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Also remember that only like ~12b of real dollars have been pumped into crypto

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can someone just confirm that 100% OMG is a great move in light of all of this?

best team, real innovation, revolutionizing DEX, etc.

I've been fucking waiting for institutional money jesus fuck.

also there's a 100% chance these regulations are fucking retarded. boomers are just waiting for the nod from the equally braindead teacher.

discuss fake news from another larper? at least it's not a tripfag

on paper, of course. but tbqh senpai the market isn't always rational. besides, OMG has a lot of work to do before it can be considered as a global contender.

the regulation to keep the top at the top certainly checks out
if what user is saying is true here, then i take it that it would be a good idea to sell now

whether real or not, there are most certainly people out there who are accumulating right now
when the next bullrun hits, it's gonna knock people's teeth out
and remember, faggots—chainlink's volume on binance's BTC pair has gone up multiple times since SXSW
botters gonna bot

citation needed

I've seen this being said a couple of times, but I don't get it. Is it because of tether? but thats just 2B...

People larping as insiders by using educated guesses on public world events is my least favorite meme

the meeting happened and they didn't recommend to regulate. it was bullish af. op was wrong about the first part, definitely right about the third part, and the 2nd part we shall see on the 20th

this is bullish

What is their agenda

And how did they obtain the Vibranium

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The FATF's Vibranium Hexagon Palantir could hold the secret to their endgame

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"Market cap" for a coin is just the last price multiplied by number of coins in circulation.
You think every single BTC holder bought at $8k?
Many of us bought at way less than that.

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>actually falling for this larp

Glad I'm invested in the establishment's choice of crypto.

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A perfect storm for the rise of CoinMetro. Looking forward to all those regulations.

This could just be an educated guess however there is a distinction between regulation and combating financial crime. They could on mass decide to amend criminal law to target cryptocurrencies which wouldnt necessarily be about regulation of financial markets.
The 20th hasnt arrived yet beprepared for an all out assault on privacy coins is my best guess.

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