Dear fellow leafs

dear fellow leafs,

how would you invest 100k for the long term? what would be relatively easy set-and-forget approach to investing that amount(and adding more as you work to it), so that you won’t die old and poor in the future, or perhaps give it your grand kids, or maybe you’re just not sure what you’ll do exactly yet but you have a rather bad and gnawing feeling that holding it all in a bank account with 0% interest is a terrible idea?

would it be something like this?:
TFSA with vanguard’s stock and bond index 70/30 ratio? interest gains reinvested back ofc

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80k in stocks, 20k in crypto
maybe closer to 60-40 split depending on your tolerance for risk

65K Crypto ( BAT, ADA, REQ )
10K Stock ( ALL in Apple & McDonalds
15K Bank ( CDs, Savings, Bonds )
15K Gambling ( 21,Slots, Lottery )

is cryto a rather safe investment, compared to stocks/bonds?
what kind of crypto would you invest in?

Crypto is a very risky asset compared to stocks and especially compared to bonds

I get the impression you're young so 80k in an index fund and 20k to fuck around with in crypto is good.

>what kind of crypto would you invest in?
Just bitcoin, considering the market lives and dies by it. If you don't understand the tech don't invest in altcoins of dubious value

Before you make your long term safe position, you should consider dumping the whole lot in to Aurora Cannabis, Aphria, and Canopy Growth right now. Sell on 50% or better return in a month or two. Take profits from that and then start your long term position in the stuff mentioned above.

what no, McD is basically dead

so you recommend to buy bitcoin and hold?
but why consider such risky investment?

aren’t cannabis stocks overpriced now? and come july we don’t know what’ll happen.

i'm done with picking stocks, so fucking done.
all my active energy goes towards crypto.

i use tangerine's mutual funds (they offer several products) through a TFSA account, low fee, kind of like an ETF. don't care if the stocks there are overvalued, i'm not putting a lot of money in unless i cash out of crypto

oh yea i started my first real job two years before the 2008 crash, i hope you'r not in the same position. not saying it will crash, but it will suck if you end up buying the top

The current prices are speculative based on the companies' existing assets, production potential of their facilities, and cash available for further acquisitions. Aphria and Canopy are well short of their ATHs set in December/first week of January. Aurora is currently a little closer to their ATH.

The point is this is a swing trade not a long hold. 50% gain or better within a month or two is a safe bet. Do not be a sucker and hold these after they go parabolic, it won't last.

>he thinks it's dead

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wait for the market to crash then buy anything
the problem is no one knows when it will crash. could be next week, could be in 10 years.

can’t you just buying into the market through dollar cost averaging?

so you’re saying that in the next couple of months you expect this companies raise 50% in value cumulatively?
therefore you’re thinking that 100k invested will yield about 50k?


why do you believe 50% value increase is a safe bet?

Senate will vote on second reading of bill C45 (weed bill) on March 22nd. It will pass second reading because the PC party does not have enough votes to stop it. Third reading vote is on or before June 7. After that the bill gets kicked back to house of commons where libs have majority, then Trudeau signs. Recreational sales expected to commence by late August/early September (for my recommended trade you want to be out well before this).

End of prohibition of marijuana, user. Bull run is a certainty. Now i can't guarantee 50% return but I can say with confidence that there will be a vigorous hype-based fomo-fest sometime between now and September. You need only look at what happened back in December to see how much potential this sector has to moon shot.

Don't swing trade pot stocks

There are so many shorters getting fucked hard trying to short these stocks.

i see. so do i just open a brokerage account with my bank to begin investing into these companies?

UK here. Be honest, how enriched and what is the quality of life like in Canada?

My cousin moved there because she got LEAFED and had a half-leaf baby, but never been.

Hype will continue until their reports come out and everyone finds out they're not making enough profits to justify their stock price.

Also look into blockchain companies on the TSX

Traditionally you're right user.

But our housing markets and stock markets are bubbles that are gonna burst very soon. I wouldn't put any money into these now.

If you put it into a bank account you would make some interest, but remember inflation? Your money needs to grow with it or else you're losing value. So you can do high-yield short term GIC's (go for anything a year or under) and that will keep your money safe if you're too scared to invest in crypto.

