Bear market is over, shorters finally BTFO

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last night: prepare for a two year bear market
today: yay its over

how whimsical can a board be

The news of no regulation may not be good for us long term just because we need those regulations to get big money in.

it's almost as if Veeky Forums is a board of many different people of varying degrees of honesty and opinions

You overestimate how many of us are here and underestimate the degree to which the regulars are active

lol why the fuck would the bear market be over

Don't worry, then will FOMO in when crypto reaches ATH again... then we'll dump on em

You're unironically retarded. People are clearly closing week long short positions that they held. There was a buy rally almost like clockwork the same time the last 2 weeks. The buying has stopped and we are now down over 1600 points from last week's high.
You don't have to believe me though.

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Sold at 10-9k, when do i rebuy?

Tempting to fomo in now but I'm expecting some pullback

patience user

>it's almost as if Veeky Forums is a board of many different people of varying degrees of honesty and opinions
so ho many of us are actually here? like 20 people or sth?

we need more pictures like this posted

Veeky Forums has an even shorter memory than /pol/.

>many people are there
>therefore the dominant group sentiment can't change

that means that people who were right dont think its going down anymore

No it means they want to profit take. Or reinvest their take from the previous short. Or both.

I have like 5 characters I larp as. If mods can see ip they probably think im schizophrenic as I play all sides.

yeah haha we'll totally outsmart 150+ IQ billionaires, chainlink for the win !!

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In the spirit of always do opposite what Veeky Forums says, I just sold at 8220 usd.

>Stops dying for a single day after a huge drop down
>'Haha, told you the bear market is over!'
>Begins dying again
People never learn. We're definitely in the bear market until we hit the absolute bottom (which I would suspect will be a slow drop to around $2.5k-$3.5k)

Nah. All you degenerate gamblers have been combing the weeds for weeks for a sign, and the news that the G20 isn't going to call for regulation is the new meme, and there's a bunch of irrational exuberance growing, driving the spike. Surprising, as I thought Asia would shit the bed this weekend. But, i doubt the reversal is real, this will be chewed away by the margin whales over the week. They're already taking bites out of it.

oh darn, those big number IQs means they are literally infallible, foiled again!

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LOL. Big money didn't get to be big money by putting their money into a game with no rules, and that they didn't control.

Fish memory

zoom out

hm, yes, I see
looking good thanks for the tip user

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True, as a regular I'm on here frequently throughout every day

Well played. I am 3 anons here. Legitimately there is prob like 150-200 real people physical people here. I do not count pajeets as real people.