I can't believe you faggots tricked me into buying this shitcoin

I can't believe you faggots tricked me into buying this shitcoin

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Theres like a handful of 13 year olds shilling this constantly on this board, not our fault you're retarded

Literally the most important project on the market, you dummies


wahhh it's not making me rich in 1 week

kys, people who got rich on ETH waited 2 years.

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Holy shit all green IDs
Maybe it's a sign for stinky linkie bull market?
Should I buy more?

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>he fell for the link meme

pretending its gonna make you rich like ETH would is also retarded.

It will end up making eth look like pocket change.

link is currently ranked 82nd. what are you even mad about?

are you new to crypto?

It's okay OP. I bought 50 Bazinga during the crowd sale. There are only a few jokes on their site. The forum is dead. There's no way to convert them back to ETH. I just have 50 Bazinga forever.


fucking really user ?

An 'undercover' shill luring burgers. Who the fuck falls for this braindead theatrics?

Also, this

hurr durr I'm not a millionaire after investing in a project after 30 days. Everything went down, dont sell give if time and reap. God you faggots dont deserve this.


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I've never seen another cryptocurrency that didn't have a button to sell after the crowdsale. I didn't know they could do that.

I'll buy them off you.

I’m tempted to buy!

Bought in because of the memes
Bought more for promised gains

Buy for the memes stay for the dreams

You guys funny. One Bazinga for you, my friend.

Why the fuck would you buy something without doing any research?

I did tons of research before going all-in on Link and I have 0 doubts