Bought TenX

>bought TenX
>bought substratum near ATH
>bought DBC
>bought BNTY
>bought Jibrel

>rode BTC from 16k to 9k
>rode LINK to the bottom just now

I'm really, truly, unironically ruined. I really made these trades. I'm rekt for life now. I can't buy a house anymore, nothing. I'm finished, it's all over.

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Oh man, you're so fucked

Just average down


Did you unironically think BNTY was a good idea? Ok here's what you do user, sell everything, tether up, all-in LINK once it drops to a 0.25 again. Then hold. Hold through $1, hold through $5, hold through $10. Don't even fucking think about selling before $50.

i kept buying tenx from late august till january
i'm 10k down on them

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Suicide time brother

the only thing left to do is to crush your balls
no point in making bold trades if you don't have the brain cells to back it up

last chance

BNTY is unironically the safest low cap alt in the market right now despite it being a silly idea. It'll easily reach $1.00 eoy, and that's being conservative. It's currently 0.5c, meaning you'll 20x your shit if you buy now.

>tfw u remember all the TenX shills

muh crypto credit card

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1. Don't buy at ATH. EVER. Don't do it ever again.
2. I mean these are all 'ok'. I'd maybe ditch TenX and maybe some Substratum if you have a lot of it. Otherwise just keep holding. Everything is getting rekt.

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Why buy crypto?

dont touch nothing

delete blockfolio and come back in 2 years

Sub is in beta and the Chinese love it because of the great firewall keeping them from fapping to jpop idols. Don't sell sub yet.

These are the times you learn. Pay attention to what is happening, and you'll eventually get better at trading
Secure some funds though that you don't touch, ever

Link bottom was 13c u newfag

>crypto can only go up because people that bought high and thought it wont recover will all kill themselves.

user, we all learned valuable knowledge with our fuckups, i see my loses as an investment for the future.

Next bullrun we will crush it.

>subtle jnt fud

Remember when Bounty was x2 what DBC was worth always. Now its 5c and DBC is 4c.

Everything will moon soon OP. Bear market takes several months, then bull run again to new ATH

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You are only truly fucked if you sold and realized your losses.

the best strategy is to try to build a portfolio, the bigger the better, but in order to do this efficient, you need to inform yourself, and for that i can suggest you to read about skycoin, i like their vision

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