/filters thread/

Let's improve each other's browsing experiences. This list can't be too long.

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>shill me

but those low MC gem threads are money and they start with that

biz is so retarded lately it is easier filter posts you want to see, than to filter the rest out

no, when someone says shill me, they are literally going to shill you a shitcoin. they have one ID create the OP then proceed to shill a coin that will go nowhere.


kys linknigger

how can I add filters desu

Good idea.

My experience has improved since I started using them. But it could be better.

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No Bazinga coin? Did the guy finally give up?

Fuck, I should get to adding some filters for Veeky Forums. The LINK cancer is out of hand.

its been rather tame lately to be honest. I've had times that half the board was filtered.

ahh the Veeky Forums filter, also known as "reddit"

>filtering cancerlink = reddit

ahh the newfag that still uses le reddit meme to pull rank


Filtering reddit posts is one reason I started liking this place again.

So many idiots link to r/CryptoCurrency or whatever


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Lol this. Too easy to spot

I think I will start filtering ChainLink honestly, they're pretty fucking annoying.

>kys linknigger
just confirmed my words, faggot


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Stealing some of these. I was afraid to filter words that may be too general like "link" and "locked" but they're garbage threads most of the time anyway.

If you are seriously into this project, you need to realize that your memespam has done nothing but drive people further away.

If the recent memespam has just convinced you to invest, you are doomed.

"Why aren't you"
"It's over"
"Should I sell"
"Should I buy"

Thankyou op this thread is amazing wish there were more quality threads like this every day