Okay EOS gets a ton of hate here and some of the shills are arguably worse than bcashers but it does have some solid merit. It's the only project I'm aware of that will allow normies to interact with dapps and not even need to know they're using a blockchain. Doesn't this normal friendliness alone trump almost every other selling point for these other scalable blockchains? I imagine later this year a bunch of Steemit clones and similar economic model variations will start popping up and actually be usable. How is this not the Netscape moment for crypto??

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Read term and conditions before buying it from their web site... they clarify their token has no value.


It reads to me as obvious legal jargon. As I understand it a mainnet snapshot will be taken and all current holders of the ERC20 EOS tokens are credited on the EOS blockchain

Why you think they say this you fuckin brainless fuck.....? Are you that fucking dumb? I guess so...if your this fucking stupid you shouldn't buy eos then...stay poor faggot.

Off the books
Sex trafficking

Don't tell these idiots this, I'm still accumulating! Seems like most on Veeky Forums now are real life potato heads.



if you buy this you are literally handing money to the Clinton Foundation so they can rape children

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Nobody here will understand this because they are all up the ass of whatever pajeet scam they're supporting, just quietly accumulate, not everybody deserves to make it

100% accurate pic

try harder pedo

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You see this kids? This is the kind of answer shills give when they have literally zero argument. The "stay poor faggot" at the end just drive the point home if there any doubt. Also, kids: stay away from Brock.

Ooh how exciting another bullshit high wasteful TPS piece of trash “smart contract / ICO” platform with no adoption no use and no direction. The only thing they had going was that crazy bastard Brockity P and he’s fucking nuts.

Only fools that don’t understand crypto like Teeka or etc recommend these bullshit protocols like EOS or Cardano. WTF is wrong with you people, if it doesn’t have customers it ain’t worth SHIT.

>literally zero argument
>primary argument against the platform revolves around fudding some hype man who got fired because you heard about it on john oliver

stay poor faggot

EOS pedos aren't going to make it

my favorite features of EOS will be the hundreds of airdrops planned for holders and the fact that you can rent your EOS similar to a lending platform but actually not a scam like bitconnect

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they say it because its true, EOS has no value, is decoration, like buying habbo hotel furniture.. just a digital diamond... useless. if you say they have some kind of platform to do stuff ok, show it to me..if you can't then it might be because they have no product with NO VALUE

eth vs. eos is truly the pedofight of our generation

good fud keep it up, i'm still accumulating too, i'll start another thread saying EOS is a scam hopefully to get the price just a litttttllle bit lower

man, EOS is one of the 99% coins that must and will die, nothing personal.. the coin was pumped by a cult-like group of people with money who wants to make an utopia in puerto rico. it's just not a good investment, but I wish you the best of lucks m8

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love it when user post random photos of random people with absolutely no context, just wonderful

nice subtle fud, way to not break character and expose yourself. yeah you know what i dont like EOS anymore either man let's sell it all and buy something good like Tron

It's in the filename. He's the main dude behind eos

he's part of my fud group, we're trying to drop that price tag just a bit, you feel me?

tron is also a scam.... I have nothing to expose, I'm just a random guy giving my opinion on shitcoins... btw you should have sold EOS at $15... I have a friend who told me he bought NEO at $38, it was 150 at the time he told me that... I was impressed, I saw neo falling and everytime we saw each other I asked about his investment, he said he was confident... last 2 times I told him to sell, he said "when I buy I buy for good" and I think that a very wrong way to trade on crypto markets, he now lost more than half the profits just because he is too dumb to think... if you sell, you not only secure profits but you can rebuy at a lower price later, also, most coins will never ever reach their ATH again... so in my view both you and my friend are making wrong decisions by holding total shitcoins that could be easily sold and bought again at lower price... don't fall in love with the project, makes no sense... crypto markets change all the time, EOS could disappear any moment

IDs on this board, retard

You don't need to work too hard user, just wait until the summer, then it will disappear for good. They won't be able to keep up the hype once it's out.

i mean just look at him. no doubt he and brock have a private island where they fuck little boys

Haha, first day on the job.

>front-man donates to Clinton Global Initiative
>backed be degenerate Hollywood

No thanks

Completely agree with you OP.
Most people either have read very little about the project, see:
or decide to shit on it for no given reason, see:
In reality, it's probably going to be the first actually functional dapp platform to hit the market when it releases in June.

However, for some reason almost all people that shill EOS are literally retarded and make the project look terrible by association, see:
This dynamic plays out in every conversation about EOS I've seen, and not just on Veeky Forums. EOS is very interesting, and there is So much to say about it, but the conversation around it is fucked rn, brainlets on both sides.
So Dan Larimer will deliver a working product on time that will go under-appreciated both by people who hate the project and those that invested in it. Whether its ease of use + vc money will encourage development and adoption is to be seen.

Can you explain what EOS going to be for? Can you give a couple example?

nigga...u brainlets dont understand y they put that declaimer. let me tell u again, because avoid legal assblast from sec.

1. Funding Brock pierces expensive cocaine habits.
2. Funding Dan and Brocks pedophile torture island
3. Offshore tax havens

I designed a tattoo for you

I unironically made $500 off TRX today. Don't knock that little fucker, it may be shit but it's got normie appeal

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if you have to legally say your product has no value could maybe mean that legally your product has no value.... no?

yes until mainnet but after mainnet they will change declaimer.

Pedo goblin confirmed.

Need to dump my bts after seeing that face.

It's to keep the government kikes off their dicks

I'm a bit of a brainlet myself, so my examples will not be good, but read about what people like dan and vitalik have been imagining over the past few years.
Obviously the one's that dan's done already, decentralized exchanges and social media sites like Bitshares and Steem, respectively (but obviously bigger and more nuanced). A lot of "sharing economy" apps could probably be replaced by crypto economy dapps, and the role of the company shareholders would be subsumed by the producers and consumers.
Really dapp platforms introduce the ability to create new economies, new governance models, and new methods of social engineering via token incentivization, so it's really hard to say right now what will end up being built on top of one that can scale.

Also, Brock was let go from block.one, but that doesn't mean the pedophile torture island isn't being built as we speak.

if you don't buy a lot of eos and hold it you're retarded

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This is TRX tier shitcoin kek, welp can't fix stupid.


EOS is a VC-funded private company with $900M dollars cashed in by angel capitals. Which means they don't need to care about casual investors at all.

The "EOS Distribution" scheme is just a way for them to generate profits for their "real" investors.

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he's not with EOS anymore