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Should have bought the dip waggie

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>tfw 3 days off this week
>only 18 hours of actual work time
feels good

I've been living the NEET lifestyle for the better part of the last two weeks, but I feel you. At the same time, I do want to go to work tomorrow, and weirdly pleased that I will. Doing nothing all day makes you lazy and numb after a while.


>Doing nothing all day makes you lazy and numb after a while.

I'll never understand this.

Do you people not have hobbies or anything you want to do in life? There's no other productive way for you to occupy your time, other than to labor for someone else's wealth?


first chill day ive had wagecucking in a while. needs to happen more often t b h

>looked at the schedule for tomorrow and we are gonna have a shit tonne of work to do


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Yes but those hobbies require money. Literally everything non-work related requires money. Except maybe sex if you're attractive.

My job isn't making anyone rich or wealthy, but it's still rewarding in its own way.

I do have hobbies, but I simply got lazier than I had in years for the last week and a half. If I had enough money to do whatever I felt like, the situation could be different, but it is what it is.

I could also be just brainwashed from having done this for too long.

Tfw work is so slow and I do maybe 2 hours of real work in an 8 hour day and rotate every other hour with my coworker in the bathroom so we can play switch or take a nap since all we have to do is not get caught by the owner who is their maybe 30% of the week

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>My job isn't making anyone rich or wealthy,

Unless you work for yourself, it definitely is.

God work makes me want to put a bullet in my head right now. Every career I see looks like shit. I've been a stock broker, a banker, business analyst and I'm only 25 but every career out their looks like shit an is unsustainable. Fuck me. Fuck this sad existence. Why aren't there any jobs that give you a sense of fulfillment.

I don't want to go to work tomorrow. I hate how much it's on my mind. Feels like I'm disrespected at work.

Many coworkers seem to expect me to greet them first yet if I don't they ignore me but seem to act pist/awkward because I didn't greet them. Why don't they greet me first in that case!? Personally I'd find it great if I didn't have to interact with my coworkers. Unfortunately I sit in a high traffic area which makes it awkward when I don't greet first. Even if we lock eyes most don't seem to initiate a greeting first.

As for my supervisor she seems to see me as the go to guy employee. Fucking annoying since there is no promotional incentive for this and more importantly I have a problematic lazy coworker who she seems to side with a lot. WTF he's lazy and complains about work to her face and I'm the reliable, hard working, go to guy yet she sides with him when he tries to offload his work or acting like an asshole.

Well that turned into quite a rant.

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Nonprofit and public service jobs can be more fulfilling, since you work for the people rather than for some owner who profits from you. Barring that, if you're good at what you do, working for small companies is generally more fulfilling than working for big ones, at least from my experience.

What about govt employees?

Been there, done that. Literally just quit, even if you have to go without a job for a while. Shitty jobs are dime-a-dozen, you can find another one easily, and maybe you’ll get lucky and not have shitty coworkers next time.

I just wish I realized that a lot sooner. Wasted way too much time at a job like that. It’s not good for your health or your career because you’ll never advance at a job like that. You’re doing nothing but wasting time.

escape that shithole. been in your situation

top kek
first time i actually liked a nujak post

Yes, just indirectly.

Oh baby. Then you're really making people rich.

>he doesnt work for himself in 2018

found the cuck

Same bro. But i have to payback those loans that i used to average down

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It’s tough starting a business yknow


you laugh but in some countries working at mcdonalds actually is a privilege. japanese mcdonalds employees are really well off for example.

What happened?

I'm a programmer in the games industry who specializes in game engines and I still struggle to make money on my own. Sometimes I wish I had just gone into website dev which is super easy by comparison and just built simple stuff normies use like that levels.io faggot

You know I want BTC to rise
It's not a secret I try to hide
I know you want it too
So bitcoin don’t pretend that your hands are tied
You claim it's not in the cards
And the whales are pulling you miles away
And out of reach from me
But you're here in my heart
So who can stop me if I decide That you're my destiny?

What if we rewrite the stars?
Say you were made to go up
Nothing could keep us apart
You'd be the one I was meant to holddd
It's up to you, and and not up to me
No one can say what it will be
So why don't we rewrite the stars?
Maybe the world could be ours tomorrow......

Family Law lawyer. Every day fills me with dread

Tomorrow is Monday, but also my Friday. Then no more work for 7 weeks. Talk to you faggots when I get back from Hawaii.