It's a good plaace bud, depends where you go of course. All the ppl from the UK that I have known that have come to Canada say it's better than the UK.

you cant even put 100k in a tfsa you fuck


It's an index fund from Vanguard that tracks the S&P 500. It is not CAD-hedged, so as the USD goes up in value compared to the CAD, the value of the fund goes up. It is my primary non-crypto hold, as it allows me to bet both on the US markets and against the Canadian ones. Very low management fees, too.

You should definitely throw a few thousand into crypto right now too. Maybe split between BTC and LINK

Buy yourself something nice too. I'd get a watch

Is the fund registered in the U.S.? That's another thing you have to worry about OP.

If it is, you'll owe the IRS some money (and our Canadian authorities).

terrible advice, KYS. All the weed companies are shitly managed and will inevitably crash. They are propped by hype and will crash by the weak hands that lifted them.

That's a good point, user. VFV is traded on TSX so I think it is an entirely Canadian asset

interdasting, I will add it to my watch list.

That's why i said it's a swing trade and to get out before recreational sales begin. You know, for a board primarily invested in crypto Veeky Forums is weirdly risk averse about other commodities.

My strategy is to just buy it periodically when I have money to invest. I am working on the assumption that the product will be worth quite a bit more in ten years, as markets tend to go up.

Time will tell if I make an ass out of myself and umption.

damn you’re right.
i think it’s around 50k max up to now.
what to do with the rest of the money then? into RRSP?

can i put those into TFSA?
where do i get these GICs?
i think i heard something about laddering GICs. is that what you mean?

why not CAD hedged? are those funds worse in general?
why would you bet against canadian markets?

GIC is a stupid investment for old turds, you might as well chuck it in a savings account. Short term GICs are like a 1% interest rate at best... it's a sorry excuse for investing. Just pretend that user didn't say anything.

You can put anything in a GIC

Laddering GICs are a really fucking stupid investment for old people. I won't even bothering explaining it

** you can put anything in a TFSA

user you clearly aren't up to doing the research yourself, I can see you are just looking for advice from others.

What I would advise is to see a financial advisor, preferably fee based if possible.

>why not CAD hedged?
To bet against the Canadian markets
>why would you bet against canadian markets?
Because I think Trump is going to fuck us over during the next seven years

>our markets are bubbles
one more question. do you refer to Canadian stocks? what if it’s something like VFV.TO? it seems to be canadian ran fund but it tracks US s&p 500.

also, how can you tell that our markets are bubbles? like what are the general clues that you go by to believe this? i want to learn how to tell this kind of stuff apart too.

no i don’t mind doing research. i’ve been learning about investing for a while but haven’t made a move into this yet and due to my downtime stuff i learned got a bit jumbled together and faded.

arent paid professionals main goal is to get paid and make commission off of you no matter what? they could just suggest some high MER mutual fund and tell you it’ll do good but years later your see it didn’t at all.
but if you’re serious, then would you recommend to use the bank’s services in this case or some third party financial advisor?

can you elaborate?
do you mean you think that US’s dollar will outgrow CAD hence why you bet against canadian markets. because you believe that Trump will do something that will mess with our own dollar?

Sure. It's a mixture of gut feelings and observations. The Canadian market has this hyper inflated housing bubble going on, which indicates a correction in the future. I think our current government is completely incompetent in financial matters and will only make things worse. Our new trading policy is to advance women's rights around the globe. The new US trading policy is America First. I think that, at the very least, our economy will grow less quickly than the US one.

What are your goals for investing? What brought you to Veeky Forums? Have you ever looked at crypto before?

There are a few fee-only financial advisors that don't make a cut, but yeah some financial advisors take a a fee and commission.

If you go to a bank you could maybe get a CFP but as someone who is quitting their role as a financial advisor tomorrow at TD I'd advise you not to.


The alternative is just putting a tonne of time into research and managing it yourself, but either of those is better than just taking advice from random people on Veeky Forums.


I'd advise you NOT to deal with a banker who isn't a CFP. Bank jobs are shitty with high turnover and people stay there because they can get sales, NOT because they actually know how investing works. Their jobs will probably be cut as soon

>he thinks i think it's dead

It's not a stupid investment if you assume the stock market and the housing market will crash/go down.

Would you rather lose money or make a tiny amount? Unfortunately it's the tiny amount he has to focus on this year because shit's going down. After that I would invest in stock market indices but not right now.

