Camwhoring, on the recommendation of a friend, a year ago I tried doing webcam modeling on a camsite where I received tips for just showing off my body / doing really vanilla stuff like jerking-off. I did it for 2-5 days and made $800, which I make $800 in like 2-3 weeks of wage slaving.

I'm considering going back as I need money lately and my wagie job of being a cook isn't cutting it. Thoughts on selling your body for money as an attractive and fit male with good social skills for just vibing with people. I'm not gay so I'm not into physical stuff for money, also it's kinda sketchy legally, but I dont mind showing off for gay people if I'm making $$$.

I live in a small town otherwise I'd consider looking for a male strip club to join

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>getting paid to jerk off for guys
no thanks, ill stick to my NEETdom

if you have the dignity to do that shit full time camwhores live in mansions

OP is Hard Gay

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How do I whore myself out? I'll subscribe through your referral

Fag Cam Models??? Hmm.... I ain't ghey... But I suppose I could pimp you out for some $$. Show pics or get the fuck out.

I heard some ugly camgirl complain about how she has to masturbate for 8 hours a day I went to her channel it was the most awful shit ever. I bet Stacy gets $1,000 for 1 hour work.

it's only worth it if are using that extra $ to buy linkies

We've come full circle and the memes are real.

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The only wrestler worth any respect

Probably not, she probably lives in a trailer

Not gay but $20 is $20. Seriously sign me up whats the site

Seems like it would be more efficient to marry some middle class beta and make him take care of you.

He was the best, but OP is a real fag.

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when you need to sell your flesh for a few bucks you r literally convertyng your self on a slave ...just saw monkey unchained by quentin trantino don mind me. or go watch it. wtvr

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Women want their cake and to eat it too.

how much could i make for sucking my own dick on cam? no homo

I'd have no problems doing it except I'd never want to shove anything up my ass. You'd just have to play a role. People like that stuff, that you be in character.

If you came across as "shy, straight guy that is desperately broke" type thing you'd clean up on those sites. Just lie there in a pair of underpants with a bulge, rubbing it every time somebody tips you. Having to wank 10 times in a day would be awful, so you'd do better playing shy

Every gay man thinks that straight guys are all secretly gay. Play on that daynamic and you'd make serious $$$.

>a-user I've never done this before... It feels so wrong

Looking for a guy that will fuck me on cam.
Preferebly with relationship not just for porn and whole cam thing to get some money to put into crypto.

>he thinks those were just memes

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