"Hey sugar I heard your market is still crashing, awh boo thats too sad. Maybe I can help you out...

"Hey sugar I heard your market is still crashing, awh boo thats too sad. Maybe I can help you out. My ass has been in high places, even the Bogs owe me something, but you gotta owe me the same way. Get? Thats right, you know what to do for your 'moon' its about time you learned to use that ass."

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Someone explain this meme


Fucking enbies

vaporware hires 'unique' devs to prevent people from looking too deeply into their scam.

A guy working for Cardano recently transitioned because they weren't meeting their gender ratio.

This is Cardano, not EOS.

He's legit github.com/psygnisfive

chastity devices on the blockchain

This is actually what he sounds like


>A guy working for Cardano recently transitioned because they weren't meeting their gender ratio.
get the fuck outta here

Fud all you want, ADA is the most promising 3.0 coin. I hope you faggots are buying this dip.

We’re finally entering a cyberpunk future where weirdos and freaks like Vitalik and this tranny develop software to break us free from the shits in charge and we’ve got a bunch of backwards-looking squares bitching about how they look. Get over yourselves.

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Can’t wait until Satoshi is revealed to be a black Jewish tranny so Veeky Forums has a total meltdown and exits crypto completely

a bunch of crossdressing freaks are not the sci fi future we have all been hoping for just because they are bald and use makeup
fucking retard

yeah, it's kinda cool desu dude is like some kind of futuristic cyberpunk sex thing

Movies aren’t real bro


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Bald crossdressing freaks are the backbone of any dystopian sci fi future you fucking normalo


>I consume nothing but homosexual media: the post

Freakshow coin 2.0

I used cyberpunk art for the tranny but I found one for you guys.

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is he a less masculine version of agent 47

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the market is recovering, that must mean some user is getting dragon dildos shoved up his ass by this freak right now

Planing to buy 4k if my Coonbase deposit comes through today.

I just think it’s hilarious that it’s easier to reclassify men as women than it is to get a girl to code

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it's going to be funny to see how the SJWs react when the transgender shit backfires on them and all the "women" in tech companies are actually men

Yes emperor Ming!

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He's some faggot that works for IOHK

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Helmut Kruger is that u

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Cardano #1

Someone taking hormones to change their gender, while programming next generation code projects is not sci-fi or cyberpunk? Even I think this IOHK hire is ridiculous, but this is definitely the epitome of cyberpunk right there.

No, it's the epitome of degeneracy, you faggot.

If this is cyberpunk then I want to go back to the middle ages

what the fuck is wrong with you gramps?

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he could have appeared normal at the time of hiring and then began to "transition" while on the job. happened at a place I worked once... was 'intriguing' but mostly no fucks were given and the guy still did his job

Just take it. Do what you will. I don't care what happens. But once you're done, swear to me I'll see those sweet green candles, just one more time.

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pls stop posting hideous freak. thx /biz

I will only let anyone near my ass if he cares enough to kiss and cuddle for hours after

The nice think about my workplace is that simultaneously everyone would just not speak to it...ever again.

for Veeky Forums only money matters

I remember a few weeks ago Veeky Forums was crazy about xlm sending moneys to nignogs.

But now I can't find any proof of that on the internets.