You can now send BCH via text message

now that bitcoin cash can now be sent over SMS, it is well on its way to becoming the dominate crypto for the entire world.

no need to create a wallet beforehand
no need for a smart phone
bitpay integration in process
can you imagine the potential for the third world?
how can corecucks even compete?

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This is cool, but I would feel more comfortable using a dedicated app. I'm the kind of person who would rather have a printer, scanner and fax machine, rather than an all-in-one machine.

>>it is well on its way to becoming the dominate crypto for the entire world.

LOL are you from the past ? when fax ?

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it's not for people like you and me; it is for people living in the third world.
more people living in the third world have cell phones than have electricity, quite possibly. they charge them at communal charging stations. in some areas cell phone charging is a small business. this is a game changer for these people.

telcoin is literally fucking finished

I don't want or need BCH or something that is on record for up to three years as all txts are

I feel like BCH is trying to stay relevant when in reality nobody even cares about BTC anymore which means dire things for the thing trying to dethrone it as people realize BTC is worthless and so is BCH.

>the dominate

this allows people in shithole countries with currencies fucked up by shithole politicians a means to actually preserve their wealth and avoid hyperinflation.
there are going to be billions of people using BCH this way.

all cryptos are going to be consumed by BCH. screen cap this post.

>I'm the kind of person who would rather have a printer, scanner and fax machine, rather than an all-in-one machine.
So you're a faggot?

>trying to stay relevant
when was it ever relevant? don't you mean still trying and failing to become relevant

>all cryptos are going to be consumed by BCH.
>Bitcoin 'dies' and hurts the Bitcoin brand
>Implying something else named Bitcoin is going to take its place after that
There's no winning for BCH ever

You see that is the kind of retardation that makes people laugh at you. BCH is a currency. It isn't a Smart Contract platform or a Dapp platform or a thousand other things that Cryptos do. What you said was laughable.

bitcoin is turing complete, fuckface

If you're not already holding BCH you're a fucking idiot
Simple as really

Only exception is if you're literally too poor or too stupid which the latter isn't really your fault

BCH Team vs. Core MMA UFC special event to the death WHENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

Show me all the Dapps built on Bitcoin and how it's designed to make doing so easy or reasonable. Just because something is technically possible doesn't mean it's going to happen. I'm convinced at this point you are just a literal shill.

>he doesn't know bitcoin cash is getting all of those things plus more.

>january 2020
>lockup on tulip trust assets expires
>1.1 million BTC sells at market, driving price to zero
>proceeds from BTC sale get funneled into BCH
>satoshi takes center stage and declares BTC apostate; BCH the new bitcoin

thinking that texting money around is secure and thinking that such a shit system is dictator proof. LMAO. how fucking stupid are Cashies going to become before their coopcat shitcoin reaches zero? at this rate... fucking stupid

>Just because something is technically possible doesn't mean it's going to happen
Nice fucking argument you assmad ethereum bagholder. Enjoy getting market dumped on by complete scam shit icos.

>BCH Team vs. Core MMA UFC special event to the death WHENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
Sometimes I forget that Veeky Forums is filled with teenagers and early 20s people playing with way more money than they should, then you people remind me

>you havent done something yet, therefore you cant

user you do know that initially ethereum was going to be built on top of bitcoin, right?

only thing BCH has consumed is your brain pajeet

redditor on a biz excursion - why?

I don't care about ETH either. But it's clear you are just paid shills or delusional bagholders. I'm done with you.

cool and i said this was designed to bring bitcoin cash somewhere like north korea.... where?
now try to imagine it in ethopia, ghana, somalia, and every other country in africa.

annddddd... it did not happen

stupid is as stupid does. you are stupid

it didnt happen because of the blockstream team refusing to cooperate with him
but it could have happened on bitcoin cash
and everything that ethereum does presently will be done on bitcoin cash in the future

You shouldn't judge my so harshly my friend
Many people smarter and more accomplished than you or I were "childish"
Also, you say this but you probably wank to cartoons

Lmao. Core are literally plebbitors. Blockstream is owned by AXA.
WOw! ReAlly makes the noggin' go joggin'

Who the hell would trust to send money via sms, i mean any bigger amounts. Say goodbye to bcash its over

okay cashie, nice fairy tale. whatever makes you sleep at night, holding those marketing scamcoin bags.

