I need high grade Cannabis delivered regularly. Help

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no you don't

be a fucking man

Nice try fbi

But i know a friend who bought weed using The Dream Market via the Onion Network. They accept BTC. He even bought LSD on this market.

>a friend

Just walk into the dispensary.
>inb4 not legal where you live

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dream market

>smoking weed

Kill yourself you worthless faggot.

It's easy to get a hold of everywhere in the world. How lowtier are you, user?

Problem solved:

They now support repeating orders. I've never used them, since I can just walk to the corner pot store, but some friends of mine who don't live near one use them


I only smoke backyard bush
I don't know how people can ample high grade medicinal shit all day every day. Your brain will turn to mush how do they even function idk

>purity larping like some aspie incel over weed because you're so fucking anti social that nobody would ever sell you some and so stupid that you think it's degenerate
Gas yourselves soyboys

ouch, btfo

how likely is it that the feds intercept your package

3rd week off weed after smoking everyday for years no man should have as many nightmares as i have had in those 3 weeks

What's your address I'll send you a care package for free.
Top tier grower here you won't have to buy weed for 2 years.

not likely at all, but its still a massive honey pot because every market gets busted eventually and they will have your info

i got into all this blockchain shit while i was getting blazed

it's a powerful gift

The dispensaries deliver here... Idk if they accept crypto tho.

How and why did you stop?
I tried cigarettes for a couple weeks, they are sickening/demonic.

Fucking pot smoking faggot
you're going far in life nigger

same boat as you user
The painfull part is knowing the next blunt you spark will bring nausea, panic and palpitations

dude weed

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>prohibition states

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Imagine being so autistic you weren't able to have friends in your neighborhood and find weed with relative ease.

>using the term "soyboy"

go outside and get off the computer lmao

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damn, i never ever remember dreams if i smoked that day but if i dont smoke..the dreams are too real...

I'm legally vaping away my cares in my multimillion dollar mansion in the Pacific Palisades right now, enjoying the sunset.

you're not welcome here, redditor

used to use agora, then alphabay, then dream something. there's tons of guides on reddit. eventually i didn't want to wait for 2 weeks coinbase + 2 weeks delivery so i got a medical card, and a year later it got recreationally legalized here. wish i kept more bitcoin from back then, but it was pretty fun sampling psychedelics as undergrads.

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another one. get off the internet bozo.

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move 2 legal state and problem solved

Order some seeds and equipment and set up a grow. It's not that hard. Especially with one or two plants. 420chan is your friend.




Not gonna list vendors but you'll figure it out. Just make sure they're not selective scammers

what vpn do you use?
I wanna pay for one but not too much

my gf calls people soy boys more often than i do after i told her about it...

I use IPVanish, if I recall they have a great beginner free trial? Or just like a discount. Just make sure they don't keep logs, if you use a vpn the Tor usage won't show up with your internet company so if shit goes down there'll be less evidence. ALWAYS Make sure you pgp encrypt. Even if you just use a free online pgp encryption. Users of Hansa got bite for not doing that.

Here's a website for a vpn comparison and they have listings of big markets with url and alternatives. Although the vpn chart is probably sponsored.

Just ignore them, no amount of statistics or data will convince them that weed isn't harmful.

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Furthermore opiates aren't even bad for you in low doses and most drug addicts actually take them in such low doses they don't even get high and they just do it to feel normal because their brain is changed for ever. The only reason you hear about problem junkies so much is because they are the only drug addicts dumb enough not to hide their addiction from everyone around them. You interact with at least a few drug addicts every once in a while in public. Kratom being legal proves that drugs like methadone and buprenorphine could be sold at the pharmacy otc and it would not increase rates of addiction and would help bring down the level of crime associated with problem junkies not being able to afford artificially expensive black market drugs. In addition, the prohibition incentivises problem junkies to get other people hooked so they can middle them drugs to support their own habit. Legalization would eliminate this incentive because drugs would be legal and cheaper and drug addicts then would have no incentive to spread their addiction.

The drug war is genocide. Every category of human hauled off to auschwitz is a fucking protected minority now, besides drug addicts who the liberals and neocons agree still deserve to be genocided.. it's fucking super fucking hypocritical to when you hear leftists calling people nazis and shit.

In about 20 to 40 years people are going to wake up to this and it will stop and drug addicts will be the new gay people.

I don't do drugs though fyi.. just volunteered at a rehab clinic.

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>In about 20 to 40 years people are going to wake up to this and it will stop and drug addicts will be the new gay people.
people were saying that 20 to 40 years ago

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>high grade

Gay people had to have the fame.. then transgender.. then even ISLAM. I know the neoliberal clan is postponing it as much as they possibly can, partially because they are paid by the pharma industry and maybe even the cartel, but also because if they admit the drug war was genocide it fucks up their entire agenda and makes them look like completely batshit insane authoritarians which they are.

It's going to happen eventually. Maybe it takes 50 years. But i have a feeling it's going to be sooner. Over 50 percent of young people feel the same way i do.. at least where i am from. It's literally only a matter of time and they can only post pone the eventual reckoning. Western culture has an ethical trajectory and it's obviously not ethical to genocide drug addicts... and also western culture has an affinity for compassion towards oppressed categories of humans and in recent times there is no one more oppressed than drug addicts.

Only a matter of time. Mark my words. The outrage machine they have constructed will turn on them in a big way and the pin in the grenade is the drug war... they know this so it's why they try to stall so hard. Their conditioning isn't as effective as it used to be though. Even in Europe at least 25 percent of young people feel like this. Just because you exist in an online echo chamber full of edgy sheltered autist kids doesn't mean everyone else feels that way.. in fact most people are inherently anti authoritarian but just too lazy to do something about it. The tide will change though.. only a matter of time.. good always wins over evil in the end.

They were saying slavery would end for awhile before it did but now our world is facing an accelerating amount of change. When asked how he went broke Ernest Hemingway replied "Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly." It's coming up in the outrage cycle.. my only fear is that they will go too sjw and create blowback.. probably not enough to change the course of humanity though.

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try microdosing with vapcap the m
when I use it I remember my dreams

if I use my cloud evo which delivers insane power I don't remember shit

Implying that you don't visit reddit faggot

>actually bothering to post this

buy on Payfair next month