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Marines report in, dont be shy brainmores

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The fire rises boys

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There are no marines left

If you put 20k into this at ath you would have about 1k right now, amazing.

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400k DBC here, avg buy in 7c. Going to forget about this stack for 2 years after I set up a masternode, and see how it goes. 15% of total port.

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Nice stack, masternodes when?

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1k bought at 0.30. Almost my worst buy ever. I didn’t even lose money on the Avalon ico so this is horrible


Mainnet launch

will buy when it is sub penny.

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lol good luck with that ;)

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nowhere to go but up :) binance listing & disney partnerships coming... feels good to be a brainiac lol

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yea, you should get some. cant wait for mainnet and masternodes.

What's the minimum amount needed for a node and masternode?

>Investing in a coin whose development team can't even create a properly translated intro video.

I really hope things turn out okay for you guys....

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I'm down $800 on this shitcoin. I fucking hate you all.

I bought this shit when it hit kucoin without doing any research and sold at 0.5$. I almost fomod back in at 0.6 but I'm so glad I didnt

What's the minimum amount needed for a node and masternode?

Hodler reporting in. Where my brainies at?

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I do hope they are successful and all of you brainlets can afford AI cauz you're seriously lacking in the brain department

Use Dash as an example, be in the top 500 wallet holders list.

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I havent seen a no brain chain post since December. Is the bull marlet returning? Is this the dove bearing an olive leaf?


not worried at all hahahahah

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That's nothing.

better sell at a loss, right buddy?

Or you buy in now near the bottom like I did and secure masternode position with a top 3-500 addy. I feel bad for those that got in ATH. Don't fomo anons.

Do you really think this will still be around in 1 year let alone 2? Be smart user

Brainlet reporting in.

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Waiting for dbc to drop to 1c before loading up. Took a heloc from my Vancouver properties to soon buy in. This is going to be epic.

DBC is headed straight to the Lambo dealer on the moon. Rockets are refuled and ready for launch. Strap the fuck in.

999 here
still here
still suffering

Playing with play money, my new car can wait.