Functioning Alcoholics ITT

>full time job
>no wife, kids, etc
>few friends
>good at what you do
>make good money
>polysubstance abuse

Can anyone relate? Why do I feel like I'm a slave to these substances? I feel like I need to be inebriated in order to interact with people. Help me anons, this is dark.

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go to an AA meeting, introduce yourself, and do what they suggest

You rack disiprine

is it possible to use alcohol to cope with life without becoming an alcoholic?

No faggot, alcohol shouldn't even be legal, it's a fucked up drug. No one will be drinking alcohol in 2. Decades.

i agree. i see this shit destroy more lives than marijuana /acid/ shrooms ever has.
alcohols, heroine, meth, painkillers, crack...its the man made shit that fucking destroys your soul

Same on everything only change alcoholic to evening pot head.

uhh, acid is man made and alcohol is not

I'm not exactly anti social by nature though, just by choice.

Alcohol does occur in nature without human interference, but I get your point

I take 2-3 shots of smirnoff at 4pm eastern M-F when the NYSE closes. As with any drug, moderation is key. Be the one in control. Don't drink because you have to, drink because you want to.

Right, but Acid isnt far off. derived from ergot and found in baby wood rose seeds. LSD is actually safer and less toxic than LSA.

>man made shit kills you
>LSD is safe

I smoke weed and drink beer every second during the weekend and can’t stop.

I've considered this but the people there are usually retards with fucked up lives. I want to meet other functioning alcoholics.

this may not be as bad

Help me anons.

use lsd and dmt to cure yourself

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It's very easy to give into delusions when it comes to drug abuse. Alcohol dependence is a thing and if you are drinking every day, your dopamine circuits are literally dependent on alcohol for positive feelings. You want it because you need it, is what I'm saying.

Then take days off. I don't get plastered, I don't drink on weekends, if the markets on holiday I don't drink. Hell, some days I just plain don't feel like drinking so I don't. Be stronger than the drug user! Easier said than done, but possible still.

Ok I believe you, but why not just not drink at all? If you never drink, then your need to drink will gradually vanish over a couple of months. It may just be my personal take on the matter, everyone is different I suppose. I simply just like alcohol too much for me to enjoy it in moderation, so I just cut it off completely out of my life, but power to you if you can enjoy it in moderation, I wish I could.

Depressed and asocial before I ever started drinking. Still the same after I sober up. Convinced I'm just damaged and this way forever.

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I drink because I enjoy it. I don't drink a ton because I don't enjoy that, however. When I was in my teens, I used to drink retarded amounts and do stupid things. I quit drinking for a solid 5yrs at least before I got to the point where I thought I could handle it without getting blown. It's a process, that's for sure. Enjoyable at this point in my life finally though.

>people there are usually retards with fucked up lives.
because they waited too long to get sober

>Why do I feel like I'm a slave to these substances?
>I feel like I need to be inebriated in order to interact with people.

yeah you're an alcoholic alright. best of luck becoming Don Draper. he had it all.

what do you do as an anti social person anaon

I'm here with you bro.
>Real estate agent
>I cant not make money. I'm too good not too.
>Drinks a 12 pack a night and goes to the gym in the morning.
I should stop... but fuck it.

just don't ever have a family and you really won't get much pushback on this sort of lifestyle

I'm also pretty anti-social as well. (2 friends and Mom)
Just make sure you get some pussy about every 3 months.

im related to this fuking green text drunk right now 41 no kids no wife good jobweed ands smoker . WTF is wrong with me tell me??

Clean your room bro

what? alcohol is just fermented sugar. any rotten will produce some alcohol ur just dumb.

no need mate have a married maid with 3 kids i can fuck every 3rd day of the week for 0.0002 BTC


i meant 0.002 BTC sry typo

You're trying to refute a point I made by reiterating it and I'm dumb?

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delet this

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some times english is a hard language to understand on letters

i have all of that and a wife, and she lets me be me because she's like me.
you'll figure it out, user.

0.002 for the week rich or wt

0.002 for the week not by day rich or wt

anyone else here function meth head,

>500k a year wallstreet job
>young as fuck under 25 year old
>succesful, fit
>5mil in the bank moving ahead in my career

i cant stop the meth jew plz help

ok ill try

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>moderation is key.

