Is this the last great moon mission ICO for crypto?

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you can bet your ass there will only be a pre-sale for accredited investors

and they already ruined it by not making their code open source. its all hype

Ahhh bummer, was hoping for a public sale baka

is this just re-branded iota/nano or what

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Fuck this centralized statist piece of shit.

They're all DAGs , but no. Based on a read of all 3 whitepapers, it's its own thing. HG might even be great but it's patented and closed so the ecosystem depends on companies buying and blindly trusting their tech.

Hashgraph is the next Bitconnect. Screencap this.

The source code is viewable. No forks thou

Games on the blockchain will be feasable.

>Leemon copies entire ethereum state database, removing all shaky eth foundations and leaving the EVM.
>All shittokens and smartcontracts now run many magnitude faster on public hashgraph ledger
>eth withers and dies

Honestly this might be the next eth adoption wise

I plan on picking some up when it finally gets to exchanges

go home child

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leemon is an autist. mance is fucking the whole thing up

he seems like someone incredibly intelligent who sacrificed a lot of time breaking his neck studying hard topics like math and cs.

Yet he's evidently very socially aware, and trained. Perhaps just very experienced. not a young person. I like that he takes years of academic knowledge and applies it to a field that is dominated by young people reinventing everything and showing them how shit is done.

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The name is hella normie friendly as well


while you cucks jerk to blockchain 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 (lel), hashgraph makes the whole blockchain obsolete
its simple evolution
how does it feel to be the boomer, user?
thank god i'm a rich earlycoiner
shit will be my retirement

inb4 muh no forking
the patented approach and the muh centralized governing structure is the sole reason this will be adopted instead your pipedream shitcoins
they even justed ibm cuckledger in the competition for banking usage
he will steal all the eth developers
let me be clear what that means for you brainlets:
ripple ded
xlm ded
iota dead
eos dead on arrival
90% of shotcoins dead

>patented software

sorry honey that shit don't fly

only the plattform you nigger,
whatever you create on top is yours

Do they also charge (((gas)))?


>he doesn't know about poolerex.com


>Isn't in 5+ pool groups.
stay mad and poor.

Some user posted here a few days ago saying that the council will own 66% of the network tokens and private investors another 1/5. I skimmed the whitepaper, and read about hedera, but I can't find anywhere where Swirlds says that. A coindesk article also mentions the 66% figure, but I can't figure out where they got that info.

Anyone got a source on token distribution? It seems like that shit distribution is something they would do, but I'm hoping that's not the case because the tech seems pretty good.

This shit is digital military grade leftovers.

Oh boy another DAG system. Let me guess its centraliz... I mean patented

>limited at 39 governing members
>no sharding out the gate, so it is limited to data centres for any sort of TPS

poolerex.com my nigga
it's coming

>close source
I had high hopes, too, user; now, it's up to some brave user to literally just steal the code and release a hashgraph-powered coin anonymously (ala Satoshi).

Nice trips!

Could you shill me some legit pool groups ? Also does anyone know the criteria for participating in hashgraph pre-sale ? I wrote those fuckers an email but they don't bother replying to me

poolerex is supposedly a big one coming in a month or 2 but there isn’t much info on it

>but there isn’t much info on it
yeah, I wonder why there isn't much info on a pajeet scam.

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