22/Software Developer/$90k/$160k

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Where the fuck are you making 160k income as a 22 year old?

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you'll never make it

oh yes im always up for a good ol' larp thread

Probably a no-life kid with a 4.0 GPA who got hired at Apple or Google.

Want proof?

Post your income while you're at it.

oh look, a masturbation thread.

well i'll do my part

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37/Engineering Director in Silicon Valley/1.1M/~345k

21/Mathematics/10 million/300k starting

Nice, what company?
Was no life up until my first internship there, pretty much. After that I stopped giving a shit about GPA/resume shit and just chilled.

anyone ever went to tradeschool? how worth are they comparted to learning a major in college

30 / pizza master / 20k dbc / 35k

Where do you work now?

What school did you go to?

22/Welder/30k in savings, 400k crypto / 112k after taxes


piece of shit liberal arts college in the midwest. Not prestigious. Got lucky and ended up getting an internship.

Large, publicly traded tech company you've not heard of probably. Competes with Cisco Systems.

Worth it if you're dumb, lazy and only want quick results.

He's not. Its a LARP designed for (You)s


>Got lucky and ended up getting an internship.
So you got an internship at google and then they hired you when you graduated?

23/ Mechanical engineer / 90k / 130k

kys faggot

Would a timestamped pic of the stupid beanie they give you at orientation be enough?

22 / math / 20k / 90k

I wouldn't feel bad for that. You worked hard for your success, so why care about what some dumbass say?

There are a lot of Google engineers around here and his comp is in line with what new grads make. Do we really need proof?

You mean something you can buy off Amazon or ebay?

Yes. Converted from intern to FTE.

Wendy's Chef 300k Salary

Do you want the one from my internship along with the one from my full time conversion, along with all the dumb merch they give you at orientation?
I don't, but his summary was accurate. I'd do it again. Its nice to not have to worry about money at this age.

Why don't you tell us in detail the projects you're working on with the level that someone who actually knows their shit can do. Shouldn't be hard if you're the real deal

Start saving for retirement and invest all you can. Don't splurge just yet. See message boards.

Thank me later.

>law not top tier
literally getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to bullshit with some insurance companies on the phone a few hours a week and then spend the rest of my day playing vidya and hanging outside with my dogs

Congratulations then. It's always some bitter idiot that gotta say some shit like "well you have no life" if you're successful. Enjoy that shit.

I work on stuff related to ads, but I'm not going to discuss shit in detail because of NDAs. A lot of the internal shit doesn't correspond to external branding since they result from hasty mergers and rebrandings.

24/Buy Side Trader/100k/90k

How's the job atmosphere at google?
are you guys overworked?

Way ahead of you friendo.

>Makes as much as a senior engineer at Boston Dynamics
>Making adds
Alright bullshit radar is off the charts

Some of the young bucks on my teams...just don't listen and go nuts with the money.

So the culture can vary a lot team to team. My team is very very laid back, but what we work on isn't external facing, strictly speaking, so we don't have incredibly strict deadlines on meeting goals. Essentially if we tell management or whoever "we need an extra 6 months or year to make this better" they'll probably agree since they won't have to push anyhting back.

I have a friend in hardware though who regularly works 15-16 hour days. Overall I like my office's atmosphere. Get along pretty well with my coworkers.

Someone please take chemistry off god tier, I'm a chem grad and I cannot find a job to save my fucking life. It belongs in mid tier at the most because you will most likely find a job as a lab rat doing titrations and micro all day being paid minimum wage if you can find some fuck who will hire you because you need 5 years experience for entry level positions.

>Boston Dynamics
>Making money.

Look up what makes Google all its money and what loses it money.

$160k is total income/compensation. $120k salary, $10k yearly bonus, ~$30k of renewable stock options every year.

this is my favorite meme lmfao

... Juniper networks?

We might work in the same office park lmao.

Boston Dynamics gets contracts and funding out the ass. You're claiming you make what someone who has been in the industry for years makes at Google.

Ha. Close.


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Your major is only shit tier if you are

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Does software interest you?

Boston Dynamics is dogshit and basically fucks around with robot dogs and releases a video every other year. Relative to what it does, yeah, it gets funding.

That’s so fucking true, I had to start a masters degree in engineering just to have a hope at a job over 30k a year. Even chem phds don’t make shit till they’re 35-40

Juniper/Aruba i bet


sounds pretty cool

22/Graduating with Finance degree next year/-30k/$0k

Any tips for a finance major are appreciated.

Any tips for getting up to management? How long did you work as a developer before transitioning?

You guys are close enough that I'm going to neither confirm nor deny. Don't need HR lecturing me on leading by example by not commenting on Veeky Forums. It's nonsense but I do have something to lose.