You know you could just quit.

i can't handle wagecucking anymore, it literally kill me... Since 2 years i make nightmares about my work each sunday night and have extreme anxiety, shaking like a leaf, sweating, but its not only mental distress, i developed an ulcer and even eczema since few months. I wonder what will be the next step, cancer ? mental breakdown ?
Well.. if i'm hospitalised i wont be at work at least.
It's why i need so hard to make it with the cryptos, i can't live the wagecuck life anymore, i'm not suited for this shit.
Someone alrdy experienced similar health issues/panic attacks? I can't be the only one.

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top kek

yeah I think this comes from being forced to wake up at certain times consistently and being since being a NEET all these mental issues vanished

I'm lucky I have the job I have, just filing shit for the mentally disabled. Fortunately, state-associated companies like mine are so willingly behind the times I should be able to keep it up before the next bull run.

Ahhh the good old Sunday Blues

I know someone who worked at a Sprint call center who had a heart attack from the stress. Being in the hospital for a while was the most relieved they felt since they started that job.

Do you have any connections in the industry?

Since you are a wagecuck like me you should have health insurance through your company. I recommend you call a psychiatrist tomorrow and schedule an appt because it can take a month at least. If you need a referral schedule a GP appt instead and say you are feeling depressed and hopeless and need help, something along those lines should get you some meds to cope with it for now.

The other thing you should do is reduce your means of living as much as possible. Once you have a safety net of 12 months (it's normally recommended 6 months, but in our case of extreme anxiety 12 months is ideal) in your savings you can really relax at your job and not worry about a thing because if you get laid off you'll be fine. Keep the safety net around and use the rest to invest.

A few in certain companies but I'm kind of new so not a whole lot yet.

No mental issues, but I did develop eczema and asthma since I started wagecucking.

Are you me

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Started working at FedEx recently and I dig it. Had jaw problems but they're gone since I started and the work gives me a release from stress and shit. Would recommend for getting paid to work out

Just 30 more minutes until I have to drive to work

Just fucking kill me already

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Being a wagecuck is true suffering, I don't know how others willingly throw away so much time and are ok with it. If it's at most 20 hours, then I would have no problems with it.

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i like to browse Veeky Forums

Going in every morning is a chore I dread every waking moment. It's my dream job and I'm lucky to have it.

My work is super comfy and rewarding. Plus I can come and go as much as I want. I just need my 8.2 hours per day.

I happy to get up and make plans and drawings.

Plus I work at a somewhat small company that is so fair that my boss gets just about 10k more per year. Hes the boss of the company.

Im friends with everyone at work.

We love going out and eating at a restaurant for lunch.

Plus I have two hobbies and a wonderful gf.

I play trombone in a brass band and go sport shooting and competitionds every week and weekend. I have friends there. Plus close my regular close friends from professions school.

fuck you you fucking larper. NO ONE is that fucking happy in this piece of shit world. you can keep pretending there's no wound, but the pain will always be there deep inside your soul. this world needs a new beginning. fuck normies. their "normal" is not normal at all. only the elites can avoid suffering - and you're not one of them. shove your trombone up your male cunthole you larping scum. the pain never ends.

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Hahaha, someone seems ro be angry that he messed up somewhere in his life.

Of course I have suffered a few years back but I fought through it and came out the other end. Im content with what I have. And that is so much!

You might think I carry pain.
Only the pain I have inflicted on myself in the past.

But you know what Im contect and at peace with myself.

Im not larping. I actually just said the truth. I can give you every gruesome detail of how my day works and what kind of life I have.

Stay calm man. Have a good week.

I mean of course the world is not okay as it is right now but what impact do we two make in this world? Almost nothing.

Theres no reason to be angry at what you have now. Or will have in the fute if shit hits the fan. The only thing you can do is observe and work your way through everything.

Been a faggot freeter wagie for a while now. I’m scared to get into crypto because I’m scared I’ll never want to work again.

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Are you honestly retarded?

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I dont even have a hard job but its killing me.
The whole process of waking up tired and commuting is too stressful.

Its taking all my energy away for the rest of the day and I dont know what should change.
My gf sucks because she cant cook. (yes I can finally understans why women were forced into the kitchen, rightfully so) I have to waste MY time with cooking or buying takeaway which will give me cancer and drain my wallet

on Mondays i like to take things slowly so i'm enjoying my coffee and read interesting things, for example about spaceX , tesla, skywire ..

>The whole process of waking up tired and commuting is too stressful.

I know that feel, i wish i didnt desu


go to bed early

I've been working at Starbucks for almost two years and I am pretty much ready to kill myself. I can't take it

Kek please tell me more, love this kind of stories