Clear break out of the downward trend. We did it lads

Clear break out of the downward trend. We did it lads.

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Check em

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Zoom out. Wasted quads on retarded TA

Checked. Bless you.


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quads have confirmed bull run


Watch and see faggot. I'm not saying how high we'll go, but it's clearly a beginning of an uptrend.


Checked. Praise kek

Thats a bear market for you. Last week we dreaded sub 9k now breaking 8k is considered great.

That's a 30 minute chart you stupid fuck. Nothing has changed.

I would be a bit weary of the swing back though. G20 summit might have peeps on edge.

Next major correction at 9k. Until then rocket ride.

Why is G20 relevant? WTF can they do?

You mean the Cartel did it. It's going down to 5k or near it. Not a lot of working products still. It isn't hard to see it's controlled by CME.

>Top 20 global leaders
>what can they do

The most Pajeet shit I've heard on this board.

They have no power.

Here's a 4 hour chart stupid fuck.

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if most pajeets are like this its going to be easy to get rich

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> op thinks btc has run out of tricks

> clear brakout
> doesnt even touch the 99 average

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The fuck you mean? The daily candle is way in the green.
Or do you want 10 straight daily green candles when the bottom was found 7 hours ago dumb fuck

Excellent memelinology

I dont think you understand what power is

clear breakout from the trend about a week ago too

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aaaaaaaand we're back


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What did he mean by this?

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sick, thanks for the band dude

lol bullshit, cme has near zero volume. market is controlled by bitfinex and bitmex

Let me break this down for you with simple pictures even a brainlet like you can understand

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you are both wrong
we never had a break out. but are slowly being wedged

break out will be forced soon
approx- 2 weeks

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It's a sign from Mammon

>L-lambo here we come!

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Just look the bigger picture from previous years and you will see we are on downtrend this whole year.

This guy gets it

drawing channels before they're confirmed channels, redrawing the lines once they break through....i wouldn't want to take TA advice from you

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27777 new ATH

I like the look of that

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this is what i will choose to believe as it fits my narrative of what I want to happen the best

This is a pretty clear rejection

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