How are boomer traders different than millennial traders?

How are boomer traders different than millennial traders?

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Well, user. I notice how many of you 'im smarter than wallstreet we are legion' types got completely destroyed. Whilst Peter warned people we're going to correct. He sold, people laughed. Need I say more? Guy doesnt even use indicators.

They’re old and think crypto is a 1:1 parallel of the stock market, which it isn’t

They have the means to manufacture guaranteed winnings

Yes, Peter Brandt is the only twitter trader that called a correction and his opinion is so unique it typifies the generational differences.

You fucking twit.

i think he is too classical, and he may be right about some issues, situations and such, but ingoring the fact that the market is not being traded like back in the day, and us millennials not even recognizing this fact, is the gap between old school and new school

He blocked it

nah, everyone was calling the correction from 3k. so he is full of shit. the way "traders" achieve this is by being vague enough where they can easily backtrack if things dont go their way

Kek, he would kill himself if the stock market crashes 20%

It was sarcasm my friend

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if one millenial is sitting on the table and you shake the table by the legs they cannot handle that shit because the political correct thing to do ist to hang on the shaking table a boomer will get down of that shit an kick the shit out of you becaus you r invading the private space on the table

He actually called the stock market crash the day it happened.

Also called the btc top at 20k, biz laughed, then the market dropped 50% within the next 8 hours.

millenial traders also have their "trading groups" where they get easy money when things are heading south. If they are celebs like tone vays, they also get money from speaking events, and seminars. all in all they are conmen that "sell" confidence. Thats what they are buying when they buy "tone's 100% proved super secret algorithm" literal snake oil

proof that he did and only that. calling it from 3k doesnt count

dyor. this shit's all public and easy to find. He also called ETH's collapse a few days ago too kek.


>22 Jan

thats almost 2 months after the peak dipshit.

>They’re old
Wow, astute observation there my friend.

This. Peter is the og cryptochad

Not a boomer, but people like Peter Brandt are doing it right and were all idiots. Worst of all, many of us are idiots who refuse to understand any of the boomers' methods such as TA, and excuse our laziness by putting our fingers in our ears and screaming "TA doesnt work in crypto"

This is the perfect situation for anyone whos not a brainlet

Boomers make money, millennials make pink wojaks.

Millennials were probably the ones taking more risk and throwing all their money into crypto last year, so it's possible they made more overall.


Okay cunt.

Here's (one of the many) tweets where he confirms the top. This one's from December 22.

Should have opened up a short but no muh boomer logic muh bitcoin's going up forever

Nice try Peter
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anb when the table shakes they cry like the faggots they are.

>blocking Sminem
Pater Brandt's gains are fucked for all eternity now

Go back to bed Peter, you're too old to be up this late.