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Use LSD.

oh shit i read does NOT hahaha im dumb fr

i was a stoner for 15 years until I tried cocaine and then... Weed who? Mind you all this time I was an heavy drinker. I worked at a nightclub that fucked me up real bad. Eventually I went to rehab. I saw the light, and then I fucked up. I know this is funny but eventually I wanted to escape and took a teaching job in asia. Asia has no weed or coke or drugs aside from alcohol. I smoked and outdrank every asian until I met a nice girl and decided enough was enough. I am married now and returned to canada. However, I now realize why so many people abuse drugs here. They are readily available and Canada is boring as fuck. Jesus Christ do I miss Seoul, weekend trips to Osaka, going to HK in the summer when the humidity made girls shirts stick to there tits. Visiting Thailand and seeing all the perverted fat fuck aussies. Hell I miss Shanghai too! No one would beg for money in Asia. No would would give you this bullshit spiel about having to get back home and that they needed money for the bus. Man I remember beggers in Asia. They put a hat on the ground and bow in shame hoping you feel pity for them. In Canada they stand there as you walk out of the shitty grocery Fresco or No Frills. Fuck don't get me started on the shitty food here either. Fuck another thing I miss about Asia is being able to openly shit on gays and speak your mind. The way girls would just tell their coworker hay you shouldnt eat that birthday cake, its not your birthday and you are too big for cake. Even their fucking cover letters required a pic. Fuck Canada Fuck this shit hole and that dyke Wynn. I've been stone sober for almost three years not a cig a drop of alcohol or a drug. All I see is marijuana marijuana I hope kids get hooked and treadeau gets hit by a truck Fuck Canadians for being such push overs. I hope everyone dies! I

ivy school i bet?

LSD is probably one of the safest drugs in existence lol

>WTF is wrong with me tell me?
>no kids no wife

>Even their fucking cover letters required a pic

You lost me, but I'm happy you got it all out of your system. I went to China once and I wanna go there again sometime, seeing that girls there basically worship white men, especially in the smaller cities.

Acid is made from ergotamine

Yes 100% can relate single have plenty money good job and would drink about 4oz bourban in morning same around lunch then again around 3 or 4 then between 6 and whenever I fell asleep I'd drink 3/4 of a bottle. I did that for like 4 months tried stopping and would get sweats mild shakes and feel like shit. So I started cutting the 4oz to 3oz for week or so then 2oz for week or so then 1oz then I stopped morning week for week then morning and lunch for week to now I just have couple drinks late before I go to bed pretty much

alcohol is fine in moderation, I know numale Veeky Forums wants to start the next temperence/prohibition but the truth is that people make problems not drugs. Unrelated but Id rather hang around alcoholics than retarded dudeweeds whove done wayyyy to much lsd.

In Asia when you apply for a job you have to include a pic. Basically a weirdos need not apply. Whereas in Canada...

is that a must have? im really happy enjoying myself

in on INTP thread

liked it


5000 years of tradition would beg to differ.

If you don't feel a compusion to drink, and booze isn't fucking up your life, you aren't an alcoholic.
Stop drinking for a month. If it makes your life better, keep it up. If it doesn't, then fuck it.
Anything in excess is bad for your.

Everything in moderation, including moderation.

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Use better drugs my son. Uppers are more sustainable than downers. They can also work for social interaction.

t. ADHD fag on amphetamine

Thanks for posting this op. I really want to quit but I can't stop. The amount of tobacco FUD is nothing. Alcohol has ruined my life and it is shown in the media as positive. It's sickening.

I started only drinking in the weekends, but now I have found that I binge drink on the weekend. I can't stop. And the more money I make, the more I drink.

greentext description of me

coming up on 4 years sober. still think about drinking sometimes, but not with any ferocity anymore. i remember once i heard someone say "i was a functioning alcoholic, and then one day i stopped functioning"

i got sick of waking up and knowing exactly how much liquor i had left. to knowing before my feet hit the floor whether or not i needed to go to the liquor store that day. i got tired of feeling like shit.

one day i woke up in a loony bin, sober. and it hit me that i needed to be sober. like really needed to be sober. but the terrifying part was that i knew if i didn't take that seriously, the need to be sober, that i would go drink again. and if i drank again this NEED to be sober would vanish, i would forget about it. i would forget how much i needed to be sober.

so, i gave up. had seizures, went through the DTs, lost relationships, jobs, etc... but for whatever reason that morning in the loony bin is what it took to wake me up.

good luck, op. keep your umbrella handy, i know it's raining out there.

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