So give it to me straight. Is this profitable?

So give it to me straight. Is this profitable?

Anons who actually are in the business please reply.

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If you have a good new product to sell yes, else probably not.


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I made a thread on this a few days ago, but it went mostly ignored. I was told, however, that it this ship sailed a few years ago. I'm not totally convinced, but I have been calmed from my initial excitement about it. I'll be following this thread for a while to see what other anons think.

The thing stopping me is the cost of a small start up. Do I really want to sink $600 into something that fails when I could use it for something else? Help me stop being such a faggot.

$600 is nothing. 600k is.

Sometimes you have to take a risk. If $600 is a lot of money to you have a good think about it. Could end up being a great decision though.

What coin is this?

I do pretty decent with it right now. My first two products were not that great, but by the third product I had a better understanding on how it works. Make anywhere from $900-$2000 profit a month right now with two products depending on how things are going. My third product should push me up to $100-$150 a day. I eventually want this to be able to make enough money for new inventory and pay for my rent.

Its kinda tough right now deciding rather to grow my business or invest into crypto.

If you are into FBA and are ok spending hours on end doing product research until your eyes become bloodshot and have at least $2k to spend starting I would recommend doing it. It can be done for less, but I would suggest buying a course online from someone who is currently doing it for a living, or pay for 1 on 1 support with someone you trust.

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$600? lmao. I've just lost 30k in crypto. $600 is pocket change. Don't be such a fucking pussy, for fuck's sake.

where are some good sources of information related to this

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yeah, get sex machines / sex machine sets off alibaba and sell fba. I guarantee good sales and hefty profits. It's still an untapped market as far as amazon goes. thank me later user.

Do you just resell chinese shit from alibaba?

you mean vibrators or like large elaborate machines?

What kind of products are you selling and how did you pick them?

Also anyone know if this shit works in Aus?

I mean like sex machines, pumping guns, sex pistols whatever the fuck you amerifats call them.

This is the best selling model: B012A4PLU2
The trick is to make sets and add a few attachments. Make them for male and female users. You can get them at about 50-70$ and sell for no less than 100$.

once you have done the product research and have the inventory sent and all that, how much of a time sink is it?

I flipped from goods online for a while. Market is very competitive. You have to do either:

1) Anticipate market trends ahead of the competition and buy wholesale goods ahead of time.
2) Sell some product that's in high demand in your area, but far from other competitors' shipping locations.
3) Undercut other sellers.

And when you do have a new product to sell, Amazon finds out who your supplier is and fucks you in the ass then slaps Amazon Basics tag over it.

So you're a literal Fucking dildo merchant extracting shekels from faggots and roasties?

You're a genius sir