You guys realize that the timing for REQ's release couldn't be more absolutely perfect, right...

You guys realize that the timing for REQ's release couldn't be more absolutely perfect, right? We've just had one of the largest crashes in history, and now we've received news that G20 will most likely be positive.

Mainnet releases either next week, or the week after. Either way, REQ will be announcing partnerships, and releasing a platform that makes it possible for anyone to pay anyone else in whatever crypto they want, with Kyber automatically doing the conversion in the backend, with .5% fees.

As soon as the recovery is starting, suddenly we have this platform to make crypto more accessible to merchants and individuals. REQ is literally going to kickoff the bullrun of 2018. Anyone that isn't invested at this point at these fucking bargain bin 3x ICO prices has no hope.

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I wholeheartedly believe that your statements are unequivocally veritable. It is incontrovertible. No one can dispute them.


Checked, hard.

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the fact that this is actually a possibility makes my marble bag tingle with happiness. MORE REQ BABY

Shhhh. Req is the best secret

This is the one cryptocurrency project that I truly believe will not only help with mass adoption but may in fact be the catalyst that initiates the next bullrun. What angers me the most is that although people recognize its potential and it has a large following on reddit and Veeky Forums it is rarely talked about by youtubers.

If I buy 100$ worth will I make enough to own katie perry and miley cyrus as pets? I want pets in panties to spank to go with my money


Actually expensive in the crypto space

But impossible to match outside of it. The fees also get reduced as more and more people use the network, so .5% will become .05%.

Just seems like alot of projects going after this goal. And coinbase will likely just rip them off. Plus OMG is superior.

Coinbase cannot run their business without their huge fees, so no, they can't compete. They also don't list every ERC20, which is a huge plus.

Also I'm bullish on OMG too but lol dude, OMG has nothing of note even out yet, how can you say it's superior?

O look, another payment wanna be platform, we need another thousand of these like we need whores to have teeth.

It's superior because it has a legit company backing it that already does millions of transactions. REQ will come out in the worst bear market ever like you said and will fail because of it. Coinbase can do whatever it wants if they see the money in it.

Prophecy thread!!!
$100 EoY

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You should make sure it's triple checked though

Unironically this

$100 REQ would mean that the market cap is bigger than ETH's current market cap

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>not factoring in token burn

Very comfy on 174k. Buy the dip while you still can my dudes.

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See you on the moon fellows!

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Checked again. The req link prophecy. Hang in there everyone

Where can i find The g20 News?

because youtubers are retards that only talk about cryptos that they paid for to shill

Get that butter face outta my request thread you faggot

>It's superior because it has a legit company backing it

Actually, there's no evidence that Omise is anything but a shell, registered and setup to give credibility to a White paper ICO.

I've asked dozens of people to try and prove that Omise is an actual operating business with revenues, and no one was able to provide proof except posting meme press releases about some preliminary partnerships or MOUs with literally whos.

If my post is dubs this is now a Katy Perry thread.

Ok trips

Pretty cheap when sending up to about $1000. They are also talking about adding a maximum fee so it doesn’t go over a few dollars max per transaction.

Think he was talking about coinbase and not Omise mate. Good points though, interesting stuff.

Not if you consider exchange withdrawal fees.

Capped at $1, faggot.