The absolute state of Cardano

> women and “enbies” will be paid twice as much as men
t. Lead developer (who is a tranny)

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Can you read English?

you belong in an oven.

Is enbies another word for trannies?

There is no going back from the trannygate, cuck. Cardano is done. Sell now while it’s still above $0.02, where it will inevitably fall

I'm really disappointed that this blatant scam got so popular here given how transparent it was in the beginning

OP is wrong, still fucking pisses me off that they just fucking state it in your face. Had that at another tech position as well. Equal opportunity provider, women highly encouraged to apply.

Should be other way around it would be the end of the world.

That's not what it says

t. Bagholder

What the fuck is an enbie?

non binary

Apparently its tumblrspeak for nonnbinary gendered people, aka freaks that should be purged with fire.

I am so fucking excited for this.

>tfw work as a meme "insider"
>tfw have a big position in a company that advises ICOs
>tfw if we get 20mm+ contract we will have to expand from like a dozen to a hundred
>tfw will only hire my ex navy and service disabled veteran friends
>tfw can't be sued and get tax credits


t. cardano shill trying a serbian jew double bluff

In any sane society they would be lynched. Our society lets them not only live but coddles them

Who cares, half this board is jerking it to 2D waifus, and the other half is in platonic relationships with them. Do you think that's better?

You got me. I love Cardano and tranny dick up my ass.

Old Fud

Charles already made a post about it blowing the fuck out of that tranny

Never gonna make it

Well... From what I've seen... Veeky Forums loves its traps... So why you trying to play it off? I know you Veeky Forums fags want that stick pussy.

Honestly, we already beat this to death a week ago. Find something new to raise a stink about.