Tfw people think the G20 summit was the reason for the 3 month bear market

>tfw people think the G20 summit was the reason for the 3 month bear market.
>tfw they think we will shoot straight into a bull run because some cuck posted on his twitter that crypto isnt significant enough to warrant regulations.

The G20 summit was only talked about for the past week, and how the fuck do you retards expect big institutional money to flow in to an unregulated market that can be crashed by jap whales.

You greedy fucks just think about the short-term, how is crypto suppose to blossom without regulations.

Enjoy the pump and dumps, washtrading, spoofing, insider trading and manipulation you imbeciles.

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G20 + good news = btc up

>"Crypto is pathetically small and not worth our time"

What did cryptotards mean by this?

wow you're a total brainlet


also RSI massively oversold for days

don't need to be a brainiac to see at least some 50% recovery incoming now. obviously we don't see ATHs soon, but everything was significantly oversold.

Can someone post the tweet

you know that bubble chart people have been posting? it means we are still in the early awareness phase

it means that the real bubble hasn't even started yet. see you at $100k

Not sure why lack of regulation is good news. Thought most people here were hoping regulations at G20 -> institutional money -> bull run the likes of which nobody could imagine

Oversold on the rsi doesnt mean shit its been oversold for months and kept crashing.

Tell me why we should recover now?

I still don't get why a lack of regulation is a good thing. It's fucking terrible in the long-run if you want legitimacy. Is everyone on Veeky Forums a bunch of spastic ADHD-riddled teenagers?

This is a new type of FUD that I don't understand. Bitcoin is obviously an issue, they either don't care about the redistribution of wealth or they already control it so there's no need for regulations? I don't get it.

why should it fucking go down forever?

4h rsi?

zoom out on your charts

>everytime news from a random country comes out hinting that crypto might be banned the market drops
>Now the group of the largest 20 economies in the world just announced that they have no plans on regulating it saying they don't want to kill the early tech


still in denial stage you cuck, face it bitcoin does not deserve to be valued anything over 5k as of now.

you do know individual countries can still regulation whatever tf they want, just because the g20 has said they wont enforce anything doesnt mean there wont be any regulations.

>Enjoy the pump and dumps, washtrading, spoofing, insider trading and manipulation you imbeciles

It's gotten us this far. Go trade on a "regulated" market where none of that happens lol good luck

Who cares. It can go up, so my ICX can go up and I can finally unload these fucking bags

Damn, you based your whole post off something I posted in another thread.

I mean, you're right and all, but damn, son.

>this far


that's the next reason why none of your fucking shitcoins will moon anymore this year
generations of bagholders try to mitigate their losses

It's not significant enough to waste time on, and it doesn't threaten their fiat systems.

In other words, the G20 members looke at crypto, and said "Go away kid, you're bothering me."

Wether that's good or not, depends on your perspective. But it's being used to meme a spike in the price of bitcoin, maybe, like the whales who have been feeding saw an opportunity to spike the price, to draw more krill in, with positive movement. I'm cynical, so I lean towards that - the spike in price isn't from real growth. Plus, it's still in the 8ks - a week ago, teh price that low was the end of the world here, now it's "This is awesome!"

It's irrational exuberance. The only good thing Greenspan did was coming up with that phrase - because it fucking fits.

"Big money" and "institutional money" won't go near markets that allow any of that, dummy. They didn't get where they are, by putting their profits and their customer's money in what is essentially the black market for currency. As long as crypto can move 10% in less than an hour, big money isn't coming near it. Get those 10% swings onto a quarterly or yearly cycle, they may come around.

So your saying they will come and pump our bags when we've exhausted our own resources?

Who knows? All I'm saying, it's not happening now, or any time in the near future. Down the road, anything can happen. I don't think crypto will die, I just think the form that "big money" buys into doesn't exist yet.

Use the web as an example. The first boom, which was a mania, was bullshit, and it's bubble popped. More Irrational exuberance at work, there. Then, slowly, web tech developed, and the real value and use emerged, and now everyone is all in, but it's not a rocket ride like the past, it was a slow, steady march up.

I lean towards that as the future of crypto. 5, 10 years down the road. The iPhone of crypto hasn't been invented yet, to abuse another analogy.

>people begging for regulation
be careful what you wish for, bootlicker

Pumping up the price isn't worth your freedoms and you will lose the value of crypto anyways.


Protip: If you are hodling for profits then you are doing it wrong. The price has been going up and down steadily about 5-10 percent in a simple retracement pattern. You could have easily doubled up during this slump, but you can just think about it like it's a tether pump instead of "trying to catch a falling knife," because when bitcoin pumps tether just becomes a falling knife.

That's enough advice though, i don't want to spoil bootlicking hodl babbies.

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