Zil or Amb

Can't decide if I should hold my AMB or move it into ZIL. Any recommendations between the two? Who do you guys think will be the bigger roi?

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I am in both rn though will move my amb to zil

I think you should DYOR

zil, no questions

Just because I'm asking for opinions doesn't mean I haven't done my research. Thanks for your valuable input.

If you had done your research you wouldnt ask the pajeets here. Moron.

followup - zil or jnt?

What exactly would prevent me from asking outside opinions? Is zil so fucking rock solid that amb couldn't even be considered? Cmon now. Give me a break.

You will only get shilled here by pajeets or token holders.

zil going to tank hard after their testnet announcement in a week or so. i will scoop some zil below 1 cent in week or two. screencap this

i agree that token holders are subjective, but it makes sense, you see a solid project, good and humble team, not creepy eos vaporware or other shits. devs with shitty shirts but phd/s. sorry for typing like. again humble team that puts out quality content. look for that. ps yes i m talking about ZIL

if the testnet works they technically should be better than NEO/ETH/EOS


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No idea what AMB does so definitely ZIL. Maybe EOS too to ride both of the only existing scalable blockchains

little shitheads like you ruin discussion boards. someone asks for opinion and you provide nothing and attempt to block further discussion. is your ideal vision of this board a bunch of posts with replies like "go google it dumbass"?
Literally if anything you detract from discussion because people don't want to deal with people like you.

The "I don't want to talk about it" option is ignoring these threads. Kill yourself.

wow...aa scalable blkchain ran their testnet on aws..gave u some bullshit numbers. zil is useless. also they using different language that no dev know in the world. so how come devs build their dapps on this pajeet coin

zillets answer this.

buahaha lmao dude trying to FUD for cheap coins u aint getting any.He knows what ZIL is capable of

shut up brainlet u have dont understand anything go buy TRX or XRP

That's why ZIL runs on a "sharding" network. DYOR retard.

Oh shit you're right. Buy EOS

wt abt shit language they using which no one know

Scilla will be non-Turing complete which will make it actually better as a smart contract language than solidity

so dev has to learn that new lang to build their dapss on zil?


No... dapps from ethereum are easily ported / transferred to Zil. DYOR and don't ask questions that's listed on the fucking site.

retard. u need to enlighten to bizlets to buy u r bags.

Holy fuck you're autistic. It says ON THE FAQ that dapps are easily ported to ZIL.

But... I'm the retard, right? Atleast I know how to read and comprehend what is being read. Dumbass. Also, if your going to try to shill the only coin worth investing and holding, it's wise to know about the technical aspects first.

This. So very much this.

according to our researchteam (pic related), amb will be huge
in 2025 that is
t. swissfundmanager

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Selling AMB would be a mistake

Zilliqa, no question about it. Solves the scalability issue. Testnet end of this month. Mainnet in Q3 2018.

harley quinn needs to lay off the puddin a bit

Look everybody a obvious pajeet calling ZIL a pajeet coin.

Is this a joke? A shitcoin compared to a top 10 coin in 2018 with one of the most promising project and team to combat biggest issue in crypto?

No brainer Zil

Seriously shilling zil?
It’s a team full of scamming chinks and stinky pajeets. One group is bad enough but combine them both? Literally the shittiest of the shit coin

Fucking allstar team.

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Hold on to AMB until the market turns upwards. They're holding onto NDAs until then because they know better than to release them in the middle of a bear market. Screencap this if you don't believe me