than 50 cents im tethering half

it'll never hit 0.15 because everyone will keep trying to buy absurd amounts at such a low price that the price will stay propped up

The target for buy in we are pushing for is actually closer to 22c. If you think you missed your chance, don't stress because we will give you one more within the next 11 days

What’s everyone’s thought for the EOY for LINK?

im almost reaching my goal of 50k linkies. After that i will just wait a few years. before selling either at $20 or 0.001

Between $0.50 and $1.50

>t. Bottom seller