Money's not enough

You have to attract them. Look at Richard Heart and AssBlaster. Every cryptochad went through PUA training. What's your excuse?

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>They have developed strains that are resistant to your bullshit

Go Figure

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I did as well. I can't wait to get back into it once i get back to my ath.

I was more of a Paul Janka type, though.

I am saddened to see what he's become. A shell of his former self.

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I'm convinced Richard Heart is just a fat Castlevania character

I get so much pussy I have enough content for my own porn site

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I'm that gorilla dick nigga. I make dyke pussy wet

If you look closely at his bottom lip you can see herpes outbreak mark

PUA culture is on it's way out. It's hated on now, diminishing returns, manosphere has basically figured out that men have to get women from abroad that still young, thin, feminine and have a low notch count.

>It's hated on now

And it wasn't always?

This is comedy

Richard Heart really creeps me out. He's surrounded by a cloud of scammer vibes

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Or you figure out that you are attracting skanks buy looking like Mystery and shopping 'In Da Clubs'

Only ones worth reading are Roissy and Rollo

>I'm that gorilla dick nigga

Gorillas have large balls and small dicks.

Method is a degenerate piece of shit. If you think you need to neg or treat women like shit to get them to like you, you are in for a world of hurt and loneliness.

Man up, be decent and don't treat people like shit. Boom. You got yourself a gf or wife.


is he wearing eyeliner? i'm not a total chad, but enough of one to say that there is NO WAY a decent girl would go out with a dork like this. his insecurity is written all over his face. looks like a sleaze. i don't care what these morons say, no quality girl would ever touch a dude like this unless he roofied them first. quit following these idiots...they'll only make you look like more of a loser to women. these guys are a caricature of bro culture...they never fit in, and nobody liked them because they were too weird, so they prey on weak women and beta males.

the reality is that looks are all that matter, PUA was always a scam beyond maybe giving you an extra point on the scale

Surprise, the people who buy into PUA shit are also hard up to buy into scams like bitconnect.


Not a single faggot in this thread knows how to get women. Most of that have even been with a girl is because of dumb fucking luck that she found you and decided you’re the dope she wanted to leech off of for a while.

This. Pua is so fucking sad.

>getting rich for girls
>getting rich for 3DPD girls

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srsly, 3d women are such a waste of time

>What's your excuse?
I'm 6ft tall, it really is enough, even with a very ugly face

You won the lottery, user. If you become the 666 guy (6 foot, 6 pack, 6-figure salary) you'll be the king of the mountain well into your forties.

This fucking faggot would get nowhere near my puss if I were a girl.

You don't even need this shit if you're not ugly wtf

When I discovered mystery method back in 2007 I thought it was the greatest shit ever. After a few years I realised it was basically the mens equivalent of putting on make-up on an ugly girl.

As a man, Id rate myself a 6 in looks. With game I went from incel to being able to get girls that were 6-7 with tremendous effort. Then much later you realise those girl you've been able to get were used up sluts and shit tier compared to girls you can get abroad.

I've realised after many decades that things that are often hated on by the MSM tend to be really good opportunities for the laymen whether it be Game, Bitcoin, Russian women, etc.

we have the red pill now no1 needs to pay for their fake shit anymore

Is that the new KuCoin crypto? It's going under ICO, user, don't buy.

I already learned how to pick up girls back in my 20s. Now I want money.

Trying to win over Western women is a bad joke. Most non-ugly women have a checklist and you are likely to be blown out. Being under 6 feet or Asian are automatic disqualifiers for most.

The only way to win is to not play. Either you pump and dump or find a wife abroad.