Was Teeka right?

Anyone read his report on GIFTO?


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Anyone actually read the report.. Teeka did a good job

Yes, I did. He has put a lot of thought into analysis

Coin looks amazing at this price.

how much are you picking up or have picked up?

wasu wasu wasu wasu wasu wasu wassuuuuppp

5gs worth

definitely could pay off if he's right and it goes to $2

I think he said $2 is its assumed value in a few months once Uplive is fully merged. He project $4 EOY

He selects projects that have a working product and are ready to be implemented, that can get first into the marketplace. I like his analysis He has recommended WAX too that has partnered with gifto

A lot of dumbasses post nonsense here about him, but are the first ones begging for the coin he wrote about

He has had some great picks and a few shit ones but for the most part good. GIFTO looks like a gem once you research it

Im actually beginning to believe chicken tikka actually believes hes a crypto guru - he could have stuck a pin in a board of cryptos and gained during his rapid ascension - no stop loss

Thinking of throwing $500-1k into this. Seems like a good gamble at current price. ATL was $.19 and it's hit $.21 in the last week.

Pajeet fail and scam. Better of donating your money and taking deduction than buy his junk. Guy won’t be in biz in a year

how is gifto a scam when it has a working product and a huge userbase? jej

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i just put in 3k. its impossible to get justed by this coin its at the bottom right now literally impossible to go any lower.

Not to mention they are partnered with Binance and NAS

The userbase made me pull out my money again on time. Didn´t make a loss luckily. Just look at those people on Telegram. Literally the biggest brainlets in crypto are in this group and did invest in the coin.

You cant judge a coin based on a telegram group lulz. Most telegram groups are awful.

I am sold after watching all the asian sluts getting tipped retarded amounts of money on uplive and they will soon be receiving gifto tokens meaning these cucks will have to purchase gifto tokens

The average balance held by an Uplive user is $14 worth of diamonds. 20 million users multiplied by $14 equals $280 million (the value currently held by Uplive users.)
The entire market cap of GIFTO is just $53 million. Just on a switch from Uplive’s diamond currency to GTO tokens could boost the price of GTO to $2. That will take the market cap to about $300 million. That just about matches the current value of all diamonds we estimate to be in circulation.
That’s a 5x gain.
Later this year, as GIFTO gains adoption among AIG’s other 80 million users, we think $4 per token is a chip shot. That’s almost 12x higher from today’s price

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holy shit this is iota at 30 cents and tron at 3 tenths of a cent

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Does sound like a tron except one that could actually see adoption

Yep it's an actual working product alt with an all star team and partnerships. Yet you have meme coins worth 5-100x higher.. Insane

Ya I did see those sluts getting tipped by cucks. Real men dont spend on women, they make the women come behind them like a bitch. Anyways , for us investors its good