/our guy/

>anti LGBT

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That's not him

Remove the mustache and it looks just like him

>following 1
Stone. Cold

yes, it is

/your guy/, not mine

you belong in an oven.

Parody account



This is now a trap thread

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Found the kike

jesus christ

Are you baiting or are you actually this retarded?

what do you want?' a conferedated flago n CARRRLOSSSSS MATOSSSS a latin name witha brazilian ascendence dude...fuck you....

Brenden Eich > That guy

t. cuck

>anti LGBT
Imagine being so insecure you have to loudly pronounce how hetero you are, LMAO.




And fucking faggot have to let everyone know they are gay. You cocksucking hypocrite kys

are you sure you aren't projecting your own insecurity


based, absolutely based
well i can see where its coming from but still Carlos you can do better than that
t. faggot

not a trap, just absolutely perfect girly boy

holy shit my sides

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Why would I, or anyone, care what someone is doing with their dick 5 houses down from me? I wouldn't even care if they chopped it off, so why would I care if they stuck it in some dude's ass? I'm not that tightly wound and I struggle to understand why anyone would be.

because its immoral!! it makes baby jesus cry!!!

just kidding, but it is satisfying to look down upon other people whenever possible. ill take any excuse i can get. FAGGOT


That's because you aren't gay.
Loud anti-LGBT are without a doubt closeted flaming homos 90% of the time.

Go back to Reddiit faggot

Back. To. Plebbit.


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He is just anti-racist because he is a spic. I'm sure he hates niggers.

t. closeted homos who masturbate to girls with penises but insist they're straight

that was ironic tho


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Whatever dude, I couldn't care less. Doesn't affect me one way or the other.

I hope you can come to terms with your true feelings in time.

No it’s not it’s a parody account

t. actual flaming fucking faggot

Yes it is. Carlos is from Bronx. Can anybody post the video of him confirming it? The one where hes in that tank top

Gay people don't say "anti hetero" unless they're legitimately retarded.


lbgt IS anti hetrosexual. that is why it must now die

"LGBT" is a manifestation of the scourge that is cultural marxism and should be eliminated at all costs. It's not even about gay or straight it's about destroying the communist subversion which our guy Carlos is apparently aware of

t. Butthurt Reddit faggot

Seems like he's secure in his disdain for faggots. Seems pretty secure to me.

In the future, traps and girls will be considered the same. I look forward the ubiquitous trap world.

what really blows my mind is that somehow there are people walking in the back of that picture
Like they decided to do the photo shoot on campus like they don't give a fuck
Imagine going to class and seeing a qt trap eating ice cream in a japanese bathing suit


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Faggots are gay tho

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