Why do we allow colleges to exist when we know most of them are institutionalized scams?

Why do we allow colleges to exist when we know most of them are institutionalized scams?

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>job requires degree.
No degree no job fuckhead get a trade then

>most of them are institutionalize scams

Not remotely, but degree mills and the conversion of lower tier colleges into vocational schools is a serious problem that I don't know how to fix.

>most of them are institutionalized scams

I dunno nursing school taught me some neat things that I will need for my future jobs

why do we shut up to shut up when shut up

how so?

because having a degree doesn't automatically get you a job?

since when were colleges job placement services? you are paying for the education (or in theory) you idiot

lmao, all the techs hate you

>getting a job
>not just being pampered baby at home as a Neet

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because they are actually daycare like high school for kids who don't want to grow up and are paid for by the state or rich parents

This. I took a break from factory work because I'm sick of that shit. I've been in uni for three years now and I'm only a sophomore. You can exist in academia for up to ten years if you go slow enough.

Depends the type of school, what you study and how you apply it. If you have no ambition you will never succeed with or without college.

College teaches you how to play the power structures, socialize, how to mess things up, and how to do a keg stand.

But it’s up to you to decide if you decide to study Female studies versus Microbiology or Enginnering.

>College teaches you how to play the power structures, socialize, how to mess things up, and how to do a keg stand.
Yeah if you just party with normalfags all the time and go to literally NONE of your classes

>all the techs hate you
>Caring about what any techs outside of your own PCAs think
I got their back anyways

How do you fags not realize that colleges and universities are over-priced because of government loans. If the government wasn't handing out money to people to pay for college/uni then they would be subject to free market pricing mechanisms.

This board

Nah. I’d be careful with absolutes. You’ll find your exceptions to the rule

No one here even knows what the word "economics" means, so just give it up, it's a lost cause.

Free market education? You mean like bullshit 1800 TV advertised schools?

>up to ten years

you are small time. i'm about to miss another graduation deadline. been in university since 2004.

>tfw no ambition but have a government certified certificate so people blindly think im valuable

>he thinks physical universities would exist in a free market

The cost of entry to learn a certain theory has gotten high. But you’re saying that price per entry is not worth the outcome?

Say you grew up poor, go to a 4 year reputable university, and enter a profession that pays 100k+ a year.

You can pay back relatively Quick. But again If you attended a bullshit college tv school- you’re fucked

Would you trust an engineer to build a tower or a lawyer to defend you in court without an education? How about a doctor performing surgery on you that didn't go to college? Higher education is a necessity for legitimate careers. Just cause you were too stupid to go doesn't make it illegitimate you low iq mongrel.

Now, I will say a lot of degrees should be abolished, but without higher level training for the intelligent citizenry we would collapse. You and the rest of the neet alt right just hate college cause you feel left out due to never really being good at anything in life.

T. Engineering major who will make it with or without crypto

Physical universities would exist in a free market. It would be a natural requirement for the top schools, to have an environment of collaboration of different minds.

Of course there will be a group of anons in there.


engineers existed long before napolean invented engineering schools to feed into his army.

Well right. Before you didn’t need to pass the bar to become an attorney. You learned under a judge.

So now we have to go to school because there isn’t enough judges for the entire law school population. Law students learn from researchers and academics.

The foundational structure of the school system is phenomenal in the US. How they continued to build the university with higher tutiiton system is definitely questionable

>Do 4 year contract in military, get that sweet DD214 and 9/11 GI Bill(Free 4 years of college)
>Learn valuable leadership and technical skills + maturity
>Spend first 2 years of college sampling different fields of interest
>Narrow down to your field of major last 2 years; network with relevant professors during office hours, get letters of recommendation, apply for internships
>Graduate and apply for jobs

Why is it so fucking hard for some people? And why is it so hard to get that universities are not for partying but to get your foot in the door of actual businesses/agencies?

Are you fucking retarded? You realize back then engineering wasn't nearly as advanced as it is today. That's like saying that doctors didn't need degrees in medieval times so they shouldnt need them now. What a fucking dumbass you are

Eh. Most students are stupid. This is kind of the shit that you learn from being mature and far sighted. Or you had a good mentor show you the ropes

Damn. Good point

>Do 4 year in military
good goy
just shut the fuck up

>male nurse


I actually have a friend who got his entire law school bill paid for because of the military. I also know a lot of people that came back broken

I'm broken but my life is set. 0 debt, great degree from great school, PLUS the gov't will pay a housing allowance on top of tuition. In some part of the country, this is +2000 or more a month, which is a huge boon.

Fuck yeah user. Congratulations!

Why are you broken

Nobody forced you to go to college, you pay for it because you want their product.
Someone people go and learn mechanical engineering work for a company or start their own and some people go and do gender studies and end up 50k in debt and ranting on Twitter.

Or ranting on Veeky Forums

I’m a soon to be US lawyer. And I can protect my rights, my familiy’s rights and my client rights against other people and the government.

That’s powerful stuff. Don’t believe In our legal system ? You should see the third worlds society’s and legal systems are like. That’s real horrow

hes saying the reason tuition cost has skyrocketed is because any retard knows that if govt hands out loans and grants to virtually every student. f govt didn't subsidize students, colleges would have to slash prices because no one could afford it.

>Nobody forced you to go to college
in a way, we are forced to go to collage. because degree = (better) job.

When the US government started to subsidizes corn, The price of corn fell. If the US government stops it, the cost of corn sky rockets.

Hence, the same applies here. Unless you convince me otherwise

>jealous never served
>m-muh jews! d-die for israel!

Sorry your assburgers DQed you from joining the manliest profession and literally getting you into our secret club. Military experience is literally a golden ticket into the professional world.

Maybe your argument is best if student subsidies are only used for reputable research universities. And not your 1800 university trade degree.

Otherwise your premise is invalid

govt subsidise corn growers, not corn buyers

Growers and buyers market prices are not insulated from the government economy

Thank you user.

>This board
Its because of the "free market" that people are educated like like this. Science cant progress when its subject to the largest bankroll, and people are paid to find results, so universities pump out bullshit propaganda to the highest bidder.