How high does eterum have to go for me to brake even again?

i bought 0.5 eterum at 1300 plus trading fees. and then i buy another 0.5 eterum at 1250 plus trading fees. now i buy one more 0.5 eterum at 540 plus trading fees but this is all i have. i now have no more left. i have no more money. i put everything i have and it's lower. i now am down big. what the fuck. how must it go for me to get back my money. do not ignore trading fees.

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-1200 and you should be good

thank you. can that ever get that high again?


it can but only if you stop making these threads

Ethereum bubbled on ico's and because it was used as a pair.
Now it's used as a pair less.
And ico's are on many other platforms.
Eth can recover if they announce their scaling solutions especially plasma.
Until then imo it will go sideaways.

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Did you fail math or something? That's like 3rd grade math.

dude learn how to do this your self! you probably tell ppl you invest, not if cant figure out basic fuckin math! ffs the state of Veeky Forums

i only make this thread one time because i need to know. on bitcointalk and reddit fuck dont talk to me. these bad idiots always were wrong. if you got bitcoin you can see the issues in slow and expensive satoshi shit all over and bitcoin cash looks like roger vers

this is you.

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yes this may be. vitalik seems nothing like true businessmen

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wrong chump. that is 1+1=2 2+2=4. why dont you give the answer then if you're so smart. because you're not that smart. trading fees add to price and subtract total when you are buying or selling so figure that out genius

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[(1300*.5) + (1250*.5) + (540*.5)] /1.5 = $1030 + fees

It will be easier to get your money back if you put your 1.5 ETH into a GOOD alt.