Check out pic related. Blockstream was already infiltrating Bitcoin Talk in 2010.

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>BTC is worthless and so is BCH.
>and so is BCH.

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Um you can do this with BTC too retard, also can you transmit BCash transactions over satellite? No.

Blockstream didn't exist in 2010...

good luck doing this when your fees are greater than the amount you want to send
you can forget about lightning for the same reason

It’s funny because it’s the first time I’ve seen a cashie post news that wasn’t about btc

And another thing, most oldfags like BCH.
It's only newfags who joined in fucking October or December that saw some plebbit post and blindly agreed with the LE BCASH BRO xD

Waaaaaah, whats your point?
Whoever Satoshi is/was, he's irrelevant now, no? He only made the thing, my man. Do you follow Gutenberg's every word? You gonna start making polished mirrors?
>Muh religion b-bro

Third worlders sending literal cents around is gonna pump up your bags so hard core bro
So hard core

This isn't a bch exclusive and many other coins are going down this path
How do you think all the Africans are going to use xlm?

You don't understand the technical details of what you're talking about, plus fees are in the pennies right now

BCash is trading decentralization for temporary linear scaling of transaction throughput and fee reduction

You don't know anything about CS so keep your mouth shut retard

the fees are in the pennies because 3 months ago fees were in the $50s and so people stopped using it. you. fucking. sad. loser.

This is how I know you are from reddit.

>so keep your mouth shut retard

Not an argument newfag

This has been possible with Bitcoin for literally years. Fucking cashies.

The scaling issue a red herring and you're a fucking idiot for not recognizing it.

Lol, I sold mine at ATH after getting it out of the fork.

I'm an old fag and I think BCH is trash.

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Fair enough

Blockstream was founded in 2014
There was nothing in 2010
Way to out yourself as a newcoiner, cunt

>our ((((leader)))) says what bitcoin is and we follow

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>I'm an oldfag
t. Newfag who started with crypto in December
Run along my man, back to

Sry user didn't realize you were being sarcastic or whatever

all mining is done on ASICs moron, those nodes do jack shit

>most oldfags like BCH.
Literally no one except Roger Ver, Jihad Wu and Gavin CIAndressen and associates.

You joined in 2017, lurk more.


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>full validating nodes don't matter
Good goy.

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BCH -IS- trash.

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No I joined in 2011 while you were playing video games mate

>miners aren't nodes
>only 2 companies exist
holy shit and here's the jpg that completely destroys that narrative.

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>mining isn't a chink cartel
>let's give them node monopoly too

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It's just more reliable to have 3 simple devices that do their job excellently than one complex device. Fixing a complex device is more difficult and replacing it is more expensive.

imagine the poverty that the street-shitting pajeet must be in who agreed to spend hours making this image for 0.000001 BTC paid by Blockstream

2011 fag here, I'll never hold BTC again. BCH is the true bitcoin, the fucking jews have corrupted BTC

(((Adam))) "use-tabs" Back.

Blockstream is a joke. Even with all the shills and complete propaganda central /r/bitcoin it's amazing people can literally support people who have done nothing but make bitcoin worse ever since they kicked out Gavin.

Like supporting visa if after many years of warning that their systems will break down one day they couldnt serve their customers and instead telling their customers that a new system coming soonTM that is a lot worse will fix everythingTM.


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Phones are moving away from SMS systems. Apple and Google have built in payment systems to send money via their platforms.

Bitcoin has been able to do this for a long time.

Cashes in denial.

Telcoin was a retarded idea from the beginning. Erc20 token that they give away to telecoms for free, I still can't get over the fact that the whitepaper is 50 pages.

>the dominate crypto