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How do you resist FOMOing in? I have a personality flaw, it seems. Whenever I buy—almost every time—the market plummets minutes later.

I will delay a purchase for hours/days in anticipation of a dip, but once it becomes clear that one will not come soon, I buy, and the market crashes.

This is not bad luck. What is wrong with me? How can I stop this?

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Fomo but don't look at the prices for a while
If you fomo and check the prices constantly you're done

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I learned the patience of resisting fomo but earning myself a hard lesson

No meming just do the opposite of what your gut tells you.
People try to whip up excitement to encourage fomo. When you feel excitement, someone is whipping it up.

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We are brothers, you and I. I suffer from the same affliction. But i set some rules up for myself that i do not break no matter what. And some minor rules that i may only break in emergencies.
And then...i read. I read a lot. It is the only way to get ahead of it. And so FOMO becomes your ally.

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you might think it's just confirmation bias or you are getting unlucky. it's not.
this is the reason:


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Rule of thumb for me is never buy when the rsi is above 70, consider buying when its below 30

I just sit on the decision for 24 hours. Nice brapper my guy!

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Stop going all in.. You want it at $1 buy a few, it plummets to 90c buy several, it plummets to 10c buy a fuck ton

If it just started mooning, you can still get in if its not been over 9%.
If its already mooning, don't buy if its within 20% ATH.
Otherwise, just DO NOT FOMO EVER.

If you can't hold it together on a longer time frame, then start focusing on shorter ones. Put your chart on 3 or 5 minute candles and trade those for a while. Dips come and go fast enough on short time frames that you won't be as likely to get bored. Do that for a while and you'll get the feel for buying low and selling less low. When you have that feel, slowly increase the time frames until you can do it successfully on the hour scale. That is something that worked for me.

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What indicators do you use? i don't understand if should do quick trades on 15m charts or 1h, im using RSI,

FOMOing implies you are buying on emotion which is a good way to lose money quick. There should be a reason (not based on emotion) why you are buying or selling.

Easiest thing you can do is learn TA. Research is also good but if no alts are moving that wont help you much in the short term. God tier is using a combination of both.

You are probably doing neither if you are fomoing into shit. If you had info that would influence a price move you would be in ahead of time. If you knew TA you would realize when you missed a move, and let it go. You would also realize when something was likely going to happen and be more likely to not miss it.

If you end up profitting in the end without any of that it will be luck. Maybe you could profit from the market growing super longterm, but not as much as you could playing the game more actively. Also for research browsing Veeky Forums + the coins site doesnt count for much.

You need to go from putting in not much effort to a bit of effort pretty much.

It's in your nature. Your a sheep, a follower. When you see everyone selling, you join the crowd and hide, never buying the dips. When the price is rising and everyone is making gains, you want to join in, even if its at the top. Grow some balls, buy the crashes. You had like 3 huge chances just recently.

I've learned to do the opposite of what I feel I should do. It's pretty simple, really. Cash out a bit when things are good, don't panic sell when things are bad. Do the opposite of your instincts and you'll be ahead of most people.

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I don't use any indicators but if I were suggesting one to somebody struggling with fomo, it would be bollinger bands. Buy below the bottom band and you are practically guaranteed to be coming in "low". Then just sell a few percent up.

I buy the fuck out of the dip then sell on the bounce. It's as easy as being patient enough to buy low and sell high.

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>I will delay a purchase for hours/days in anticipation of a dip, but once it becomes clear that one will not come soon, I buy, and the market crashes.
You have the completely wrong mindset if you're following coins that already rose significantly and trying to buy in during a "dip" - they don't dip, they pump and dump.

This your progress in the last 3 months when everybody else is getting screwed by trading on 5 min candles? What part of your folio are you putting on each trade?

This is going to get you so cucked in this market. We're still in a bear trend. Fomo and hodl = 50% loss.

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I put no more than 1/7 the daily volume of the coin or 1 bitcoin, whichever is lower. One of the biggest mistake some people make when "buying the dip" is buying too much. Getting a fill is nice but you gotta be able to get back out.
I'll take that as a compliment. My trick is I'm very patient and I only buy real dips. If I can't zoom the chart out at least 2 months and eyeball the current "dip" as one that compares well with previous dips, I don't even bother. I don't know what mistakes everybody else makes that sabotage their gains but I'll bet they go in too deep and are buying supposed dips that are nothing of the sort.

My method is to set really low price points that I think look good. Sometimes they sit around for a really long time. I'm not doing anything else with the money, just sitting on the sidelines waiting for a good price.
But you know what? Sometimes it pays off pretty good.
Take today for instance, guess where the ETH low was? $450. Guess where one of my buy-ins was? Yep. Literally bought the exact bottom of this particular dip. Could it go lower still? Sure. But I have a couple price points lower still to gobble that up too. I buy on the way down, hold or sell on the way up.

You're being played, the market is psychology, investing on any emotion is being played