90% sure I got into Princeton

pure luck. is my life going to change? I'm just a middle class schmuck. will I make big bucks, marry an heiress?

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You'll never be royal.

Prepare for disappointment.

You'll be better off than the rest but not by much.

Enjoy your debt :)

he's a crypto gonzillionaire, he can afford a sckhool

It's not where you study, it's how much you study and what you do with it. The name of the college might help you get a job interview but unless you work hard you'll just waste your time and money and become a bigger faggot than you are now

Good shit user, Princeton is great place. Go to Hoagie Haven and never look back.

this place was super overrated holy crap why do people rave about it

i was lower middle class and got into one of the "top 3" ivys and yes your life probably will change, or it should given the opportunity. going to an ivy league school will 100% make it easier to advance in your life. when you come from a school with a name like harvard, yale, princeton then not only do you get a shitton more attention and wide eyed looks from normies, but it makes getting into med/grad/law school easier. if you're going into finance then there will be great connections as well, but the best ones you can make in that field is through sports teams, frats. or connections from rich friends of yours.

but you will never marry an heiress. you'll see what old money is, and how openly spiteful they can be to new money, so they'll smell you a mile away. it is only a matter of time before you say or do something that gives you away as a middie. shibboleth of the poor is there, somewhere. but have fun.

Is Penn sponsored by Domino's?

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nice safety school. hope you have a family business to work for


Congrats op, you are being groomed to be the elite of society. Enjoy it man because you must've really done some good in your past life to deserve it now.

enjoy your masonic indoctrination

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A Schmuck is the discarded skin from a circumsision

Not really. My father geaduated magna cum laude from Harvard and he still has to work 9 to 5 in a cubicle and basically makes 20% above average for his position.

My aunt went to Yale and she's just like a normal middle class lesbian


Post pictures of your middle class lesbian aunt ?

>marry an heiress?
you got it the other way around; the whole point for women to attend overpriced humanities programs there and in elite women's colleges is to lock down a future doctor, investment banker or other business professional or failing that, a lawyer. well idk anymore, but i read that's what it was like before

Right now an Ivy League education isn't worth much because the society we live in values worthless bullshit like diversity more than merit. That's all going to change real quick though. When everything goes to shit and businesses start scrambling to find competent people you'll be able to ask for however much money you want.

By the time you graduation the economy will probably have collapsed and you'll be jobless and in debt.

Do you have scholarships to cover that expensive tution? it's 40k a year plus another 20k for living expenses. Also depends on what you're majoring in. if you're doing CS, you'll likely have connections and networks to top companies, easily be offered internships, then full time offers $150k+ compensation, 300k after 5-10 years if you negotiate hard and job hunt. idk about other fields.

How did u get in op ?

Don't go.
Did the man who invented college go to college?

I wish success for you OP, I go to a decent tier state school for free and applied to transfer to Princeton, hopefully I get in at May. As for anyone discounting the value of it, they are actual pseudo-intellectuals who believe that a company would rather lose billions of dollars on diversity than hiring well trained (could be a minority) individuals. The state school I am in is pretty diverse racially and socioeconomically, and recruiters absolutely dodge our school and most other state schools for brand name schools (such as Ivys).

nice meme

i live down the street from princeton. it is an overpriced sjw paradise. You'd be better off at community college, then getting into a masters program somewhere with noteriety.

Princeton is a meme tier school these days not sure it’s even top 5 any more

He must be an idiot then.

>not going to Yale


Princeton doesnt let its students graduate with debt. They pay for what you cant.

Once you get in youre pretty much set.

Yep. Ever heard of a Mrs. Degree OP ?

Pretty sure that by 'heiress' OP didn't mean the usual Mrs Degree.

Can you believe the Cornell is the only one without some shitty Latin meme text?

Yes, you will waste a ton of money and marry a flat chested feminist with a shaved head. But you'll have a pretty piece of paper with a degree so it will be worth it.