Mandatory elec shill thread

Commercial announcements coming soon according to martin on telegram
$0.50+ soon $10+ eoy
>Electrify has been in business sucessfully since March 2017 and is the first energy marketplace in Singapore and South East asia.
>Already working product that produced $4 million since being in business
>Singapore liberalized their energy market in 2001 but it could only be purchased commericially new regulations in 2018 will allow domestic purchases
>Marketplace will feature commericial retail contracts, p2p energy, and conventional energy providers.
>p2p energy trading on enabled on the national grid
>Proof of conecept being done with "one of the largest power companies in Singapore"
>Working with regulators in Singapore to be part of the development sandbox when regulations are changed to allow any retailers later this year
>Conducting trial with one of the largest power companies in japan.
>Running on plasma
>Singapore currently has 27 retailers producing 49 TWH worth $5.42 billion - pre regulation change
>Japan fully liberalized their market in 2016 and now has more than 400 retailers producing 934 TWH worth $103.31 billion

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Holding 70k of these on a whim how many hookers and smartcars can I buy in a year? I have an idea for a business

Sold 1000k
Yeah not buying now that's already up 25% nice try pajeet

750m max supply with 251m circulating with a real company backing it hurr durr 7 cents is pumped
depends how pricey the hookers are

Just sent these to my nano so they can be comfy until $1 at least

>750m max supply with 251m circulating
Yeah 70% of the supply held by (((them)))
Fuck off, not buying this shit

>being this dumb
Really too lazy to check before spouting off retarded shit user? I'm just here for the gains and as far as that goes elec has a good shot.


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I got out after losing a lot, was toldmoon mission.

Do I get back in

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i appreciate quality shilling

Ty I try to shill with as much research backing it as I can
Price only dipped due to an 160k eth sell off and elec is all eth right now. Either way its retarded to sell low this early unless you're swing trading

hope you're right. my 8,000 with a DCA of $0.87 is starting to feel heavy.

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Checked into it since jun from omise is an advisor and investor and with the Singapore regulations opening up along with them being one the first ones already operating in the market it seems guranteed

like i said, i appreciate quality shilling. but nothing is guaranteed user. and i have 1k OMG i'll be sitting on til at least EOY.

where can I get this shit I can't find it anywhere

IDEX. was my first time using a DEX but it was pretty easy. don't fuck up user.

Omg is my main hold and ticket to lamboland. eoy will be crazy and beyond that will be insane for them

was originally going to flip ELEC for more OMG but i'll wait and see what kind of big moves those asians have in store

if elec manages to hit $1+ before omg does anything drastic it's definitely my plan to flip for omg. The elec roadmap doesn't do anything big til q3 besides the incoming commercial announcements end of month so far but it will build up as it's added to more exchanges, who knows how much but i could see 2-3+ by then

>holding over a million elec since i bought in presale.

comfy af.
Hits a big exchange today.

i don't believe you, but kek clearly wills it

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what was the presale price? I got in at .056-.060 usd thanks to the market dip just as it hit idex

Cap this and come back in 12 hours.

>come back
i never leave

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only 5000 ELEC here.
just threw something at it because it seemed like a good foundation
happy to see where this goes once marketing picks up.

who's this comfy boi

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All we need is someone with a spare 1700 eth to pump the price to $53

If only you knew how big this was.
>Look who the largest token holders are

If th market hadn’t eaten shit and spooked everyone, this would be at $0.40 already.

Even if the market just goes sideways, the removal of the selling pressure is gonna let this rip up to a dollar in short time.

there was an user not too long ago calling a dump @ $0.14 and then a quick rise to $0.50. then BTC broke down hard and everyone got to selling.

>Look who the largest token holders are
are they just large holders or people of interest

People of significant interest.

Do a little research, there was another Veeky Forums thread that outlined it.

spoonfeed plz

Here’s a starter

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More info on this plz sir.

I know Jun from OMG not only supports the coin but is largely invested in it.

Will be doubling down because of this thread ty for the shills see you fags at 20x