31/political consultant, designer, inventor, farmer. entrepreneur/$300k/$125k

Like developing software? Not really, but I've never looked into it.

lol i interned at google

im graduating in may but will start working for facebook as a SWE this summer

age 22
110k salary/year
50k signing bonus
150k in stock over 4 years
10% performance bonus = 11k

making 205k in my first year at 22-23

whats your total compensation breakdown op?

part time in statistical analysis at a company specialized in big data, since i went back to school to get my law degree
no clue, enough to pay the bills and save ~300 bucks per month

25/no job/26 million/ 0k

Yeah. Always lead by example and never complain. Make promoting you a statement they can make as to how others should behave.

Hit your deadlines and look out for your colleagues: make sure you know how close your colleagues are to hitting their deadlines. Ask others about what they're working on so you always know whom to ask when someone asks you who owns this or that API or what have you.

Convey your interest in management gradually and constructively. Ask for permission to take a management course for CSM or PMP or whatever.

Around the same as yours, but my starting bonus was like, $25-35k, I forget.

$120k salary.

$15k yearly performance bonus

$130 in stock over 4 years, but it renews afterworlds.

When did you inter? I was there summer of 16.

I did not work as a developer. I studied history and I am a terrible coder. I went to grad school to be a diplomat. Totally shit tier degrees by Veeky Forums standards.

26/fed in brazil/ 70kusd/51846 usd

>There are a lot of Google engineers around here
>Do we really need proof?
yea, i wonder

These are all LARP right? Welp I guess at 28 I should kms

Yeah, sounds right. I'm not too worried about rapidly climbing the ladder though. I'm young enough to where I've got time.


>not top tier

Yeah, totally true.

summer of 17, I did not get the conversion offer because I bombed my interviews (got really unlucky/nerves)

>ranks computer science mid tier
>ranks engineering god tier
>doesn't realize computer science is software engineering

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30/software engineer/70k+6k crypto/30k because work from home and I'm lazy to find another job

>God Tier: Engineering
>Mid Tier: Computer Science
whoever made this chart is a complete idiot, and the op is an idiot for posting said chart

No, probably not LARP. Just an illustration of the scarcity of engineering talent. You can get involved even if you're not a gifted engineer like the other Anons.
I am a shit developer.

This. The op is genuinely retarded; 0/10 LARP

hahhaha cheers senpai

Yeah I wouldn't call myself a prodigy

Yeah fuck that, The conversion interviews are fucking awful as a concept.
There's an internal push to get rid of them though.

It's all autistic and silly but the pedantic difference from what I have seen is that software engineering grads talk shit about comp sci grads for being theoretical and not having useful skills in a product development environment. They may know the theories that underpin compiler design for SoC systems but can they write elegant, maintainable, extensible code on deadline? Etc.

Aimless and about to graduate with an English degree at 22. 30k in crypto. My grandpa was an aeronautical engineer for NASA and I'm thinking of going back to study something STEM related like him (maybe chemistry; I've always enjoyed it).


34/Medical Writer/$240,000 (stocks)/$200,000/year income


I was in one of these a couple of days ago.

>social media management
>freelance programming
On track to do 80k this year hopefully, I made 60k last year and I'm going to hopefully add several more clients this year. Two more ecom stores going up this month. Also planning to add at least two investment properties and a new car this year

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im a soft. eng. major and got a C+ in my algo course. how fucked am i at ever getting into FB/Google/whatever? is the job actually as hard as the interview process?


Don't sweat it too much. If you have the skills then it won't matter so much. I worked with a guy who dropped out of high school. Paid him 450k a year out of my budget. He was worth double that.

But: the bad grade may require you to work at another company and get some experience before moving on to FAANG.

The whiteboard interviews are mostly bullshit (literally anyone will tell you this). I mean, they test you, sort of, but you can easily get lucky or unlucky.

It doesn't hurt to apply, I'd just get cracking the coding interview and practice algorithms and data structures.

Define "hard". It's not easy, I have to keep track of a lot of shit, but its not as bullshit as the interviews, so to speak.

From what I can tell no recruiters at FAANG really care about GPA. I was told to not even bother putting mine on my application.

Your personal projects and work experience are a lot more important.

spot on from my >experience as a SWE major.

>is the job actually as hard as the interview process?
LOL no

in fact there is an internal meme generator at google (I forget the name) and a recurring meme is how hard the interviews are compared to the actual job

fuck what was the name again? memegen?

That's what I understood to be the case but a colleague's kid told me recently they got flack over GPA. Hell, maybe it was a dipshit recruiter.

Philosophy in same tier as Woman Studies?

Yes, Memegen.

There are lots of dipshit recruiters.

I work in an environment where a lot of the guys would benefit from studying a woman.

>low tier
22/Investment Banker/$100k/$150k

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starting salary?