So how do you plan on keeping his money safe? And you mention for him to use a financial advisor? Fuck buddy, you're trying to make him poor and we're helping him.

>hodling the tip of the bubble

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You can use lots of tools but basically it's accepted at this point, and one indicator is interest rate increases (kill inflation, which will discourage investment into homes/other properties) but there's lots of other reasons. For example the U.S. has never went a 10-year period without a recession, 10 years is up in 2019.

Our housing is way overpriced in Toronto and Vancouver, I have work to do so I can't get into it, but ask any 20-something you see if they can afford a house and see what they say.

>15K gambling

It has crossed my mind that I might be doing that, but even someone who employed this strategy just before the 2008 crisis would have averaged 8% annually by now.

A laddered GIC is a pleb investment even for a secure one.

The overall yield of a laddered GIC is usually even less than a regular one.. and now you can get market index linked GICs...

Laddered GICs just have a pull factor for mathlets who think that making virtually nothing for years is worth it if you make 3-4% in the last year.

If you actually think a laddered GIC is a good investment for anyone, it just shows you don't know dick.

Your reading comprehension is terrible. I said to invest in short-term high yield GIC's.

Depending on your amount you can get 90-day GIC's where your money is completely protected (think Tether) and you'll beat inflation by 1-3% a year.

You're not going to get rich off of this, the point is not buying high and selling low like Veeky Forums does. The stock market and housing are at ATH's, to put it in speak you'll understand.

All in VEN. Best bet by far. Live off passive income and enjoy your life. It’s going to take over crypto. Just read there partnerships for jeebus sake. I’m not going to waste time explaining more. Just LeBouef that shit.

>Depending on your amount you can get 90-day GIC's where your money is completely protected (think Tether) and you'll beat inflation by 1-3% a year.

Dude, the percentage rates given on those are a YEARLY yield..

now you are just flat out wrong and giving false advice.

>100 day GIC, rate of 1.2%
>rate is YEARLY
>you will NOT make 1.2% over 100 days
>you will make less than 0.4% on your investment

show me proofs that these investments exist as you say they do, because if they did everyone would do it.

Goal is to put money to work. Preferably making the famous 7-8% interest per year. Invest pay checks and reinvest interest gains back into the principal and let it grow as much as possible until retirement. right now inflation is just eating away at the well known rate of 3% per year.

shit’s going down?

also doubly again, your money ISN'T protected in tether, if you studied money supply, you would know that anything like "tether" has a breaking point.

GICs are not protected "like tether" they are protected by contractual agreement and federal insurance.

>housing/stock market is at ATH
how much would this affect if i invest into stocks/bonds that are US based by packed into and sold as canadian funds?
basically what you’re saying is to avoid buying into canada only stocks and housing but US is ok, yes?

Here you go, you unnecessarily aggressive imbecile (My VPN changed but I'm still the same guy, just different ID):

No not everyone would do it, because most people are financially fucking illiterate as expressed in this thread.

Tether itself is not the best comparison because of course Tether should not really be trusted. However, GIC's CAN BE TRUSTED:

"Make sure your GICs are protected
Your GIC is insured if you bought it at:

any major Canadian bank. Banks are members of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC).
a credit union or caisse populaire
. Similar insurance is available for deposits.
This means you will get your money back if the financial institution where you bought your GIC closes down or is unable to pay you when the GIC matures. Coverage depends on the value and type of GIC you hold. For example:

CDIC insurance covers you for up to $100,000 in GICs at each financial institution.
U.S. dollar GICs and GICs with terms longer than 5 years are not insured.
The insurance is automatic. You don’t have to do anything, and you don’t have to pay anything extra, to get it.

3 tips to make sure your GICs are protected
To help you stay within the $100,000 limit per financial institution, you can:

Buy GICs at different financial institutions or their related companies. Example: a bank may have a mortgage
company or trust company
that sells GICs.
Put some of the GICs in your name and some in your spouse’s name.
Own GICs jointly with your spouse.

If you hold more than $100,000 in GICs from any one financial institution, the excess amount will not be protected against loss."

ANYTHING else you'd like to learn about today?

Yes OP, eventually it will, wait for a correction.

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cocain and prostitutes

OP investing into U.S. markets or investments based in the U.S. will fuck you as you'll owe money to the IRS and to our Canadian government. You need to buy investments registered in Canada, and you can do this if you want to buy U.S. investments, you just need to know where to look.

