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You’re gonna get dumped on


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looks like you are two hours late

G20 was the reason for the 3 month or so bear market?

also the full quote is
"crypto-assets don’t pose risks to financial stability, aren’t substitutes for currency and aren’t much used for financial transactions"
basically they called it toy money without actual use

well they're not wrong


Regulations in general. Now it seems the rules are set for the next few months.

But were mooning bro, well never be below 8k ever

yea basically it gets lost in translation n china likes to post fud threads on asian Veeky Forums saying americans r banning btc so they can buy cheap, similar to how we get korea fud threads

>Wait for institutional money to get in
>Regulations are great, they will bring smart money

G20 says crypto does not challenge financial market
>No regulations for now

>Yess no regulations! this is great news wow amazing now arbitrage bots and whales can pump and dump on us while washtrading without fucking gov controlling it

>Implying regulations help anyone except those who write them

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isn't the whole point of crypto to give power to individuals and not institutions? All we need is to give it time to get widely adopted by the average Joe...

Why invest through some 3rd party jew scumbag sitting behind some desk at a random bank that you know nothing about when you could just do it yourself?

They understand the tech has a place and said they aren't going to stifle entrepreneurs and innovation with regulation.

You are retarded if individuals have any sort of power. FBI has enough BTC to crash fucking market in an instant (Bulgaria as well).

Whales unironically hold this market by the balls. 1000 people hold 60% of BTCs kek, its worse then any sort of gov controlled market.

Market does not believe in this shit anymore...No body thinks its getting back to 20k anytime soon, if anything pretty much everyone thinks it is coming back to 3k before it gets to 20k, that tells you confidence is nowhere.

Lol who the fuck cares bout BTC? In future BTC wont rule alt prices anymore and more succesfull projects will not affect anymore of shit BTC pnd scheme.

Regulations can be good. But the tech is in its early stages so it wouldn't make sense.
Besides, dud you guys really think anything would happen during bthe g20? Does anything ever happen during the g20? Their response was basically the exact same as 2014. "Give it room to grow and don't stifle it's progress"

No. Rich people simply cashing out.

>china likes to post fud threads on asian Veeky Forums saying americans r banning btc so they can buy cheap
user, i....

>FBI has enough BTC to crash fucking market in an instant (Bulgaria as well)

Nigga the US government sold their Silkroad BTC at U$600 like a year ago, they literally have 0 left

>1000 people hold 60% of BTCs

gonna need some sauce on that

>Crash from 20k, too much hype
>China regulation
>India regulation
>Mt Gox taking money out
>Miners profiting 50%+ after cost of creating BTC.

It's all over now, user.
We'll go to 50k EOY.

>1000 people hold 60% of BTCs kek
You mean 700 people own 10% of BTC and 300 exchanges process 50% of it?

good thing im a vegan with a real job