A round of applause to our saviour the robin hood whale please

a round of applause to our saviour the robin hood whale please

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yeeeah, they probably broke the NDA there.

kucoin is the most chill about coin listings out of any exchange in crypto

and i say that as someone who hates kucoin

either way, feels good to be in on something at ground level for once. in all my time on Veeky Forums we've only ever had NEO and ETH shilled to us so early

am i gonna make it bros

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its dead

Depends will you airdrop a nigga some

Last ditch attempt to get idiots from biz on it.

Isn't it like 3-4x more expensive few days ago?

where you buy this

>tfw he doesn't know they're planning to burn half the token supply
>tfw he doesn't know it has first mover advantage being the only privacy coin on the stellar network
>tfw its still pretty much unknown

stay poor Veeky Forums, wouldn't know literal gold if it smacked you in the face


Don't worry bb, holding 100k just in case

Blessed whale didn't make a splash today :(

>dump it

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Lmao. Chinked.

have faith fellow taichi master. where we're at there's no possible way to go but up

Brainet here. So now that it looks like regulations will not be coming out of G20, is there anything else on the horizon that could fuck privacy coins? Definitely wanna get some TaiChi but a bit hesitant

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Yes he is



i knew he wouldn't abandon us *single tear drop*

Willy, please come home

mfw it's real

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This is fucking whale wars guys. Make no mistake. Willy has proven himself to Veeky Forums and for that we need to have his back. Does anyone know what we can do to help him regain control over the other whale?

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150k here, I've always been a fan of privacy coins and this is genuinely one of my favourite prospects.

Care not about the website —its literally a holding page for now. Anyone who has built a startup knows the emphasis is on the product. For now the website is little more than an online business card.

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this is literally ARY 2.0

>SHE has experience in python and javascript
>Python, Ruby, Java, Javascript, Go

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