OP Canada is bad right now, but America is equally bad or even worse. There is a recession every 10 years in the U.S. and time is up in 2019. Everything is over-inflated right now and it's all going down. Australia is equally bad.

Traditional investments right now will fuck you, as will shit like weed stocks.

IMO crypto is the way to go if you want a risk, if not wait for the markets to correct.



I work for TD fagget, I sell those about once a month.

Those rates are YEARLY, trust me.

Yeah I know GICs can be trusted, I just briefly explained the rest of the shit you're talking about.

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No, it's not, read the fucking website.

I'm over conversing with you so keep giving bad advice/wrong information.

Please don't tell me a clueless TD advisor sold you this shit thinking it was the rate you'd get after 100 days? It wouldn't surprise me, because TD just cut every single retail position that isn't sales related or branch manager (all training and support staff positions were cut)

You can see on the statement they print off what you'll get when the term is done... the rate is is whatever you were quoted PER YEAR, not per term. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?

Looks like it to me

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I am reading the fucking website, it doesn't say it's yearly anywhere. Call TD easyline RIGHT NOW and ask a financial advisor. They are 24/7.

I'm being aggressive because you are giving false advice as if you're an expert or something. You deserve it because you'll make people lose money with your advice.

i see so after 2019 there should be another 10year crash(“correction”) and housing and stock prices will fall, which is when i should preferably buy into the markets?

cryto isn’t affected by these crashes?

Okay so I'm going to calm down a bit because reading the site it is pretty damn misleading and I don't blame you for thinking tihs...

"1 Interest is calculated only on the original principal and not on the sum of the principal plus accrued interest."
I'm pretty sure this means that instead of compounding your interest it means that it's just calculated based on the principle.

It's damn misleading it doesn't say yearly on this but it says that elsewhere.. but I'm positive it is because you can see it on the statements once you buy one if you print it from the bank..

How is it less? That one is 1.90% compound interest and the one I posted was 0.95% simple interest. The other difference is the 100 day is cashable

>set and forget

because the rate for both is a yearly rate.

100k GIC invested in 14 month GIC at 1.9%
at the end of year one: 101.9k
At the end of 14 months
102, 216.89$... trust me that's how it works
Effective yield: 2.21%
effective yield
100 day GIC at 0.95
After 100 days:
Effective yield (0.95*(100/365)) = 0.27%
100, 260$

im going to bed but sorry user if I legit offended you.

How are they even able to advertise the GIC as:
>Simple interest calculated on principal amount for the number of days in the term and paid at maturity

if the term is clearly stated as 100 days? That's fucked up. Not disagreeing that you're right btw

Working on maxing out TFSA first with a combo of Tangerine funds and ETFs on Questrade (30% CAN/70% US) (90/10 stocks/bonds). Always keep a reserve $1k for crypto on the sidelines for buying opportunity. How hard will I be rekt?

I'm not sure what I would do with $100k but I would arm myself first off because of paranoia

because that footnote only describes the PAYMENT option... notice the star sign ( * ) doesn't actually lead to that like "1" footnote.

That footnote for "1" only describes the payment option. All its saying is that the interest is not compounded... IE the interest isn't paid out back into the principle until the 100 days is up.

Note that on the other ones where it says the rate is YEARLY they are all longer than a year.

They will tell you when you're making MORE money, but they will abstain from telling you that you'll make less. Then when you call and ask about it, you'll be shilled for mutual funds.

This is what I'm banking on but also even if it does crash I don't believe investing now is bad either just don't go too hard. But that's what I'm doing.

Crypto could be affected by the market crash if people move money in and out of it but the DOW for example isn't affecting it now.

How hard will the IRS fuck?

Thanks. It should say that in the payment option though. "Payable at 0.95 divided by the amount of days it's in there" Something along those lines

looks like the total tfsa now is 57500 if you’ve never invested into it before.
which account would you put the rest of 100k into?

from what i understood user, if you invest into a canadian registered fund that consists of US based securities(stocks, bonds, index, ETFs) then you don’t need to worry bout IRS, just the good ol’ CRA of ours.

it doesn't because its just a ploy to get you to go talk to an advisor who will recommend something that will make him keep his job and make TD more money.

I'll have to check if they are or not. But still I will have to answer to IRS and CRA if they are not?