Wagecuck here. i eat the same meals every day. i drive an old car. i don't travel. i have 3 outfits...

wagecuck here. i eat the same meals every day. i drive an old car. i don't travel. i have 3 outfits. i live with my parents.

can any anons open my eyes to what life is like when you make it? i'm hoping it will light a fire of motivation underneath my ass

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no gf either obviously. that shit is expensive.

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New car, travel occasionally, have slightly more outfits and live alone.

That's what life will be like when you make it

this but not even the new car

welcome to 2018 you already made it

i thought making it made your life more exciting user

Lol, I guess it's be easier to live large if you're rich but money doesn't automatically translate into excitement.

Motivation is a false god. Discipline is the father of great men.

i don't even need excitement. i just want to wake up and be happy to be alive.

can you motivate me to get disciplined user?

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No. Discipline can only come from within.

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Money doesn't make you excited to be alive.

Sorry bro. I have money and all I am is bored. I'm probably less happy now than when I was working and my motivation to do anything productive has gone to fucking zero.

I mean I'm not saying I wish I was poor, but money isn't the answer to happiness

how did you make your money? what do you wish you did/could do differently?

If you have money and you still aren't happy, then you're literally too stupid to live. Most people are too stupid to live but can never find out. You got definite proof.


git gud at trading filthy casul

Eat out a lot (can get old)
Gf and I play Vidya
Travel sometimes
Impulse buy things I don’t need
Still always thinking about money

w-wait user can you answer my OP?

i invested $2,500 in August and now it's $10k. i'm too scared to touch it.

>i live with my parents.
Fuck I'm jealous. You must be building up a fat stack.

>w-wait user can you answer my OP?
No I'm not that rich. :c

But I know what I'd do. Mostly the things you'd normally do but more often and with a constant sense of "fuck yea I made it".

I pissed away most of my 20s by working in bars/clubs, drinking and doing drugs all the time, sleeping around with a lot of different women and living with 3 other dudes cos rent was cheap as fuck. I thought that was the dream but when all my housemates 1 by 1 started moving out because they picked up a steady career (grown up job) or a gf/fiance, and moved into places they bought and i had to get other tenants in to meet rent, i started to get super depressed. They were always young because thats all you can get in your early 20s but there i was approaching 30 and still living like a 20 year old. I wanted my own place, a better job, long term relationship. That to me was making it.

Finally got a good job and my own place now and it kicks ass. Still cant kick the booze because i think its a coping mechanism for my failures for the last 10 years but i dont do drugs anymore. Seeing a nice girl who has pretty wealthy parents so if we marry im set for a house and not a 1 bedroom shoebox apartment that i live in now.

Im gonna be ok

Lol are you seriously considering to marry an American woman? It sounds like it. Good luck user..... you'll need it.

I don't get it. If you aren't born rich and make it then all your friends and family are still poor wageslave meaning you can't tell them about your money without them becoming extremely jealous and petty. This also applies to woman doubly so, you can never know if a girl is with you for money and a better life so you have to carry that secret.

Rich fucks tend to look down on new money fags like myself also, but I really don't know where to find well off friends. So I guess I'm pretty alone for the most part. I still hang out with old friends but I find myself having less and less in common with them.

I have a gf so that's good, I've been with her since I was broke as fuck. I'm not rich, just comfortable right now. Where is this mythical happiness supposed to come from?

user i'm you, except i went to rehab last year. turned 28 last week. really trying to get a job in something i've always had a passion for, but even that takes energy. i wish you the best.

850 OMG and 7,500 ELEC is really all I have to show for it. might as well not exist though, i won't touch it any time soon.

>Where is this mythical happiness supposed to come from?
from within, i'm afraid

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>you can never know if a girl is with you for money and a better life so you have to carry that secret.
Is it a woman? If yes, she's with you for money or status.

>Where is this mythical happiness supposed to come from?
You still have to do things like [insert the things that make you happy that you can now do]. I'd buy a house, grow weed, travel, and try 10000 different foods. I'm a simple person who never had anything, grew up in a secluded sect-like environment. When crypto works for me it will be the first time I actually have a life. I'll go swimming and travel around mindlessly and eat everywhere. I know I'll have to find out some things that make me happy first. I'll probably die right after the next ATH knowing my luck. Oh yes and I want a dog and some rape slaves.

>i have 3 outfits
Doesn't your grandma buy you clothes?

I do travel, own a home, have a dog.

Idk it doesn't do it for me. I suppose I should develop some hobbies, but that's mostly something to distract me from the mundaness of life. Man needs a purpose, I don't have one.

nah she dead

i think the great deception is that purpose will feel effortless, when i'm sure it actually takes a great deal of dedication

Read Jordan Peterson's book 12 Rules For Life